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Jul 3, 2008
Yeah~ I gave this a 10 ^^ I haven't played the game so I don't know if this OVA does it justice or not, but I enjoyed it anyway.

I've never seen anything quite like it. I will not go into what the story is about because it's in the summary up at the top, but it's very different from all those other 2-3 episode long OVAs out there. It is beautiful and different and is very well presented, even though there was only 2 episodes to work with. If it were to become a proper TV series then I'm sure it would be popular :3

Not read more
Jul 1, 2008
OK, my second review for the day :> this time it's Getsumen To Heiki Miina.
I think this series is overlooked by many. It's actually pretty good and entertaining, and has the ability to keep your interest for the whole season because it is somewhat different to other series in the same genre as it.
And also, considering that it's a spin-off from a TV show, I think it did pretty well :>

OK, we've all seen it before: teenaged girl is generally failing at life, but through some strange circumstances she aquires superpowers and turns her life right around. Well, this series has that too, but it's read more
Jul 1, 2008
Kanokon (Anime) add (All reviews)
Omg, this has got to be the worst anime I have ever had the misfortune to stubbornly watch all the way through .___.; I finished it when the last episode was subbed, but I've only just thought about writing a review. Also I'm tired today, so please bear with me guys ;3

Story? HAH. There pretty much is no story. Kanokon's story is none existant. It's just about how the overly-horny-for-a-little-shouta-boy Chizuru trys to get Kouta, the boy, to have sex with her.
Right at the beginning there was certain potential involving the fight scenes and the concept of Chizuru being a fox deity, but nothing was read more
Jun 7, 2008
I finished Lemon Angel Project just yesterday and I noticed that it didn't have a review yet, so I thought I'd do the honours <3


Lemon Angel Project is set in the year 2017, and is about Tomo Minaguchi, a girl who's close friend and senpai Yui recently died due to "unknown causes". While she was still alive, Yui told Tomo that she felt happy and full of life when Tomo sang, and she was also the creator of the popular all-girl group called the "Lemon Angel Project", who mysteriously vanished shortly before Yui's death.
A year and a half later, Tomo, along with other girls, tries read more
May 3, 2008
Tsuki wa Higashi ni Hi wa Nishi ni - Operation Sanctuary, or otherwise known as Hani Hani, is another one of those series that is better than it seems to be and has recieved very little love, and that's why I'm writing a review on it ^w^


Hani Hani is about a high schooler called Naoki who lives a normal life with his cousin Matsuri and childhood friend Honami. One day a girl called Mikoto appears before him with big white wings and falls on him, and in an instant his life changes, mainly for the better.
Basically, the story starts out a a typical slice of read more
Apr 26, 2008
Kirarin Revolution is about a young girl called Kirari who becomes an idol because she wants to follow her crush, Seiji. However, as the story progresses, she wants to be an idol for more than that reason.


I gave the story a 4 because it doesn't develop much and far too many of the episodes are fillers. I can understand that the writers would find it hard to keep up a decent storyline for over 100 episodes, but still.. in each episode an event happens that would usually take a quarter of an episode in most other series, hence making the series feel very dragged out.
It read more
Apr 1, 2008
BALDR FORCE EXE Resolution is one of the those fantastic OVA series that is severely overlooked by the vast amount of people who watch anime. It has wonderful art, a decent storyline, and good characters.

The series is about a man, Tooru, who has lost everything (won't spoil ;p) and joins up with a kind of team, or company, called FLAK. The series is set in a would-be Japan, where the "wired world" is part of everyday life. People are able to literally plug themselves into certain computers and spend time in this new cyber world.
It is quite a difficult concept for the writers of read more
Jan 2, 2008
Although Sky Girls is a Mecha series, the mecha doesn't take over the story line and make it over the top, which I found pleasant, and it lets the story go into more in-depth emotional stuff.

The main characters, Otoha, Karen, Eika and Elize, are all typical characters found in most every shoujo show at the beginning, but as the story is able to develop more their characters fill out and don't become standard anymore - especially Eika. Also, the three older girls get some kind of love interest, however incredibly subtle it may be, which is rare in anime as usually only the main leading read more