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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze
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Diamond no Ace: Act II
Diamond no Ace: Act II
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kuraharah Jun 10, 10:56 PM
Sure, whenever you're free, i'm here all year round so i'll be glad to hear from you :) Thanks a lot for letting me know, by the way. Hope you're doing fine ^^
Sent you a fr if you don't mind, just in case.
kuraharah May 27, 5:15 AM
Ah you're the third Miyuki fan i meet recently, that guy is pretty popular :)

>I mean just look at Light's Bieber hair lol.
hahaha omg i laughed for good ten minutes

> if he's boring then he's boring so he's cancelled.
oh this is so true :> Hmmm i sure can't completely separate personality and looks, too. But also the voice is important. I can't like a face if i dislike the voice. But i'm very lost at whom should i name because i tried to pick characters and turns out i like too many ^^''

>I wonder who are you referring to about "complete abomination".
Mainly that blue colored guy with red spear from Fate/Stay night whom people usually refer as Lancer. As a character he;s literally so cool i can't even, but i mean, honestly, his design is such a disaster ..:D Though his suit totally has its good points too lol

Haha oh yes, discussing manga with Ouji would be super fun :) I feel like i'd get along with Nico chan-senpai the best though.

Somehow i think, too, that it's Kakeru lol. On the other hand, the sentiment is so cute, like he actually thought that Haiji might not like to eat plain ochazuke and he might want something with it (´∀`* )
Tbh the way he often just stands there staring at Haiji after he collapsed, on standby in case if he might need anything, and how he got angry with twins when they talked back to Haiji, you know that "why run if we can't win", and wanted to defend him but didn't know what to say, it's so touching

Ah btw have you seen this "He is like mother" sakjkjd out of Kakeru's own mouth, mama Haiji confirmed.

also basically Kakehai confession

Bucciarati, if i remember correctly, Giorno kinda made it in time, but kinda didn't, so he 'healed'' him when his soul already departed from his body but not yet entirely, so he was able to like 'delay' his death. Which is honestly so twisted, basically keeping the corpse of his friend alive... I think if Giorno actually knew what he's doing he wouldn't have done it. Bucciarati looked so sad as he talked about it :c

Haha oh yeah, really not the best of Kaji's performances. But Ono Yuuki compensates entirely tbh. What do you think of part 4 so far?
Ah, yes, i have. Jonathan aka the first jojo, (and pretty much the entire part 1 cast), Jolyne, the 6th Jojo, (not a fan of the cast and setting either), and the reboot Josuke from part 8 #notmyJosuke

Woah is it so much worse than the older version? What do you dislike about the art?
I still can't get into chara designs tbh, but can't ask for anything too original from an old shoujo series, i guess.

Haha omg glad to know i wasn't alone in this. Poor Okamoto's throat in jojo tho, the way he voiced Ghiaccio must've really hurt :D

Omg YES YES YES, that little "heh" when he grinned at them also <3 His voice is generally so nice to listen to.
Edit: turns out that this entire time i actually have been watching a show with him and didn't even know, and i can't believe what i'm hearing with my own two ears. Search Namu Amida Butsu ep.9 if you're curious (seriously, you gotta hear that), he's right there in the beginning, talking for a whole good minute
kuraharah May 24, 11:56 AM
Being honest, I hoped bones would actually do this
how hilarious would it be

Ohhhh, minus one Karamatsu girl. You might want to try and find your way out of that deal unless it's signed in blood cause honestly Nakamura, Miyu, OnoD, and Fukujun being complete dorks is priceless :D

Ah, I meant not exclusively appearance only, just if out of your favorites there are those whom you like visually the most. Like, some of my favs' designs are complete abomination or i'm neautral about the way they look, and the others are total eye candy. So i was curious about that.

