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Sep 30, 2015
I didn’t think I’d masturbate to an undead - Overlord review

From my first perception of Overlord, what caught my eyes were the punk-ish stylish look of the cover art. What turned me off was my assumption, from the description, that it was going to be another shitty fucking SAO. But then I read a comment saying to not put them on the same plane. I am pleased.

The virtual mmorpg Yggdrasil is on its last active day before shutting down completely. Momonga is the guild master of the guild Ainz Ooal Gown. Everyone of the guild members, his closest friends, have left to continue with their read more
Sep 28, 2015
DAAARRRYYYUUUNNNN!!! - The Heroic Legend of Arslan review

The Heroic Legend of Arslan is about the kingdom of Pars that has fallen to the hands of the Lusitania kingdom. Now Arslans, the young prince, must take arms and gather the remaining Parsian soldiers throughout the country in order to take back the capital of Ecbatana and become the crown King of Pars. While this isn’t a Three Kingdoms or Warring states type show with intense war battles, it tells quite an engaging story with a ‘magical’ twist to it.

Arslan is the pampered prince of Pars whom is different from the rest of royalty because he sees read more
Sep 27, 2015
Watching Gangsta is like taking drugs, yet you are clean.

I’d like Worrick to be my dad - Gangsta review

We’re introduced into Ergastulum, a city free of reign from most of the authority, lead by four figures of different factions. Our main heroes of the series, Nicolas Brown and Worrick Arcangelo, otherwise known as the ‘handymen’, because they will take jobs no one else will do, going through a series of events that reveal bits of their past. While the ending was disappointing for leaving on a cliffhanger, the series as a whole still offers subtle moments of relaxation and enjoyment.

Since the first episode, Nicolas and read more
Sep 25, 2015
Metabolism juices and borderline hentai with fucking fantastic writing?! - Prison School review

Prison School is a show with some of the best writing and direction I’ve seen in recent time. Nothing in the story happens by accident, for everything in Prison School happens for a reason. Before long, Hachimitsu academy was an all girls private academy until recently it followed up with open enrollment for boys. And those boys are the slick and wicked main characters of the series: Kiyoshi, Gakuto, Joe, Andre, and Shingo. We watch as they commit a crime of peeping in the girl’s bathroom earning themselves time in the school prison. read more
Sep 25, 2015
Before watching Shokugeki, I did not know how to cook. After watching Shokugeki, I don’t know shit about food at all.

Food so real, you’re going to cry - Shokugeki no Souma review

The story begins with a cooking face off between Yukihira Souma and his father, Yukihira Joichiro. Ever since Souma began cooking, he has always wanted to surpass his father and take the mantle of the head chef of their family restaurant. Souma is 15 and his father has enrolled him into Totsuki academy, the top culinary school in Japan, in order to expand his cooking skills and experience a whole new world of cooking. read more
Sep 23, 2015
You’re a kid, you’re a squid, you’re a kid- Oh wrong series - My Love Story review

One of My Love Story’s strongest elements is how well crafted and executed the story and characters are, regardless of the supposed cliches and many nitpicks I’ve seen in reviews for this show. Its cheese lies subtly in its favor. We’re introduced to a cast that each have their own unique characters to them, while nothing innovating, it all interconnects their relationship and development in a heartfelt way. From the reviews I’ve read, it’s mostly underdeveloped short introductions rather than an actual review. And highly lacks any depth or read more
Sep 23, 2015
What the ballocks is this?! Is this memes?! - Kyoukai no Rinne review

Rinne is an anime adaption of the same author who wrote and illustrated the classic manga Inuyasha. However, Rinne quickly becomes a parody of itself and lacks the passionate writing of its fore sibling. It is completely undermined by lackluster characters, mediocre plot, and repetitive gags that quickly loses its substance. While I did have personal enjoyments throughout the show, it is far from redeemable.

The premise of Rinne is quite simple. Our heroine, Mamiya Sakura, wanders into the spirit world and after coming back to the real world she can see ghosts. One read more
Sep 22, 2015
Disclaimer: You PC, bra?

“It’s a bit noisy and difficult at times, but every day is a lot of fun” - Kimihito Kurusu, episode 12

Is this memes?!- Monster Girls review

Oh boy, we got ourselves quite a bit oddities in Monster Girls. We’re introduced into a society where monsters have appeared OUTTA NOWHERE and now they’ve come to live with humans through the "Cultural Exchange Between Species Act”. Our main protagonist, Kimihito Kurusu, or ‘Darling’, volunteers to become a host and eventually garners an entire harem, enjoying, not enjoying, the countless times the monster girls may or may not annoy him, or even you, the viewer.
Geting art read more
Sep 21, 2015
Disclaimer: If you’re a fanboy or apologist who can’t even critique outside of the box you’ve constructed for yourself, then please fuck off?

Apparently red hair makes you famous like dank memes - Shirayuki no Akagami review

Akagami no Shirayuki, or Snow White with the Red Hair is about Shirayuki a girl with an apple colored red hair who’s trying to escape from the obsessive and pampered Prince Raj, and is indefinitely saved by the second Prince of Clarines, Zen. There our journey begins. I’d say there isn’t exactly a story, as suppose to it being more of things happening in their everyday life. Correct me read more
Sep 19, 2015
"Nothing is disgusting....nothing" - Okuma, episode 12

Shimoneta and Prison School have got to be the dirtiest and lewd shows this season, or this year. But Shimoneta sucks and Prison School is far superior. Why do I say this about two shows that are about on par in sexual content? Well then, read the review.

Shimoneta's premise is that all that is lewd and sexual has been banned for over a decade, and any use of sexual things via words, or objects will get you into legal trouble. Now our 'heroes' are off to fight a war and take back the justice which is all that is read more