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Jan 1, 2017

Light novels have been a popular adaptation these days, there are dozens of anime that have been adapted from this. It has been one of the best solutions to decrease the over-dominance of manga in the past. It's a good strategy, though. But I should say that "adapting literature into an anime is not an easy work".

Why? Because the director has to adjust a hundred pages of story into a fit 24 minutes per episode in a limited one-cour (or two-cour if they lucky to have that time), with the same feeling & content of the literature itself. Many anime failed to bring read more
Mar 26, 2016
During this period, the anime industry suffers "Material lacks". Ideas are getting narrower but productions are getting wider. Many companies suffer to bankruptcy, and to anticipate this they must broaden the marketing ground. In order to broaden it, they throw many adaptations to stabilized the situation. Because of it, there is dozens adaptation appear in various sources. One of those sources is game. But the truth is until this period, not many game adaptation live up to its expectation.

Divine Gate, is a smartphone game developed by Acquire. While the animation is in the hand of Studio Pierrot. As the series went, there are some flaws read more
Jan 24, 2016
Emotions, it's a powerful thing that lurks in human. It can manipulate your feelings, actions, and thoughts. Love, Hate, and other emotions can easily enter your inner-self, creating something we called Demons. Mononoke portrayed how atrocious human emotion can be, and how great an episodic anime can tell a story.

The series started in feudal Japan (probably in Edo Period), Mononoke its evil spirits that born from human emotions. There's one person that able to slay the Mononoke known as Kusuriuri or Medicine Seller, he has a mystic sword that can slay the spirits, but in order to slay it, he have to discover the read more
Dec 12, 2015
For the past couple of years, the Anime industries trapped in some genres called “Ecchi and Harem”. Various people began to analyze whether it’s a negative impact or a positive impact. Well, in fact, this case still depends on the viewpoint of an individual whether it will bring positive perspective or negative perspective. Nevertheless, the both perspective wasn’t false at all. But in some cases, those above-mentioned genres could bring some heavy damage to the quality of the anime if not used properly. One of those cases are the arrival of the 2nd installment of Shinmai Maou no Testament series a.k.a. Shinmai Maou no Testament read more
Oct 24, 2015
Superpower anime has been the main solution to attract many people in order to keep the Anime industry in balance. Since the success of such famous anime like the big three (Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach), there are dozens anime that uses the super power as an appeal and works as a direct jump to make profits. One of them are the K - project franchise, which has been ongoing since 2012. K Return of Kings is the 3rd project that exists in K Franchise. As the series go, K really didn't maximize any potential that it have.

The 1st season started the story while read more
Oct 11, 2015
One of the funny things about anime is sometimes you don't need a good story to receive your enjoyment. Like many other things in this world, anime also have their own charm. Each charm stands alone one by one to supports the weak story. Now if you take a closer look, Monmusu does not have a well-organized plot. The story can be said to have no direction or relations. But the good thing is the story was consistent with what they offer from the beginning. The individual elements that occur in the genres done well. They simply put the fan services at the right read more
Oct 3, 2015
In the first 3 episode, I started to think that this series was interesting. But in the last 3 episodes, it all goes wrong..., in almost every aspects.

I will first discuss the story, the anime was identified as the mystery genre with no other genres. I should say that at first, the story promising many things. As we know, in mystery series, there's only one item that been offered to us. And the answer is 'the mystery' itself, but if we identified all of the available cases in Game of Laplace, there's not much mystery in it. It just a blank question that ready read more
Jul 13, 2015
Welcome to the world where all bizarre creature exists! We got all many collections of creatures. Demons, check. Deities, check. Dragons, more check, and last but not least Oppai, which has become the main topic since the 1st day.

In Ecchi show, they usually offer some desirable fan service. And guess what? DxD succeeds "again" in delivering that individual element. At first, this 3rd season seems promising something more. But are we get nothing but desirable fan service?

Unlike many harem shows, DxD actually has some plot. But like many anime, DxD confuse its plot with many conflict and events which created a backfire to the read more
Jul 12, 2015
8bit, the studio who half-assed Grisaia no Kajitsu into a 13 episodes. The good news is they do not repeat the same mistakes. In 10 episodes they turn it into diamond, shining and bright. Everyone rejoice! Because this sequel would really change your mind about this series. It's exceeded all estimate that exist.

The sequel of Grisaia no Kajitsu started right after Grisaia no Meikyuu, one of the best thing that Rakuen ever offer it's the main character development.
At the early episode we can see that the protagonist's past described very well, the feeling and the drama tension can feel deep into your bones. read more
Apr 20, 2015
If there is a question about an anime that does their job in entertaining people so well, then Magic Kaito 1412 is one of those best answers. Filled with 24 minutes of excitements & deception makes Magic Kaito 1412 one of the most enjoyable series between Fall 2014 to Winter 2015.

As we know, an episodic series is like a gamble of life and death, some success while the others are not. The main concept of Magic Kaito 1412 is very simplistic, they do the same things from episode to episode just like an endless cycle. Almost all episodes do this endless cycle, except for read more