I enjoy reading those a lot, too

> I think Kazetsuyo's pretty realistic and how they portray the characters' struggles, achievements, etc. make Haiji and the other characters feel more 'human' compared to other anime I watched imo. One of the few shows where I can actually 'feel' and value the drama or maybe cause I watched Kazetsuyo at an older age which makes me understand and appreciate things more lol
Oh SO 200% agree. They don't feel like archtypes or characters that only possible to exist in a fictional story. They feel like someone that can live next door and who experience things that we all do in one way or another with no artistic exagerration. Tbh it's the first time ever that i felt this connected with characters on personal level.

Speaking of details, I still wonder, when they locked Haiji in his room, who brought him mayonnaise to eat with ochazuke. Technically it could be the twins, but somehow, knowing that Kakeru is a mayonnaise addict.... it's such an unimportant thing but i just can't help being curious, cause if it's Kakeru it would bring his awkwardness to a whole new level lol

That scene in Abba's dying moment with his policeman friend was so good :c
But yeah, you should expect more deaths, at this point I think it's not much of a spoiler to confirm lol

One of the good points about jojo is that it consists of different parts and is about different groups of characters. It really keeps enjoyment level high. On the other hand, it's inevitable that you would have least favorites among parts and characters and you'll still have to sit through them.

>is Jojorno gonna turn evil or something?
Haha hmm no, i can only safely tell it's not about him, but the rest you'll see in part 1 and 3
Same.. he was so cute as Haruno, and he deserved better childhood T^T

Oh hmm I don't know tbh??? I really never think of scores this early in series. For now i can only say that Shigure is my best boy though if i'm being completely honest i'm just weak for Nakayuu and my enjoyment will probably depend on what he has to offer as a character, because everything else doesn't seem too great at this point, despite still having few positive moments. What would you rate it?
Woah that a lot better and actually makes sense. I guess this is one of the examples when changes in adaptation compared to manga were made for the better.

Totally. Ironically enough, i couldn't memorize Toyonaga's voice for a long time. Every time i heard him somewhere i thought he's so good and wondered who is it and turned out it's him. Lol tbh until recently l also had similar problem with Okamoto whenever he spoke normally, almost like if his recognizable shouting voice doesn't connect with his normal voice in my head :D. Sometimes even now. Like in Ballroom it took me like half of an episode to realize, even though i knew he should be there and was waiting to hear him while literally hearing Kyoudo speak, and then like "wait a second—". The stupid part about it is that i know the voice, but it just doesn't connect somehow.
Speaking of rookies, KAkeru's seiyuu was SO good tbh. Like, not just good for a beginner, but seriously just really S O G O O D

kuraharah May 19, 6:13 AM
Oh god Reigen YES
thanks bones

Now I'm even more curious :D

Haven't seen any tbh :D Who would be your favorites in terms of appearance only, btw?

Haha oh same, I only learned how to actually use the site few years after making an account.

Thrice is still a lot. You don't include first watch there? If so it makes total 4 times. Is DN your #1 favorite then?
They were in my favorites, but I have I habit of replacing favs pretty often, since there are only 10 slots and my mood for things changes quickly. But now I only feel like having the two shows that left the biggest impact on me.

Haha somehow I feel stupid now ^^'' No it's really not that deep. I just like people in general and I like paying attention and learn small things about them, like habits, preferences, reactions, etc., that's pretty fun. i hope i don't sound like a maniac lol I like the same about fictional characters, and since in fiction you get to see more different sides of them, i easily fall in love with them.
But Haiji is different. Rather than simply a character that I like, he's more like an ideal of a person that I look up to. Everything I admire and love about human personality packed into this one character, but also some parts of him find deeper response in me due to some personal regretful experiences which honesly makes me look at him and think "i wish i could be like you". So he's very meaningful for many personal reasons.

He wore them fashionably tho :D
Haha well yeah, jojo isn't exactly a happy type of story. Sometimes I remember how I took a look at chapter list while reading part 7 and saw "break my heart, break your heart" title, that was very nice of Araki to let me know beforehead when I should get ready lol i still wasn't ready
Technically, 8 parts so far, part 8 is still ongoing, but starting from part 7 it's a reboot.

