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Fujimi 2-choume Koukyougakudan
Fujimi 2-choume Koukyougakudan
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Ling Qi
Ling Qi
Nov 22, 2:20 PM
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Ohimesama no Himitsu
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Kakukaku Shikajika
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Junketsu Drop
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Schlopsi Nov 21, 11:34 AM
Yay! You are welcome to do as you wish (layout, badges, that improvised invitation-thingy I put together in a hurry, etc.)! :D Since the MRC-Club is kinda like the little sister of the Anime Watching Challenges Club, we need every helping hand. So thanks for the offer! For further infos you can also join us on Dischord. I am just delivering some standard graphics (don't know anything about working on layouts, etc.), so if you have some ideas, motivation and time, please feel free to do so.
You can join whenever you want or tackle the challenges as you want (they can also be combined with the 2017 challenge btw. ;)). There's no time limit as long as you don't restrict yourself with one. Easy going. :)
Schlopsi Nov 16, 5:38 PM

Autumn arrived. While it becomes cold and somber outside every day, this marks also the perfect time to get into a reading mood. Don't you think? So why not have a seat in your most comfortable place? Grab a warm blanket, maybe some hot coffee, chocolate or tea and make it yourself as much cozy as you want. Pick up a manga and dive into adventures! The Manga Reading Challenges Club offers a bunch of different challenges for every mood. Just want to challenge yourself to read more manga in general? Do you want to explore a specific genre? Maybe want to discover new artists? Or do you feel like your Completed-list lacks some manhua/manwha/LN/etc.? You might even be brave enough for some really tough collections? Then come on in!
We are looking for new members to keep the club active and excited! We will do our best to add new challenges, which ensures to push your reading further and beyond! Want to join? You are welcome. :)
If you don't want this entry in your guestbook, feel free to delete it. I don't intend to annoy you with it by no means, since you seem like you enjoy reading manga! :))
Shicchi Nov 3, 11:26 AM
Bossunn Nov 2, 1:35 AM
Shicchi Oct 28, 7:41 AM
Yeah and the most recent, the military outfit!! Ahh I'm really loving all this costume they're getting <3

Haha yeah XD
Do you have a favorite ktdk dj? XD
Shicchi Oct 23, 11:46 AM
*staring at the ktdk pic for a full minute*
So beautiful *cri* I love the halloween costume ; w ;

Do you frequently go to myreadingmanga? XD
Tsukkimaru Oct 23, 4:26 AM
I honestly haven't listened to P!atD of FoB in ages, but I only recently discovered MCR a couple months ago and I looove their music.

I've never been part of a band fandom before,, I'm not really into the 'bands' more just the music.

Haha no s4 is just going to be even more pain, it'll be somewhat happier in the beginning but then it will rip out your soul. And I don't really get anime-only's either, especially with a show like BnHA. I don't think I could be anime-only even if I didn't discover the manga a year ago, I would have caught up after s1 tbh.

Oh yeah same, I can put on a playlist and not even notice when the same song has played 3+ times, it's just nice to have some bg noise to stay focussed.

I hope you enjoy your changed life as you've now been introduced to Mafumafu hahahaha! But he covers a lot of really soothing songs and his voice is so perfect for them, but at the same time his ridiculous high notes go really well with energetic songs. I really recommend you listen to his original song Handicap and his cover of LOSER (both the links are on my profile), I'm honestly obsessed with them and they show how versatile his voice is as they are two different styles of song.

Vocaloid is still really cool, I don't listen to their music anymore (unless covers count) but I'd still love to see them in concert

Ahhhh that's looking really good!! What a smol angry boy, I can't wait to see the finished project, keep up the good work!!
Tsukkimaru Oct 22, 3:35 PM
Sero deserves more recognition, he's such a good boy, I respect all the Sero stans out there and thank them,,

Bakugou gets so self-conscious after the Camp arc that I can't wait to see the people who hate him wipe those smirks off their faces, god I want s4 so baaad so we can get to the juicy bits of his recent development.

