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Aug 18, 2016
*blushes deeply* h-hello everyone...I-i want to start this review off with saying thank you all so much for putting up with me and liking my last four reviews...I-im really happy that all of you have accepted me and I-I enjoyed everyone's criticism and support *bows traditionally*

"Sukitte ii ya no" is about a high school girl named Mei Tachibana who was once a girl who enjoyed hanging out with her friends. However, after a traumatic incident when her "friends" abandoned her, Mei's idea of friendship completely changed forever and she stopped having friends and trusting them (Tachibana-san and I kind of resemble each other...). In order read more
Jun 23, 2015
K-konichiwa everyone. I want to start off my fourth review with saying thank you all so much for liking my last three reviews and for everyone that commented. I enjoyed everyone's criticism and without all of your support and brutally honest opinions I wouldn't be writing reviews like this.

A-arigatou Gozaimasu! *bows* ๐Ÿ˜‚

Noragami is about a young man named Yato. Yato is a minor god who wears a jersey, who's extremely playful and sneaky (like a cat), and most importantly, he doesn't even own a single shrine. In order to fulfil his dream of having a shrine and becoming recognized as an actual god, read more
Nov 30, 2014
*sigh* B Gata H Kei....You remind me so much of an anime version of Sex in the City...

B Gata H Kei, or Yamada's first time, is about a 15 year old girl named Yamada who was just enrolled in Takizawa High School. She is considered to be beautiful, but there is only one problem. She is TOTALLY concious about her own body and she constantly questions why certain parts of her body looks extremely weird. During her time of becoming a high school student, she has decided that she wants to have sex with 100 guys by the time she graduates. But there are read more
Nov 30, 2014
We shall now enter the anime Air Master...A good series but a little disappointing.

This anime starts off with a former gymnastics expert named Maki Aikawa who decided to become a street fighter. Being a street fighter makes her feel alive, which gives her amazingย power and grace. She fights A LOT of enemies, and after continuing to demonstrate her incredible power, she earns the new nickname, "Air Master".

First off, Air Master was good because there were hilarious moments that were topped with a myriad of epic street battles and a hint of romance, surprisingly. The anime's plot was good at telling the story but read more
Nov 29, 2014
I saw Kuroshitsuji during the summer before I even had a MAL account and I was very excited before and after I watched the anime. This amazing anime focuses on what happens when a sexy demon butler slowly yet patiently hunts for his prey. Long story short, Sebastian ends up getting himself into a world of unexpectancies that he never EVER expected. This anime is filled with SO many sexy characters that women and/or men will get wet between the legs over them. Even the blood shed is amazing! Sebastian and Claude give off a legendary sexiness. They give off so much love and read more