>makes him look all evil
his genes are showing xd

Mista's Rapunzel jsdkajkljkd lmao I wish they would show him with hair down so bad tbh

Haha yeah .. I have quite a few complaints after couple latest episodes too. But I guess, considering demographics, certain degree of cheese is unavoidable. But ugh, it was still so.. bad. How did he find out about her in older version?
He voiced the first Jojo too, btw :D When I watched it back then I was dead bored with his performance. When I watched Kazetsuyo I thought wow this guy is so good. Then I found out it's the same seiyuu
kuraharah May 18, 2:07 PM
Same lol. I guess evil blondies and total dorks are the most common type of roles for him. Speaking of dorks, have you ever considered watching Osomatsu-san?

I think i only watched like that 6 or 7 shows. But oh hm yes i saw some people use x2 speed to watch just everything, which is somethng i don't really understand too.

>I can totally see you being a kazetsuyo mess at this point haha
it's entirely Haiji's fault D: I doubt that in my entire life I had so much respect and admiration for anyone irl even, like i do for him T^T

>I don't think I'm gonna add any anime to my rewatched for now
I'm curious why,tho?

According to my anilist notes it would be Resident Evil second movie which I rewatched 7 times. but I bet my most rewatched would have been FF Kingsglaive movie if I hadn't cried every time cause the entire FF15 plot hit me in the feels like a firetruck. Those are CGI movies though.
If we're talking about anime anime exclusively, then it's Darker Than Black, which I rewatched 6 times and Karas and Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu 4 times.

Haha is it? It's just, I remember you said characters aren't your first priority, well for me it's exactly the opposite. I don't care much how bad or good is plot if i like the character(s) ofc it's always a plus if it's good. But besides characters, I usually notice many small details that I didn't while watching for the first time, and if I really liked the show, it actually makes rewatching even more enjoyable than first watch :)

Risotto was really cool tho :< Especially his pants tbh.

Hahaha yeah we both learned from past mistake with the spoiler button.
Noooo don't lurk :D The One Thing you might spoil is just too massive. Oh but I do recommend part 7 manga after you finish all animated Jojos, I'm not sure if you're not a fan of manga or just don't add it in your list, but saying just in case anyways :)

Oh idk if he's supposed to be, but it's just the most common manga version, so in the fandom others are considered like alternative or something, but well, Davidpro decided on pink one
the ones with the hair color other than golden don't make sense tho, you'll see why, but Araki doesn't care, apparently. lol

I'm actually impressed you can binge it at all. I once skipped a week and had to watch two episodes in a row but it turned out physically impossible for me, too much hype :D

Btw I saw your comment in Fruits basket episode 7 discussion (I actually wanted to quote it there but then like "oh it's you") yeah, anyways
>And the way Kana just pops up out of nowhere?? How convenient
GOD SO TRUE. I literally eyerolled @ that scene.

but also
>Hatori sounds like a robot
this, but its also funny cause his VA is Kazetsuyo Yuki's, such a contrast between acting lol
kuraharah May 14, 11:48 AM
Same, and surprisingly Sakurai's badman wasn't blond this time :D

Oh, i usually use x3 speed if the show is completely unwatcheable. But I don't always have a chance to do so, since in most cases when i utterly dislike a show but keep watching it is because of seiyuu.

Hahaha omg you're totally right, but I guess i'm a masochist about it. I don't often get so emo over shows or in general too actually, so i quite enjoy being a mess of a kazetsuyo trash, not gonna lie :D
My rewatch count is 146 so ..... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I'm a passionate rewatcher, i guess. lol. It's probably normal for people to get bored from watching same stuff, but for some reason i don't. Partly maybe it's cause I get immersed into the characters and the atmosphere in the first place, the story goes second. So for me rewatching feels more like spending time with favorite people rather than watcing.

Mako is indeed best girl! She's also so tiny, makes me want to protect her haha. Tatara needs to open his eyes, he held such a treasure in his arms. But it probably soesn't really matter, the show doens't seem to have actual romance line (so far?) and can't say I'd be upset if it'd kep it that way since i'm not too eager for straight romances in my shows
I didn't really get to Chinatsu yet. She only just appeared so I don't have anything to say about her yet. Well, except that she doesn't seem like a nice person lol.

