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Sep 29, 2013
Team work? Love? Friendship? Bravery? Pain? Loyalty? All of those words don't even come close to describing Attack On Titan. I was expecting the show to be about stupid teenagers fighting muscular giants who happened to eat people as well as probably getting themselves killed because of something stupid they did , but I was completely wrong. Not only were the characters not stupid but they also, 1.were all unique and had they're own personalities, and 2. loved and charished eachother even if they didn't show it right away. Now I think the loving and charishing part is really important in this series because not read more
May 29, 2013
I was expecting a confusing and mind bending story but what I got was a some what peaceful and what seemed to be realistic story. The movie led you threw a story of a spirit trying to figure out who the boy who he was now in the body of and also himself. The movie kept my interest the whole time and felt sad when it ended as if I was one of the characters. I definitely recommend this movie!
Apr 28, 2013
I absolutely loved this anime. I loved the mixture of horror, mystery fantasy and romance but what stood out was the close friendship of the 5 main characters which you would think would be odd to have telekinesis, horror and friendship mixed together but it actually made the anime that much better. Totally loved it.
Mar 21, 2013
A world were even thinking of a crime makes you a criminal? A crazy system that makes up society in the future? Well that's psycho pass!
At first I thought it was some future-istic anime that would have short stories about crimes but it turned out better then that! It had a great and unique storyline starting out with weird crimes to a whole big story on it's own and it was interesting seeing the characters dealing with the phenomenon ..... but I won't say anymore than that since I'm afraid i'll spoiler it >_
Feb 25, 2013
There were a number or things I enjoyed about this anime but a few stood out. I loved how each character had there own personality and weren't too similar . The second thing that stood was the story line. Yes I know there's stories about a girl chasing after a cold and emotionless guy but I loved how the storyline didn't have the guy fall in love with the main character so easily and quickly, I mean there were many obstacles in her path but also I liked how you got time to see how the main character was without the guy and see read more
Dec 31, 2012
I chose to watch this because it was recommended from the other movies I had watched hoping this would be as good..I was right...
I loved the story line of how it was simply a little girl getting lost in a forest only to get saved by a boy wearing a mask and establishing an unbreakable friendship over several summers. This for sure was worth watching even thought I cried like a baby at the end.
Dec 31, 2012
One of my favorite anime's of all time. Simple story line simple background but still love the art work , characters personalities even how to story ended with the "to be continued" end.
Dec 31, 2012
The story line of this anime was not so out there unlike Howls moving castle or spirited away but the art was amazing! I liked how they also somehow made everything so realistic and pretty even thought the ending was very sad and it made me tear up a bit, but still a good anime and is one of my favorites!