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J_LEE_C 6 hours ago
I'll keep that in mind so I don't accidentally spoil anything, I forgot you don't really do seasonals. All I can say is that they're pretty great so far!
SixLeafCloverOF 6 hours ago
lol I will, don't worry! I'm sure I'll like the ones that you recommend. Especially since I loved Tiger and Bunny.
J_LEE_C 6 hours ago
trying to decide which one I like better so far this season like..
Reiswaffel 12 hours ago
It's the MC from The Queen and the Tailor! :3
149597871 Yesterday, 11:42 AM
Hey, the story is supposed to be different!
149597871 Yesterday, 10:47 AM
*pinches her cheek*
Kuroko-chan Yesterday, 10:01 AM
Well, that Chinese song and Viet video confused me. I thought that it was a Viet music and that's why I thought they sound similar. Now I know they are not similar at all.
Kuroko-chan Yesterday, 8:42 AM
Nooooooo, now I finally get why you mistook Viet and Thai. I just watched a short Viet video and noticed that it sounds very similar with Thai.
I thought back then that Viet and Thai doesn't sounds similar at all, and I thought that Viet and Chinese sounds similar because of a song that was in Chinese but it was a Viet video/vine and I thought that language was also Viet, but it was actually Chinese, so that's the reason why I thought Viet sounds similar to Chinese, but it doesn't.
Now I get what you meant back then when you said that those 2 languages sound similar. But despite that, they look very different in writing.
Kuroko-chan Yesterday, 6:59 AM
Oh, so you use both.
Kuroko-chan Yesterday, 5:38 AM
Really random question. How do you say to Coca Cola? Do you say Cola, or Coke?
I noticed that A LOT of countries say Cola, but Americans say Coke, and I really don't know why they do that since the name is Coca Cola.
moeanao Yesterday, 4:07 AM
He's from a BL manga called Escape Journey!
Kuroko-chan Yesterday, 3:28 AM
Yes, I can view that, but it was just a 3 minutes video, and I saw the other videos that were the 20 episodes, but all of them were raw. I entered that site too before asking you. Yeah, maybe you're right, thanks anyway.
Kuroko-chan Yesterday, 2:00 AM
Wait what? Why do I feel like that Japanese movie you show me the trailer of it, was made after an anime, or manga, or even a game? I have that feeling.
Kuroko-chan Yesterday, 1:57 AM
No, you didn't show any selfie with- wait ...... *processing* ......... I think you did. I think I remember now. I'm not 100 percent sure, but I think you did show me that selfie. I have a vague memory of it, now that you mentioned it.
Oh, so you are like family friends or smth like that. Well, that's understandable now, it doesn't seem as weird as I thought before, now all make sense.

Oh, and btw, can you help me with something?
I need to find this Chinese drama ''Inference Notes (2017)'' eng sub. Not the movie, but the drama. It have 20 episodes and I've searched on every drama site that I know and find all 20 episodes, but all of them were raw.
I'm really annoyed because I found all of them, but all of them were raw, and I don't know Mandarin, so if I watch them raw, I won't be able to understand a thing.
Please helppppp meeeeeeeeeee sisssssssssss.
rpool179 Jul 15, 10:27 PM :(

For my birthday, I want the vote to be no! And I'm off tomorrow so I'm gonna answer your message then! For now, wanna rewatch my #1 favorite movie