>omg I'm not sure if this is right but did they kill Abbacchio off??
oh well........ :)
you almost caught up to airing episodes anyway, but

Meanwhile a friendly advise, don't lurk around part 6 tag :D 

Haha oh yeah rip our local goth Risotto ^^'' 
I'm not familiar with ship names either, except just few maybe. I'm too lazy for it so i don't bother to learn ship names unless i just happened to remember them.
Yes it's a jojo thing. Araki, the mangaka, doesn't stick to just one particular color scheme when drawing manga covers and illustrations. You can see the characters in few different color schemes and all of them are official. DavidPro make a use of it and switch colors in intense scenes. 'Main', or most common color scheme for Jojorno is a blue one btw, but Davidpro decided to go with the pink one.
Btw I'm glad to finally see someone besides myself call him Bucciarati :) Everyone normally go with Buccellati.
Will you wait 10 weeks for part 5 to finish or are you planning to begin other parts once you catch up with latest episode?
kuraharah May 12, 9:44 AM
Welcome back! :)

Ah is that so. For me, I don't remember much already, tbh ^^'' It was relatively long since I watched it. I can only tell I liked it cause I like shows that throw at me various social topics and existential and humanitarian philosophy (if that's how I call it in english lol, I've no idea) mixed with cyberpunk genre. Like PP and GitS and this one.

Do you binge watch often? I binged only very few shows, I usually get bored after several episodes no matter how much I like the show. Sometimes even faster, since I have attention span of a goldfish :D

Haha, it's probably impossible for me to get bored with Kazetsuyo. I started rewatching it for the second time, so here I go again... I'm not even sure I'm entirely sane anymore, recently I was telling about Haiji to a person and just literally started crying uncontrollably jesus fucking christ what the hell is wrong with me lmao. Haiji the Life Ruiner™
But on the third watch literally every small thing hurts now, liek the way he involuntarily stares in bathroom direction where Kakeru is, while talking about him with landlord in the first episode. As if he was afraid he would vanish from there or something.
I CAN'T...

Oh Shizuku >< I'm glad i'm not alone in this, she was annoying. I can honestly understand her, and even justify her egoistic behavior, partly, she was upset with Kyoudo's attitude and she's also good so her confidence has a base, but it still doesn't make her any less annoying. Still felt bad for her after defeat though. Not that I wanted her to win, Mako is bae, but every athlete works hard, so .. yeah.
Gaju's tiny ponytail tho askdjksk

>omg did some important character die? don't tell me it's one of bruno's boyband members :< I just get so panicky at the those scenes where I thought they were gonna die but they didn't lol
Ahhhh, I don't even know how should I answer this, I want to say so many things about part 5 and everything else but at this point literally anything is a spoiler :D
Have you picked best boy yet? Or ships? :З
If I were to pick, hmm let's see, if DavidPro went with strawberry Fugo then he's hands down my choice.

Don't get me wrong tho! I sure don't dislike the characters, it's just that i wouldn't consider any of them a favorite favorite :)

> I plan to watch Jojo in descending order.
I hope you'll like Caesar <3

kuraharah May 7, 1:33 AM
>He really planned on fooling everyone lol remember that innocent looking face of his when he helped Ouji moved in carrying those boxes?
lmao yes! Also this face of evil
Yeah it's amazing that he kept quiet. That's some iron will

Tell me what you think if or when you'll be watching it :)
I saw you added Gyakusatsu Kikan to your PTW, too. I kinda really wanted to recommend it to you, but was hesitant for some reason, now I'm curious what you'll think about it

>Oh is that the dramatic scene where Sengoku caught Tatara when he broke down?
I really don't remember (・_・ヾ  Kazetsuyo is pretty much the only show I remember so well because I rewatched each episode in random order ((at least)) 3 times. Usually I watch few episodes and after couple days my memory just goes blank xd
That's why I'm watching Jojo part 5 like for the first time ever, even though I'm a manga reader. All I remember is literally one character's death and the appearance of dude from part 3 (you'll see).

