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Aug 6, 2020
I remember not liking this movie as much as the first one when I was younger and I couldn't remember if it was because the movie itself just wasn't good or if it was because the same weekend this had been rented for me, I finally got a vhs copy of Princess Mononoke (which obviously left a major impression on me since it's one of my favorite movies of all time).

Finding and getting into more mature anime that touched on more themes and subjects was one of the leading factors in drifting away from this series as a whole. It's why, for the most part, read more
Aug 6, 2020
I've decided to make the dumb decision to attempt to watch every Pokemon movie in release order -- because I remember caring only up until the third one and then peaced out for several years.

The nostalgia with this one in particular is strong because I was one of the many kids that went to see it in theaters when it came out (man, talk about H y p e because yeah I watched the show, collected the cards, tried to collect the toys, I was Into It, man). Even then, I didn't think it was the best movie but I still loved getting to read more
Jul 24, 2019
Munto (Anime) add (All reviews)
For Kyoto Animation's first outing, it's an impressive one. The story itself may be cliche and full of exposition but the art is really good. The pacing isn't as good and the ending feels a bit rushed despite all the time it took getting there but the animation and direction and ideas present make it an interesting watch overall. Got a few Cardcaptor vibes from the story but that's never really a bad thing.

(Also, for the English dub it was pretty hilarious to have Goku's original dub voice coming out of a Vegeta look alike.)

I keep being told to enter a longer review but read more
Jul 24, 2019
The OG Fighting Anime, DBZ. The myth, the legend, everything I didn't know I could love about an anime.

I still remember when it first premiered on Toonami and I didn't even know what to think of it. I swore I would never watch it because it looked "dumb and weird". And then parents around me talked about how violent it was.

But one day, while impatiently waiting for my shows to come on during the Toonami block and having finished my homework early, I ended up watching an episode of DBZ. I can remember the exact episode: Gohan was still training under PIccolo with his read more
Jul 24, 2019
I read reviews for this show before watching it, finding the premise intriguing but still unsure about it. However, since it was only six episodes wrong, I thought why not give it a watch. And yeah there are definitely times this anime is bad. The ecchi type humor also doesn't do it many favors.

However, I still enjoyed it. Some of the humor made me chuckle because it was that ridiculous and the voicework wasn't that bad in those moments (I especially liked recognizing some familiar voices in the cast).

It was a genuinely interesting premise that I honestly think would benefit from a read more
Jul 24, 2019
I'll be open about my dissatisfaction with the ending of this anime. I didn't like the ending after being put through all the mess that happened in the story (like a horrible domino effect). But I can appreciate the drama and tragedy of it.

The tragedy of the whole conflict is what drives the show to even greater tragedy by the end but it's also what hooked me early on. To see what happens to the lovers that defied such a conflict enough to fall in love. The rest of the cast is also pretty interesting with their different personalities and powers. Combine it with the read more
Jul 24, 2019
I'll start this by saying: I have not read the manga for this series. I'm sure that's fleshed out more than this show but going off the show itself? I don't think it's for me.

The art was fine for the most part, good animation with most of the fights, decent dub, but the fact the show ends before the story is completed really kinda made me throw up my hands. The pacing felt really slow at times and with the lack of a real conclusion, I'm left thinking I wasted what time I sunk into the show (while also grateful it wasn't longer).

Even after read more
Jul 24, 2019
For the longest time, I have wanted to watch this because I thought it was connected to Ninja Scroll ( a movie I love). I remember seeing the preview/trailer for it on one of my Manga studio vhs tapes and was all "I must watch that someday!!!" Doesn't help that even the lettering for the title was done in the same style.

Later, after the internet had grown more and streaming and videos became way more prevalent, I found out the "lead" character was indeed named "Jubei". Just not "Kibagami". Which... didn't bode well. But I still wanted to watch it because the trailer still read more
Jul 24, 2019
Jubei is the anime hero we need but don't deserve.

This is a movie I shouldn't like at all (the amount of sexual assault is something I could really do without tyvm) but I do. It's got buckets of blood, many boobs, kinetic as fuck fight scenes, interesting character designs, fantastic voice work in the English dub, all wrapped up in a moody score and atmosphere. Despite my dislike for the treatment of the female characters, there's more personality given to them than in a few other 90s anime movies I've seen. Jubei and Kagero are written so well that I feel a genuine emotional investment read more
Jul 24, 2019
What a shame coming from the director of Ninja Scroll. The animation had good moments and the idea itself isn't bad but the characters, writing, and English dub were just abysmal. I was so bored during this movie I actually started doing other things while watching it. It barely held my interest at all aside from a few well-animated fight scenes.

Even Wicked City with all its flaws (and believe me, there are many), was still entertaining and the two leads compelling enough for me to be invested in. Demon City is just straight-up not a good time. The male lead was just mediocre at best read more