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Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z
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Serial Experiments Lain
Serial Experiments Lain
Yesterday, 11:04 AM
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Yesterday, 11:04 AM
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Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball
4 hours ago
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Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul
4 hours ago
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Soul Eater
Soul Eater
4 hours ago
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xkazutox 10 hours ago
Well of course it isn't a ranked high series, the reason is because it came out after SAO. It was around the time people overrated SAO and trash talked any virtual online MMORPG that came after. I'm not sure if you were watching anime around this time. The hype died for a several years now. Many people then shift their opinion from hype to trash. You shouldn't take their words for it. Just watch anything you like and don't get influence on what's good or bad by the community.
The reason I like Log Horizon is because I like anime with heavy dialogue than one with that focus on action. It's like asking yourself if you prefer quality content or quality action scene. I chose content.
If you didn't like it, I'm sure you won't be able enjoy heavy dialogue series like the Monogatari series. But as you grow older, your taste will change. (that if you're still watching anime lol.)
Mob100one Yesterday, 11:33 AM
See, it's worth a lot.
Mob100one Yesterday, 9:43 AM
Much, it is a work full of character development, besides teaching us a little as it is life on farms
Mob100one Yesterday, 7:46 AM
Have you seen Gin in the Saji? He is from Arakawa, same author of FullMetal Alchemist
Mob100one Yesterday, 7:17 AM
Yes, that's right.

You seem pretty cool, I want to talk to you more, just not to ask where I saw such a thing that we are not of the same ethnicity.
Mob100one Yesterday, 7:12 AM
I usually just talk to Brazilians, but I see no problem talking to people of other ethnicities, I find it very interesting to see this difference of cultures
Mob100one Yesterday, 7:05 AM
All right, I won't worry

It's strange to talk to someone from another country, even if it's online
xkazutox Yesterday, 1:44 AM
If I were a 15yrs or still in high school, I would say I wouldn't enjoy it. But I was older when I watched it, so yea. Good luck waiting another 5yrs to enjoy anime.

Here are a few more similar to this series. Add it to your list and watch it together with Log Horizon once you're older.

[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility,
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha,
Spice and Wolf,
Higashi no Eden.
xkazutox Yesterday, 1:12 AM
WHY? Because I like economics and marketing. The series line up with my field of study. Everyone has different preference for anime. You can like whatever you like, so it's it the same for me. Don't ask stupid question. lol.
Mob100one Dec 9, 2:27 PM
I'm sorry I didn't answer the question, but I'm a Brazilian, so it wouldn't be good to show you.
suixdream Dec 9, 2:00 PM
Never was in Bydgoszcz, but glad to hear you enjoyed it! :D

Oh I see, it's being published here in Poland as well but I never bought it :'D I'm owning few manga volumes as well, but usually I read them online :3
suixdream Dec 9, 8:47 AM
Oh, so you used to live in Poland? How did you like it? :D

I like them too ^^ Have you read the manga as well? I heard it's a bit different than anime.
suixdream Dec 9, 1:22 AM
Glad to hear! I'm doing fine as well, it's snowing sooo much here right now :3

I've watched it few years ago and really enjoyed it a lot. Which characters are your fave? I like Crona and Kid the most ^^
suixdream Dec 8, 12:39 PM
Same here, it's nice to meet you ^^ How are you doing? :3

I really liked Soul Eater anime haha ^^
suixdream Dec 8, 12:57 AM
Hi there, thanks a lot for the friend request ^^