Hahaha oh Hyoudo's expressions go either 0 or 100, there's no inbetween. Wait, they wont compete?? Ahhh, I hope Hyoudo will at least dance some more in this season :< Though dancing itself is the real letdown, the fact that we almost don't see any. I guess eyelashes is where the budget went.
Also, Gaju turned into such an unexpectedly cute tsundere after episode 10 (゚ー゚;  I reeeally disliked him, but now I just can't :D

Ahh I'm so happy you're having fun with it! All the iconic moments though :D
>Though I was wincing at that fish hook caught on the guy's eyelid :3
Owwwww, that was.... yeah... :D
Hmm I don't think I have a favorite in part 5. I never liked part 5 manga, never cared for Bruno's boyband, but the anime just being so amazingly done and hype concentration is so high I can't help but enjoy it. Ironically, I could probably even tell part 5 is my favorite jojo adaptation. Gj DavidPro (`・ω・´)b But still no favorites though. Also, being COMPLETELY honest, part 4 Josuke is my bestest jojo boy and i just love him so much it's hard to pick anyone else at all xd

>Though one part I just dislike is when Kaji Yuki uses that one voice of his lol it just hurts my ears. Can't believe I had to hear that in the first episode
Haha ohh, yeah, that's pretty much everybody's collective complaint. Btw if you're going to pick part 4 later, you'll have to hear much more of him x)
kuraharah May 5, 4:47 PM
Sakaki's face also, when he first learned that Haiji is acquainted with Fujioka lmao, that was one big "how the hell?!" written across his face. I don't exactly hate him, since he has his place in the story, and is actually a poor child that needs help, but still seeing him frustrated is so satisfying lol I feel so savage and i'm not even sorry

Mmmm, yeah, having Haiji's cooking would be nice *^* Doesn't that mean we both just want to exploit him though :D

Honestly, idk how educational system in Japan works, but somehow I think Haiji only entered the literature department because he didn't care much and picked whatever looked easier since you can actually just bullshit your way through courses. Maybe he passes his exams with minimal scores just barely enough not to be kicked out of uni, since he still survived 3 years. But I'm pretty sure he's not a good student since he's too occupied with running to study properly

Tbh if you don't plan to get into franchise in general, you can actually just watch Zero and think about it as a stand alone. It works that way, too.

Oh his body :з Thanks Production I.G for putting so much effort into drawing it
Aw lol, he's violent, but at the very least he doesn't dropkick people like Kasamatsu does. Also best part is that he gets hit too :D. Honestly I adore the gap between majestic appearance and that dorky personality of his.
He probably is biracial, i mean he's natural blond, so yeah that would be logical conclusion. Oh and that blond hair brown eyes combo *-* Breath of fresh air after all the blue eyed blondies. Just... beautiful <3

That sound Hyoudo made when yawned, also :D Though his faces are extremely intense in general, whether he dances or yawns lol. I only wish he had more screen time, at this point he barely gets any :(
Also this hurts for all the Kazetsuyo reasons

How's jojo for you so far? :>
kuraharah May 3, 11:29 AM
It was funny at sports meet when Sakaki doing his best to outrun Haiji, expecting to assert dominance, apparently xd, and guys were like "hey he competes with Haiji" and then Haiji accelerated like "lol nope". God, poor Sakaki, honestly, he probably hates Haiji with all his gut :D

> To be honest, I would want a Haiji in my life. I mean don't we all lol
Hahaha, now that I think about it, if I was in sutuation like theirs in the beginning, I would probably just move out of Aotake right in the 2nd episode

>now I really think he didn't attend those lectures of his
honestly tho! We only know for sure Shindo and Musa are good students, then Yuki who passes exams on first try, probably King, too. Well, Ouji certainly appears on campus, question is whether he only attends club activities or classes as well. But Kakeru, Haiji and Nico chan-senpai are big mystery

