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Dec 3, 2019
*Warning spoiler alert
I turned my review section to place where can i deliver my thought on this manga. so please be aware that this could led to SPOILER.
Wow so last I found good-complete-sliceoflife manga that I've been looking after all this year. iwell if you already read usagi drop then you know why I'm rate this manga 9/10...

ok let's get started

- NO weird incest, love between niece, love between know what i mean...
- THEY are married at the end of the series and that make me very satisfied!
- satisfied ending! yeah it's one of my least requirement in order for me to read more
Nov 22, 2019
this is hidden gem! I repeat this is hidden gem! before I continue I want to tell to the one who read this that this is not normal review... I'm using this section to let out all of my feeling after watching this anime. so please be aware that there might be spoiler from this.

since i'm not really into moe stuff, it's safe to say that Idol genre is not one of my favorite genre. from what I see, Locodol is really different from any general idol anime out there. one thing for sure what I like from this anime is they not focusing read more
Nov 21, 2019
I turned my review section to place where can i deliver my thought on this manga. so please be aware that this could led to spoiler.
straight to the point, I gave this manga 10/10...the reason is because at this time lately I read lot's of romance manga and most of it contain terrible, unsatisfying and uncompleted ending. so pretty much I'm searching for good manga to make me recover from this heartbroken....and the answer is this Ouran koukou host club...

what I like
- GOOD and VERY SATISFYING ending...probably the only romance manga that I can say this very well.
- it's not even cross my read more
Nov 1, 2019
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*Might contain Spoiler

I might rate this manga 9/10 instead of 8 IF only there is a continuation from the manga. I have to admit, it's was a huge cliffhanger for me. there is a lot of things that made me wonder for the whole series. despite that, I'm still enjoying the manga. it was a good story overall.

- overall it was a good story
- the main character is really good, not wimpy, brave, straightforward, and less dense

At the moment, I really don't have anything negative about this manga...if there is one it woulld be
- Uncomplete ending.

might change in the future
Oct 28, 2019
*Might contain Spoiler

I want to deliver what I feel about this manga. the whole story is awesome, the romance is awesome and I truly love how the story goes on.

- The story is absolutely a very satisfying, complete ending and I don't need to argue what will happen next.
- don't really like long manga chapter when it comes to romance especially when the character is a couple from the start. so this manga didn't drag too long since it only contains 63 chapters. in my opinion, this length should be ok and quite enjoy it very well.

- The male mc is wimpy, read more