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Jun 3, 2011
Skip Beat! (Manga) add
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I would like to say first that I scorn most shoujo manga. When a shoujo manga captivates me, it is because that manga is not predictable in the least, the characters are not one-dimensional, and the protagonist is not a klutzy damsel in distress (or a magic girl). This manga has captivated me.

I would like to say, first of all, that what caught my attention after the synopsis was the art. I had read a manga by this author before (Tokyo Crazy Paradise) and was shocked to see not only the difference in quality, but the difference in style. Tokyo Crazy read more
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Jun 3, 2011
D.Gray-man (Manga) add
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D. Gray-man was a series that I got into because my friends often talked about it. However, the first few chapters did not disappoint me, so I kept reading.

While the feeling of "this is your destiny, find these items" has been used time and again, D. Gray-man does bring some interesting spins. However, this does not ignore the difficulty of such a broad thesis, so to speak. I think that Hoshino realized rather belatedly that it's difficult to keep the reader interested in a manga that will go on for quite a while. There are 109 or so Innocence; the Order read more
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Jun 3, 2011
Basara (Manga) add
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Before I begin, I would like to say that I have read the first six volumes over ten times and the entire series twice-- and I have loved it as dearly as the first time I picked up a volume.

Basara is definitely an epic to consider if you are seeking an escape from today's world. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this tale begins with the birth of two twins, Tatara and Sarasa, and follows the latter's journey to create a better world for her people.

The first thing I would like to address is the art. Despite the seemingly haphazard lines that initially deterred read more
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