Yes, it was the only one. Being honest, Fate/Zero is the one show that I would never want to rewatch. When I was watching it, season 1 was fun and games and then at some point of season 2 things got so traumatic I had to pause watching cause I cried almost hysterically and couldn't even see the screen and when I finished it I was like yeah it was good but no way in hell i'm seeing it ever again xd

Yeah, if there'll be next season. Haven't heard any news on it for pretty long, sadly.
Ah, too bad tbh, Keith and Gilbert could be good friends also Gilbert really needs medicine from many other problems aside of attitude :D

That thing about Morikawa is almost like, you know, if there's a blond or white haired Sakurai among the cast, if he isn't evil from the beginning already, 99% chance he's gonna be a shitlord mcbetrayal

lmao i choked i swear, it was like "oh i like this one the most" and the next ten minutes he's there with his damn knee. And next episode he drops on the floor, BOY DID YOU REALLY HAVE TO. My
Now I feel bad for laughing at him when he fell on studio stair :<
But also how Tatara met Sengoku lol, literally a guy picks another random guy from the street while he's in troubling situation, kidnaps him and puts into activities, hmmm, have I seen it somewhere???
But can I just say SENGOKU IS GORGEOUS. But also Hyoudou's eyelashes, asjkdskadjdds those... ♡(˘⌣˘ ) That yawn lmao i laughed for good five minutes
kuraharah May 3, 6:45 AM
>Lmao I really think that was what Prod. I.G. was thinking. To lure fangirls with that face of his
or the entire studio was also fangirlboying over him themselves :D

New content.... yessss.... not likely, but at the very least a couple of drama CDs would be nice.......... :c

>He really did exist just get on everyone's nerves.
Also to give Haiji a chance to demonstrate he's a chillest guy in the neighborhood
>God I love that scene. Shows how much Kakeru has grown. I felt like a proud mom watching that :'D
Same! The character development is real :D
>Though personally I would love to see the friendship between the two develop
Also same :) Maybe all Sakaki needs is a Mom-senpai of his own, who would tame him into a reasonable human being, like Haiji did for Kakeru

Hansamu (♡˙︶˙♡) How's he this pretty even.... this is illegal!

Kakeru is still with his same old babyface tho :D

Tbh I think there's good chance that you'll like Fate/Zero, because actually, unlike everything else Fate, Zero was written by the same guy as Psycho-pass and it shows (also maybe that's why you found it in recommendations)

Ah, so you like enjoyed it but not really? :)
Same about Koku. Also, although the sci-fi/fantasy part started to make sense on the second watch for me, still it's fair to admit that it's awkwardly done in a way that, they throw pieces of a puzzle at the watcher, when the watcher doesn't know yet what to expect and where to pay attention. So because of this the fantasy part and mystery part look like they belong in different shows.
Speaking of Gilbert, you guessed Kirisame, and for me, the moment Gilbert first started talking I instantly knew he's some sort of psychotic murderer, or serial killer, or something like that. I mean I'm not saying that ALL Morikawa's characters are like that but just... He certainly gives off vibes, when voices such characters ^^''

Haha oh someone really reads them, lol glad you had fun :D
Really though, prolly one of the worst BL art styles out there

Btw I started Ballroom, so
me: picks favorite boy
favorite boy:
god damn......
kuraharah May 2, 12:45 AM
God he looks so precious but so sad it hurts :<
Those eyes sure are huge, and I also love the shape, they look so cat-like. Also his perfect eyebrows tbh :D
Well, it's honestly so funny how his design is supposedly "your average japanese guy" in grandpa clothes, but still his face is so outstandingly pretty as if I.G be like "aight boys we absolutely must make this guy an ikemen for no reason at all" and then spent half of the budget just on his face alone