Haha yeaahhh.. a couple years ago I was into bands like All Time Low, FoB and P!atD. I could never get into Kpop though, and YES THANKYOU!! It's such a good playlist when I draw cute girls because it gets me in a cute mood uwu


That aside, I got into vocaloid before anime and all I remember is that Len was my favourite and I shipped him with Miku and just spent my days searching for duets of them, those were happy times.
Tsukkimaru Oct 22, 2:21 PM
I don't know.. KnB is a 'superpower' sports anime,, soooo it gets pretty rediculous at some points

Ahhhh TeruMob is so sweet and fluffy I love it!!

Oof. You really hit the nail on the head with that analogy. The fan content does seem to show them always just magically without problems,, like I'm all down for hurt/comfort ships but Todo's problems never seem to be addressed in TodoDeku content (like I'm sure there is some that does but), he seems to just be suddenly cured of his trauma. BakuKiri is better in that aspect but I still see comics where Bakugou is suuuper tame and placid and like,, that's cute and all but Bakugou is still a time bomb with Kiri even though they're friends. Honestly I'm down for more Sero ships, Sero x Bakugou, Sero x Kirishima hell even Sero x Kaminari give my tape boy some love

Kacchan and Deku's relationship is very interesting to me, I love all their dynamics, especially after Kacchan's Big Development. I don't think the anime-only's realise how much Deku and Kacchan are going to be addressed as a whole, and many of them probably won't like that but lol tough luck bud, they're the main relationship to be developed in the series so you're gonna see a whooole lot more of them in the future (even us manga readers will).

God there's hundreds of cards.. maybe even in the thousands.. and I've gotten quite a few wanted SR cards but for URs there's a couple more, I probably won't get them now tho,, my lucks all run out hahaha

I'm pretty varied in music taste as well, the only types I don't really like is Metal (includes Screamo), country and rap. My music taste is more towards the rock/alternative style (meaning angst teen bands *cough*) but I also really like styles like Coldplay and Bastille. I don't mind a bit of pop now and then (I'm really digging P!nk's new song). But the list on my profile starting below Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou is a snippet of what I'd listen to on a daily basis (MAFUMAFU IS MY GOD). My brother is into the older rock bands like Nirvana, AC/DC, Queen and some others so I get to hear some of their songs sometimes, I should probably ask him if I can get them off his iTunes...

(Also don't worry nothing you listen to is worse than my guilty pleasure...)
Tsukkimaru Oct 22, 11:25 AM
GOD the Free! dub was such a joke, sports anime should just not be dubbed tbh,, the melodramatic atmosphere just doesn't fit English voices.

I already love my boys (and you can't tell me Teru didn't have a crush on Mob when they became friends) so if they get some good development in s2 my heart will literally explode

I don't think they will, I mean the manga is far from done and the ending is pretty clear (Deku being the #1 hero) so I'm not sure how farther they'd be able to push it tbh.

That's the thing! Like I'm not against pure, 'easy' ships but it needs something to spice it up (for example mirio and tamaki are one of those pure ships but the angst from this arc will bring sooo many painful fics in the future) idk there's something about Tododeku that just doesn't really attract me, I don't hate it but I just don't ship it myself. And don't get me started on Bakukiri... I just... *sigh*

It was a pull from a SSR/UR only box but the odds were still 80/20 and to get one of my dream cards as well is just ;-; I'm so blessed

oh and btw, what type of music do you listen to?? I'm just curious in people's tastes haha
Tsukkimaru Oct 22, 10:21 AM
honestly,, I thought Haikyuu would be safe from the dubs but I guess not.. it just doesn't feel right..

I think it was the art style that put a lot of people off the anime and manga, so sad. The story and characters are so great.

I think that even if BnHA reaches the popularity of DB or Naruto it won't go down the milked, low quality path. Bones is really respecting and doing such a great job with the adaptation that it'll be really shocking if they do.

haha yeah.. I started the manga like a month before s1 started airing, and it's been a good journey so far! re-experiencing iconic scenes such as Todoroki vs Deku after quite a while blows me away. (also watching the fandom grow and personally moving from ship to ship while anime-only's focus on Tododeku is wild)


also I'm sorry for gushing again but I got one of my dream cards and it's so pretty I cried
Tsukkimaru Oct 21, 2:05 AM
I don't want anime being mainstream but supplying anime to the west would be a good idea for profits... idk I'm quite happy with being part of a little niche world (though it's probably one the biggest niches), though I do wish buying anime and manga was easier.

