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Nov 17, 2015
(You don't need to read this part, just skip to the short review part)
Finally, CardFight! Vanguard G is out! The first episode. Yeah, yeah same old, meeting new character, noob beating a really experienced player. Okay, shorter battles that's new. The ending... Aichi? NOOOOOO!!! Chrono! Please at least talk to Aichi! Come on Chrono, he saved the world! He's the reason you're alive right now!

Short Review: This anime was mediocre. What I really hated about this season is that they trying their best to avoid the main of main characters from the other arc, *cough cough* Aichi. Kai. If they never put Aichi as a read more
Oct 12, 2015
I actually enjoyed watching Akame Ga Kill. I read some of the comments about the anime and all of them said that it was "unoriginal", which brings me to the arguement of whether an anime is good or not because it was "copied" or "unoriginal". I mean really, how can you think of a completely original idea? Can you even do that, if you can then write it down and link me it and I will judge whether it is original or not, and I'll be picky, not like how I judge anime. I was just kidding, but you should be able to get the read more
Sep 20, 2015
Guessing from reading other people's reviews and opinions on this anime, some must be thinking. 'Really? A seven? It was so bad.' Well, this is an unpopular opinion review. I think that this anime is okay. Then again, as long as the quality, not consisting of 200+ episodes and the plot are okay, I'll take it.

Story (7/10):
The story is pretty basic, a young king receives a power from a dragon, blah blah blah. To me just because it is a basic idea doesn't mean it isn't a good story, it's just not as unique as most stories.
No one pooped on Kaichou we Maid-sama for read more
Aug 24, 2015
Short Review: This anime was actually really good. Now just because I said that people are going to click the not helpful button, but hear me out. I feel that if there is a lot of hype for something, it will lead to really high expectations. Those expectations are usually gets an awesome and great anime get flushed down the toilet. If people look past all the expectations, then poof, it is suddenly a really good anime, magic. I could be completely wrong about this, but the majority of people that were hyped about Sword Art Online or any other popular anime ended up being read more
Aug 19, 2015
Warning: This review contains spoilers of season 1-4 of CardFight Vanguard. So please watch those seasons, before reading this review.

Short review: Yay! The world is once again on the break of destruction and the heroes once again have to save the world. This movie is a movie about a phenomenon like Link Joker, but now it is called the Deletor. Deletor deletes and Link Joker possesses card fighters. The Deletor only needs one person, while Link Joker needs an army. So they aren't that really that similar, I guess, but close enough. Anyways, the point is that if you loved the Link Joker arc, then read more
Aug 18, 2015
The short review of CardFight! Vanguard: Legion Mate is that it's pretty good as this is the first season, you see Kai care about a character of the series for the whole season. If you have been waiting for that throughout the whole series so far, then this is probably the season for you. As for my opinion, I miss the old Kai because he was cooler... I wanted to see that old Kai before all the old main characters get moved aside for CardFight! Vanguard G's main characters. Anyways, continuing on. The main or only antagonist in this season could've been better. The story read more
Jul 31, 2015
The short description of this season of CardFight! Vanguard is that if you feel disappointed of the first 2 seasons, then give this one a try. There is actually a antagonist that appears in more than half the season's episodes. I think the developers get a pat on the back for that, so I recommend this season because you would probably won't be as disappointed.

CardFight! Vanguard: Link Joker was amazing. If you watched the first two seasons of this series, I think this season is a big improvement. When I watch a series like this one, I also look for the antagonist's plan and progress read more