On the second espisode?
.......I already want to rewatch it again............ D:
Ah, yeah, "Kiyose" :3 Actually it's kinda strange that Haiji's dorm mates call him by first name, and his old friend calls him be last name
Sakaki is such a garbage child, honestly. I totally can understand his salt towards Kakeru, four (or three?) years of wasted efforts is no joke. But the way he shit talks on entire Kansei like everyone else is also responsible makes him literally intolerable. And oh god I was SO happy to see him cry after ekiden, even though it's kinda wrong since besides him there were 9 more people who worked hard, but still he, personally, deserved that defeat.
>I can safely say that Fujioka is like Haiji's ex and Kakeru is his new boyfriend lol.
and Ouji is his affair? :D I mean, since there are haiouji shippers too we all know that Haiji would never, though. Kakeru is too beautiful for him to look at someone else lol. "To me you are the greatest runner" asdkjakjdkjdak i will NEVER get over this line

>like boys y'all got so clingy ever since the ekiden huh XD it's like as long as they are together, they don't mind, really ughhhhh. also how Haiji was the one to invite Kakeru to drink??
Also how Kakeru just keeps his eyes on Haiji standing in sakura petals like half of the scene :D I'm p sure he just sees him in bishie sparkles and shoujo bubbles, that's just how lovestruck he looks

Part 5 also has golden seiyuu cast. They all sound so intense tho :D

Oh Fate animeverse is actually much simplier than it looks. Some fans like to put on airs, but we all know that in reality Fate is nothing more than just Battle Royale Waifu Simulator 3000. Lemme explain it real quick.
- Specials and all that fluff aside, the ones that are directly connected by lore are Fate/Zero --> adaptations of the three Fate/SN VN routes (Deen's show, Unlimited Blade Works, and Heaven's Feel movies which are currently in release).
- Everything else is completely stand alone, like Apocrypha, Extra, etc. etc.
- Anything "Fate/ Grand Order" is basically just service for the mobile game players, with literally no plot beyond "pick your harem of hot 2d people to then watch them punch each other in the face", so they're barely related.

kuraharah Apr 29, 9:33 PM
Sad baby Haiji tho (ಥ_ಥ)

Anyway, I finished rewatching, so now the hole in my chest is even bigger than before. Kazetsuyo heals me and kills me
Been wanting to mention Fujioka for a long time. What a great guy, and tbh a pretty rare type for sports anime, with zero hostility. He's a serious opponent on the track, but still absolute cinnamon roll outside of it, gives useful advices and hints cause he just genuinely likes his sport and interesting people to compete with. He provoked Kakeru at ekiden once, but with harmless and even encouraging words and at exactly appropriate time and place. That was such a healthy sense of rivalry, pure sportsmanship. An exact opposite of Sakaki.

Haha oh i sat through the ova because I was curious to know what's so great about it I still don't know

I'm sorry to Hirakawa fans lmao, but honestly....

Yessss! That 2:32 too... <3
It totally happened after the ekiden! In the epilogue scene btw, i like how everyone fooling around the yard, but Kakeru just stands there munching his food like "you guys so whatever, my Haiji is here so I'm not moving two steps farther away from him" dkajklakjksk i like to think that's just how he is almost 24/7 since the ekiden, when they both don't need to be in other places (*T▽T*)

Okay! :)

Hahaha nothing stupid about it don't worry. Aight so, short answer, (as someone who randomly started with part 3, because I had no idea what is Jojo and didn't even know there are prequel parts), if being confused with certain plot details doesn't bother you, you can watch part 5 (current one), and then get all your answers from earlier parts.
Long answer, Jojo's general story is not complicated, there's this bloodline that keeps fighting generation after generation against the remnants of evil that their ancestor once had to face. Every part is about its own group of characters (the old ones make cameos sometimes though), and its own plot, so it shouldn't feel too much like you were thrown in the middle of the story. Naturally, there are details you wont understand, like the significance of Giorno's birth and why his father is being mentioned in such manner, or what exactly is this "arrow" (you'll see what' i'm tlaking about), stuff like that.
Either way, be prepared for extreme levels of weirdness, the title suggests Bizarre Adventures and they indeed are bizarre as heck :D Also DavidPro does insanely good job with this adaptation.
One thing about 2012 show, it covers two parts of the manga. The first one is relatively boring to sit through, that\s what probably most of the fandom agrees on. On a good note, it's the shortest part, only 9 or 10 episodes.

