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Aug 22, 2017
This morning around 5 am (yes a mosquito was in my room so I couldn't help but to open my eyes and catch that beast haha) I saw a clip of "When you lose weight" Basically featuring the first episode of this anime. I was kinda impressed by the originality of that clip and decided to give it a shot, not knowing this is a harem or anything with yaoi elements etc. However I finished this anime within the same day and I will tell you guys why!

STORY 7/10
Basically the story is pretty much to the point since episode 1. Girl loses weight and read more
Feb 5, 2017
Okay, what did I just watch...Anyways, let's review this! Let's goooo~

Just some info about the band: The song is called "Instant Music" a song by the alternative rock band called "The Pillows". The band is formed in 1989. And hey, they are still producing music till now!

The beginning of the videoclip sounded pretty good. you know the feeling when you hear a bit rocky sounds: Electric guitar, drums, bass etc. Pretty good. The Singer is also quite okay. But gosh if you look closer at the actual video clip, what's the bear doing...Helicopter?! What the actual... But turns out it's more and less a clip read more
Sep 11, 2016
I just came across this randomly while browsing kissanime for new animes. And I actually didn't regret watching it, though it was approx. 2 minutes.

The story was simple: Girl wants to pursue her dreams by becoming a veterinarian, but her grades aren't good enough. I won't spoil any further, but I know for sure you already can predict what will happen.

That said, the story is predictable. Still I enjoyed watching it as the art was super and the music as well. And I was in a similar situation before. The concept is only too simple. If they could make a 12 episodes long read more
Mar 7, 2015
In a land far far away.. A few students gather together for a final meet up.. SUDDENLY their life changed forever...

I guess that was a pretty good introduction.. Anyways, where to start off my first review.. I'll make it short.

First of all, the story is really letting you to sit on the edge of your chair (don't fall off ur chair pls, that will hurt and then you won't be able to watch further epsiodes of this insane anime) The sounds also fit perfectly in it. Sometimes a creepy sound in your right ear...Sometimes in your left...
This is a great anime for those read more