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Apr 5, 2014
I have read quite a few harem, ecchi, etc. type mangas and they all have somethig that half decent even if the pplot is nonsensical. This is often the comedy like Rysing x Rydeen or the characters like Rosario to Vampire. This manga howerver has no redeeming features as everything it does has been done before but better by other mangas. Nyan Koi beets it in the cat allergies plotline department. To Love Ru does the ecchi better. Rosar to Vampire does action better.

Story - 2
Its about youkai, so its basically been done to death. However its been really poorly as the action and read more
Apr 4, 2014
This manga will easily be dismissed as a another generic harem, bland characters, stupid plot type of manga and whilst these assumptions are half correct they do not give justice to the pure win that is this manga.

Story - 8
The story itself is fairly average and not fleshed out but what gives it the edge over similar titles is: Its about Mutants! Imagine X-men type mutants but with ridiculously comedic powers and you have this. The main character has the funniest power ever. The innuendo in this is beyond normal standards. Whilst the whole story is quite typical hero/mutant affair I haven't seen it done read more
Jul 1, 2013
Where to start. This manga has a unique ambiance and feeling to it. The characters are all unique and the the dialogue is very crude and absolutely hilarious.

Story: The story is incredibly silly, you have 5 boys attending an all girls school that recently turned co-ed. At this point you would expect the typical harem. That would be the case if this was a typical manga. What actually happens is that the boys get ostracized. After they commit a deed which wont be spoiled, there prison sentence in the school begins. The story isn't important. It is only there as a catalyst for absolutely hilarious read more
Apr 11, 2013
One piece is a show that will put many people off watching it. The art style seems sloppy at first and the show starts off incredibly slow. The first 70 or so episodes have amazing points in them, emotional, heart breaking, absolute epic power of nakama badassery but moves at an incredibly slow pace.

But. You have to watch this anime because once you get into it you will be hooked. One piece is anime that unlike other anime never gets worse. If you start the show and thinks its good it will only get better.

Each arc has all the support epicness and emotion read more