Btw while we're at it, I saw Fate/Zero in your PTW, so just a small piece of info, it's a prequel to all three of Fate/stay night routes that is originally not meant to be watched before them. So if you plan to watch anything F/SN after, I highly don't recommend to watch Zero first, because first, it spoils a whole load of everything, second, it assumes the watcher already has previous knowledge of Fate/SN, so it's usually hella confusing for first-timers :)
kuraharah Apr 27, 10:50 AM
You mean like this? :D

cause that's how looking at this one feels

Haha oh yeah, Reinhard literally looks like Kise & Nash lovechild. Though I almost fell asleep after 2 episodes so i dropped it ^^''

>Also very, very unnecessary info but I ship Sengoku and Tatara so effin hard! In fact I ship Tatara with his other males friends too it could turn into some Tatara harem lol
lol what are you talking about this is always the top priority info, if there are g(a)uys to ship then count me in :D
Anyway thank you, I'll go with this show then :З

>But but if there is no Ikuya in 2020 then there will be no Hiyori :3
Oh... i didn't think about it, you're right! Well if angst is unavoidable then at least let Ikuya be nicer to Hiyori, that boy deserved better :<

Oh high five again ╭(●`∀´●)╯
Honesty Hirakawa sounds like there's fishbone stuck in his throat, i physically cringe when he starts talking idk

Ah a blond one? The Swedish guy? I went to see what his name was and it's funny how entire cast pics are just normal faces and Hiyori's pic is him standing shirtless :D

Male tsunderes are so precious tbh and fun to bully :'D
But that Toyonaga tho... lately i've been listening to this song a lot and i can't with the idea of Haiji singing along the radio or something while cooking and Kakeru coming home and hearing his voice for the first time. I'd honestly like to see his reaction (´▽`)

Btw after you finish B the beginning tell me what you thought of it, even if you disliked it i'm curious either way :)
kuraharah Apr 26, 2:04 PM
>Whenever Haiji smiles, sometimes I can feel how sincere it is and it just pierces right through the screen :')
>Haiji's shining too bright, like an angel!


>I came across tweets on people saying that Haiji looks like Ushioi's love child haha
lmao wait.. maybe he does :D
tbh, while people search for similarities between HQ/Kazetsuyo style, I keep being tormented by the thought that Pro I.g literally recycled Kurobasu style in LOGH remake
Oh btw, I meant to ask you, how's Ballroom e youkoso for you? I want to watch some sports but can't decide on the show

Haha oh well hopefully there's more lewd Haiji for you you can share lewd Kakerus btw, just saying :D

#team possessive creeps
Hiyori's amazing tho, he sure has the patience of a saint dealing with his whiny boyfriend's bs :D
hopefully no more Ikuya in 2020
Too many of them, that's for sure. Exactly the same problem as idol shows have. On the other hand, all sports shows have huge cast, but somehow it doesn't work in Free. Maybe because other shows don't usually try to shove every random character's personal angst down audience's throats, they're all just players and nothing beyond that.
It's still funny how in S3 Rin said something like "what kind of teenage drama is that", I was like damn bruh you said it

high five, finally someone who understands :D
Makoto's too sweet, and even as someone who really loves cinnamon rolls, he's just flat, as a person and as a character. Even his something-something teary backstory doesn't add any depth to him. Unlike some other mom friend characters, like Suga, he's from those overly sweet characters that only give you diabetes. Nao is basically the same as Makoto, so that's why I dislike him.
Tbh i only dislike Rei cause I can't stand anything voiced by Hirakawa ^^'' If it wasn't for him I wouldn't care much, Rei as a character is only there so there would be four of them, and doesn't do much for the plot, it could be anyone tbh.
Is there anyone particular you dislike?

Fruits Basket, btw. I finally realized Kyo should've been voiced by Toyonaga. I'm not being biased though lol, it's just that Kyo is basically a slightly madder version of Toyonaga's Goushi, even their manner of speaking is identical, except noone kicks Goushi in the face when they bully him :D Anyway, yeah, just thinking out loud :>