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Feb 21, 2009
This is one of the most underrated ghibli movies. It's certainly quite different from the other ghibli movies. It doesn't contain any fantasy and Hayao Miyazaki isn't involved in the production anyhow. It's just a slice of life/drama/romance story, a hell of a good one too. Ocean Waves may be one of the most natural animes I've seen. It doesn't throw in a load of super tragic drama or anything of that kind. It only tells the story of a group of teenagers as they walk the path to adulthood.

The story is takes place in Kochi, Japan, a small town by the sea. Morisaku Taku read more
Dec 14, 2008
A lot of people say you have to have played the game to enjoy this movie. I only played the game for a few hours when I was a kid and watched Last Order before I watched the movie; the game was too difficult for me at the age so I put it away. The only characters I knew about were Barret, Cloud and Tifa. I didn't have any high expectations of the movie, but wow was I surprised.

The dialogue, graphics, design, music and battle scenes are some of the best I’ve ever seen. I was so confused by the story but in a read more
Aug 16, 2008
This one of the most under-rated animes i've seen. Some people might not notice the charm in this anime,thus why i will tell you. And this is a review of the series as a whole(seasons 1&2).

I wont give a synopsis because you have probably already read it.
I think it's a really charming story. I cant stop feeling bad for Yukinari(the protonagist). He lives all alone at home. He barely have any friends and is bullied by both boys and girls. Also is he small for a boy, which leads to having even more complexes. But the most noticable is his symptom. He has had bad read more