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Dec 30, 2017
The following was written after the 1st episode stream:
The new season of Love Live! Sunshine is here, and with it a new whole goal.

First of, the visual part was absolutely beautiful, word´s can´t describe how gorgeous the animation is, there´s no doubt that this is the peak of Love Live! animation, the opening sequence goes through various settings which all are detailed perfectly, accompanied by the new opening theme "Mirai no Bokura wa Shitteru yo", which set the stage for a memorable season.

As for the story goes, you can see the development that the characters had in season one, but maintaining that ambitious nature of read more
Oct 3, 2017
This opening animation reflects all the journey the group had until that point, that´s why the most die hard fans.

There´s a meaning in every scene, from the alpaca getting a baby, representing how much the franchise has actually grown, to the scene where they finally reach the Tokyo Dome, after revisiting all the venues in which they performed their lives.

If you´re a fan of the franchise, this nostalgia trip will be one of the best few minutes you will experience, and what comes after this is just indescriptible, you have to experience it by yourself to truly understand how beautiful this is.

An outstanding opening animation, read more