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Days: 39.6
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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Feb 12, 7:02 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Shounen Hollywood: Holly Stage for 49
Shounen Hollywood: Holly Stage for 49
Jan 26, 5:01 AM
On-Hold -/13 · Scored -
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Specials
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Specials
Jan 26, 5:00 AM
Completed 7/7 · Scored 8
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Days: 3.0
Mean Score: 8.61
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Obito no Hime to Kubinashi Kishi
Obito no Hime to Kubinashi Kishi
Feb 14, 10:19 PM
Completed 4/4 · Scored 9
Blood Parade
Blood Parade
Feb 14, 7:45 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 7
Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko
Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko
Feb 13, 7:04 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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Abhay2333 Feb 13, 6:41 AM
That's true. A lot of Indians are afraid of pursuing their passion, especially if it doesn't align with their elder's choices.
I'm just glad I have supporting parents. ^^
Abhay2333 Feb 12, 8:56 PM
No, not really. In my opinion, its never too early to judge a character. You have every right to have an opinion on a character from whatever you have seen them doing. Your thoughts on Ethan didn't upset me or anything, don't worry about it.

Thanks! Writing is my passion and I hope to one day make a career out of it so it means a lot to hear you say that.
Abhay2333 Feb 11, 9:57 PM
It really means a lot that you took the time to read it. And I am glad you liked it as well. ^^
Insanity is my favorite of the chapters I've posted so far also and for the same reason.
And well, my thoughts on Ethan obviously include the answers to all the questions surrounding him so I can't really say how I perceive him. Not yet, but I did try to make him a jester character like Pariston is so yes, you are right about that.

Well, since the community on the blog isn't very active, if you'd like to continue reading it, maybe you should try checking it out on Webnovel. You can meet and talk with my other readers there hopefully. Though it is 3 chapters behind the

In any case, thank you for reading it!
Abhay2333 Feb 10, 8:15 PM
Thank you. Means a lot. (^_^)
Killunyan Jan 17, 7:43 AM
I've loved Mob Psycho 100. I think the plot is actually pretty deep in it's own unique way, specially everything related to Mob's character development and his life. He's a very round character, his self-steem problems and hidden emotions really work really good. The animation and fight scenes are also sooooooo smooth is crazy. lol So far I've choosen tho score it with a 10 but maybe is hype, I dunno. I'll have to see what I do -- anyways it has a special spot on my favourites, of course.

Did you just binge watched SNK? What do you think about it?
Abhay2333 Jan 11, 7:08 AM
Abhay2333 Jan 10, 8:54 PM
I also love when a story defies expectations like that, especially if it's a mystery series like AoT. It just adds another layer of excitement to it.

I understand what it is like to lose contact with a close friend. Thinking about some of my old friends I have no contact with now really fills me with nostalgia as well. I wish we'd all meet someday again but that is pretty unlikely to actually happen. ><
But anyway, thanks! It's the first time I am writing a story and I have no idea how it will turn out so anyone wishing me luck means a lot to me. ^^
Abhay2333 Jan 9, 9:14 PM
I am glad you are liking it. It's one of my favorite anime. The latest season was, in a way, the pay off of all the seasons before it and it was a cut above the rest because of that but the series has been pretty good consistently.

Thanks! Same to you as well!
Abhay2333 Jan 9, 7:59 AM
What do you think of Attack on Titan so far? Who's your favorite character?
Killunyan Jan 9, 7:08 AM
I agree! I'm going to finish S2 and so far I love Mob and his crew. They will probably gain a well-deserved spot on my favourite list! Reigen is my favourite character on the show, he's so funny, but also gentle and really nice with Mob.

Yeah, I'm watching it lol It've been sitting on my PTW list for long time, since I play a lot of reverse-harem videogames on my free time, and I couldn't get my hands on Diabolik Lovers, so I thought the anime could help. Even though I reailze it sucks, I'm still going to keep watching it, I don't like how abusive the guys are, but I kinda like the moments where they're a little softer with Yui. It's good for passing time.

I'll probably take a look at Kamisama Hajimemashita, then. I'm sure I'll love it.

Aww, thank you! Your new pic is nice, too~
epraveen Jan 8, 2:14 PM
I have Mahoutsukai no Yome in my PTW, will check it out soon. It sucks that you got spoiled about the grown-up CHAD Eren. I have an amazing picture of Chad Eren but I don't wanna have it as my profile picture yet because I don't wanna spoil anyone. You got spoiled about Chimera Ant arc? Well, that makes two of us lol. I was spoiled about Meruem's fate and Gons vs Pitou.

Yeah, Annie sure is an outlier when it comes to typical anime girls. I'm glad to see Mikasa in your favs. On the surface, my girl seems like a one-dimensional character who just shouts Erehh but she does have an amazing depth to her character. Here Abs & Ass are perfection btw. Erwin is my character in all of fiction. His character development in the next two arcs is beyond amazing. No Regrets does a brilliant job setting up Levi's dynamic with Erwin while establishing his thematic of having 'No Regrets' and building parallels with Eren. God mode Levi is something else, Hiroshi Kamiya went berserk with that screams. No Regrets manga does a better job than the OVA when it comes to Erwin's speech to Levi and it is worth checking out.

Some idiots hate Eren during the earlier parts and their reasoning is that he is edgy lol. People are just weird, they hate things that popular or loved by many but a lot of people changed their minds on Eren after reading the lastest arcs in the manga. He is now the fav character for pretty much all of the manga readers. Anyone how doesn't love Killua is not a living organism at all. Seriously how can anyone hate Killua? He is all that is sweet & good in the world.

Jean's character development via his introspection is my fav thing about S1. His actions and insults against Eren make complete sense. Jean being a horse is a meme since Eren calls him the 'horse face' a lot. So people took that to the next level and started calling him the Majestic Stallion lol. Btw what do you think of the Season 2? Especially the big reveal and Historia's development.

I'm not bothered by long replies. You can see that most of my replies to others and the comments in my profile are super long as well. I don't have anyone except my brother to discuss anime in person so I enjoy having a long conversion with people here.
Killunyan Jan 5, 1:28 AM
I don't mind at all! I like when anime have an unique, personal artstyle. I think MP100's artstyle is one of the better things of the anime.
I know! I love studio bones, the animation is always so smooooth. :')
Killunyan Jan 3, 12:10 PM
I hope so!
Yeah! I've started it. Looks far it seems good! I hope it can become one of my favourites soon.
epraveen Jan 2, 8:10 PM
S1 is without the doubt one of the best-directed anime but the visual presentation gets even better in s2 and the story gets better and better every season. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the rest of the seasons. Try your best to stay away from spoiler cause they are everywhere. Even don't google or watch anything related to SnK on youtube until you caught with S3p2 cause I got everything spoiled on youtube while trying to watch the OP lol.

Annie is a really complex and interesting character. You will notice more subtlety in her dialogs and actions on a rewatch. Levi is one of my fav characters in all of fiction. His backstory, dynamics with Erwin and the thematics surrounding him are just perfect. His insults/banter are amazing as well. I'm glad that you like Eren, he is one of the most realistic characters who get hated on by people for no reason lol. What do you like about Jean Kirstein 'The Majestic Stallion'?

Also watch AoT: Junior High after catching up with the anime. It's just mad fun.
Killunyan Jan 2, 2:44 AM
Happy new year, sweetiee!