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Sayanora12 May 18, 10:08 AM
I mean if you just treat it like a movie, then you can enjoy it again lol. Like are movies real? No, but when you watch them you kind of try to convince yourself that they’re real to feel like your immersed. So watching wrestling is kind of like that I guess. Btw since the conversation somehow went to movies... What is your favorite movie?

Thank god I didn’t lol. That would’ve been a very horrifying experience...
Sayanora12 May 18, 9:16 AM
Yes me too... BUT I BELIEVED IT WAS REAL WHEN I WAS LIKE 5 or 6 xd. Did you actually believe that the undertaker was some kind of possessed entity who wanted to become a champion lol? Yea wwe really sucks now. Like I like the wrestling aspect a lot, but what’s the point of that if Idgaf about the people who are wrestling!!! And out of touch Vince McMahon needs to resign before his company crumbles lol. Oh yea, there have been dozens of surprise returns that have almost given me heart attacks like John Cena back in 2008(god I remember it like it was yesterday lol) Stings return wasn’t all that shocking, since everyone and their mothers knew about it beforehand(It was reported like crazy at the time.)

I agree that I would become insane if I was in an endless groundhog esc time loop, but I WOULDN’T WANT TO RAPE MY BEST FRIEND’S DAUGHTER!!! Lol

And yes you can... I’ve seen people use them before... I no longer speak with those people...
Sayanora12 May 18, 8:47 AM
Do you still watch wrestling? Or not anymore? Also Suzuha’s route was one humongous mind fuck(A really good one at that tho) I remember accidentally entering it and being like wtf is happening?! Why is Okabe turning into a creepy rapist lol.

Sayanora12 May 18, 8:26 AM
Oh shit! I’m such a ditz sometimes lol. I was thinking that it was the name of a pro wrestler called Scott Steiner or something xD. Btw have you played the steins gate vn? Imo it’s much better than the anime... Anime cuts off way too much stuff.

Also... I noticed you were saying lol and xD a lot... Are you mocking me?! Look using lol and xD is always a good thing! I’ll tell you why... let’s say you were insulting someone and said something like: Fuck you cunt lol xd! LOOK NOW IT SOUNDS NICE AND CUTE!
Sayanora12 May 18, 7:37 AM
Hi! That Steins gate pic in your profile is really freaking adorable lol.

Also... Where did you get your name from? (I’m really curious because that name sounds familiar for some reason)
AndoCommando May 12, 7:52 AM
xShinigami3125 May 12, 5:29 AM
When did I ever present my opinions as facts ? Do I need to literally add "just my opinion" behind everything I say, for you to get it?
And I won't even touch the second sentence lol.
xShinigami3125 May 12, 2:36 AM
I am tired of people just accepting mediocre or in this case abysmal adaptations, and being incapable of accepting that others may honestly dislike something they enjoy, sorry if I hurt you or something. God damnit that last part is so ridiculous, I can't believe you actually said that seriously.
xShinigami3125 May 12, 12:48 AM
What ?
KittyHugger Feb 16, 2:47 PM
rofl, noooo that means I actually use this site ooof.