Hahahaha same tho! But at least we gets lots of Mirio and Tamaki (Nejire needs more screen time though, she's so good I love her)

I haven't started the MP100 manga but I really want to, it's a shame it hasn't been officially translated because I'd love to collect the volumes ;-;

Karma is pretty cool, he's the bad boy genius type so he attracts a lot of attention.
Tsukkimaru Oct 20, 8:52 AM
Nooope, as far as I can't tell anime is pretty non-existent in England, the only anime I've seen on tv in my lifetime is Pokemon, a bit of Naruto and some Sailor Moon. I'm not too sure about the other countries though.

I think he showed up in a panel sometime?? But it makes sense since he had his Big Development at the beginning of the arc so he doesn't need much focus for now. MS JOKE IS AMAZING!!! HOW DID I FORGET ABOUT HER WHAAAAAT? I hope we see her, she's so lovely.

I want a MP100 s2 sooooo bad, the first season was so amazing and the animation was so consistent and incredible I just ahsjfhks I need to see my esper boys again.

His talent is definitely suited towards the angry boyos, but he can do a good smooth voice for the more cool, slightly crazy characters (I'm looking at Karma)
Tsukkimaru Oct 19, 8:29 AM
I honestly miss Bakugou in the manga since he isn't part of this arc at all, I wanna see my angry son so bad. GOD WHEN HE GAVE DEKU ADVICE I COULDN'T STOP SMILING HNNNNG I've re-read chapters 115 onward so many times because Bakugou's development keeps me going.

Here in the UK we don't have any channels like Toonami which makes me sad, I wanna see my boys on the big screen ;-; I think the manga being weekly helps the anime production a lot because it means they'll never catch up with the manga which is the downfall for anime that originate from monthly series as catching up is a lot more likely. But maaan I was so disappointed when I heard Madhouse gave OPM s2 to J.C Staff, I just hope it can keep up the animation quality of Madhouse.

Nobuhiko is definitely one of the voices I find easiest to recognise, it's just so distinct even when he's voicing more soft-spoken characters.

I actually stumbled upon it because one of the people I used to follow on tumblr played it and I saw of their posts and was intrigued. I tried the anime after I got into the game but I found it boring and the CGI was really bad, though I'm planning on watching Sunshine because the Aqours group is my favourite out of the two (and also because,,, Yoshiko). Getting SR cards in the beginning is such a rush, but after you can fill your teams with them it's all about the SSRs and URs. Which though harder to get, feel sooooo good when you are graced with one.
Tsukkimaru Oct 18, 9:49 AM
Even I feel it doesn't become one of the top shounen is will definitely leave a mark on the shounen, and maybe even anime, world. Especially with the upcoming seasons.

Bakugou also cares for his friends (including Deku), my boy is growing and it makes me proud.

Yes the manga volumes are doing very well, but I'm not too sure about the BDs either. Hopefully it'll do okay, but I don't think Bones would just abandon this series anyway (this is their cue to realise how big the western fans are). Hori really does deserve a break, he's been quite ill lately which caused one of the chapters to be delayed! I do hope he gets better and takes some time off if he needs it.

S2 was good, it was exciting and seeing the Big Family Cast interacting all together was so nice! I can't say I liked it better than s1 but it's probably equal. I noticed Ryo had Bakugou's VA straight away and I can't help but see Kacchan whenever Ryo goes into serious cooking mode hahaha

I love Hisako and Erina <3 they're so sweet. And I'm guessing s3 has some good Takumi and Soma moments??? If so I might need to start it already (I was going to wait for a couple more episodes so I can't somewhat binge the beginning).

It's the first rhythm game I've played and it's not too hard to get into, some of the songs are nightmarish but the feeling of getting a full combo is so satisfying. Also I remember I was so scared to play the Extreme difficulty songs but now they're all I play, and the songs are all so catchy so replaying them has never been an issue so practice is easy. The art has improved so much over time, now all the cards are so pretty and nice, and getting gems really is easy! I remember I saved up to 200+ in about a month I think, and the 11 card (atleast 1 guaranteed SR or above card) scouting option is 50gems so getting a lot of cards isn't all that difficult. Also par one event your card selection doesn't really matter, as you earn Event Points to get rewards which relies more on skill than anything. Overall it's a pretty fair game, of course paying players get more opportunities but it's not like it's PtW or anything.