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sweater 27 minutes ago
I actually already own one. I planned on getting my own when I became independent but my family is pretty big on the whole 'You HAVE to get an expensive present for your 18th' so I got that. I do want to buy a 2nd one in the future though. Here is my doll

Nah I've considered it before but just watching seasonal anime can be a bit overwhelming for me so I decided against it. I've considered doing the manga one to convince myself to read more manga but right now I'm focusing on VNs so decided against that too. What about you? You ever done a challenge?
Haezejongk 4 hours ago
Sorry for the late reply.

Do you read manga on paper or onine?
I prefer on paper, but they are so damn expensive.
tooru 7 hours ago
Hahaha, no. I have!!! I just haven't updated it on mal yet. DOING IT NOW THOUGH
rpool179 10 hours ago
I'll listen to it the next time I clean. Or the next 2 times I should say. Don't read comics. And reply to Gillette and Vic tomorrow or Monday.

Having too much fun with this masterpiece right now.

rpool179 10 hours ago
Sonal: 1 hour comedy is too much.

Also Sonal. Watch this 3 hour special lulz.

Kuroko-chan 10 hours ago
I've been on MAL for less than 3 years, not for 4. On Aug 10 it'll be 3 years. But with this account, I used to have another one, but I didn't add any anime or manga, I had no friends, or forum posts and didn't talk with anybody via comms or PMs. I made that account and forgot it's password, so I abandoned it, it was empty anyway, it had just a pfp, that's all, so I made this one. But yeah, times sure flies by.
Kuroko-chan Yesterday, 11:02 PM
No, I think they are a Viet group *I actually am sure of this fact*. I saw that a lot of these k-pop street dances are made by Viet groups, and some of them are made by Chinese *very few of them* and others by westerns.
Kuroko-chan Yesterday, 3:09 PM
OMG, so I watched this video like 5 or maybe 6 times in the past hour and I simply can't take my eyes off the brunette guy with the pink and blue jacket and with long socks. He is soooo cute and he looks like a girl. I searched for every possible video with him dancing that I could find, but this one is still my fav.
NaomiAnimeLover Yesterday, 11:49 AM
He looks so broken in those photos :"(
tooru Yesterday, 1:15 AM
Hahaha yes, well that's true....I just barely use MAL on my phone, so I didn't think much of it, SORRY

Oh nice! I'd like to be able to work from home haha. What do you do? o:

Haha i know i've had a big anime dry spell. But I have started watching again, re entering this wonderful weeb world.

How have you been?!
PaladinAlchemist Jan 18, 6:50 PM
I honestly have no idea who those guys are in the video you shared. Are they a former boyband?

About Spirit Pact - I actually looked this up because I wondered that too. I can't confirm this is true, but multiple "sources" (i.e. Tumblr and MAL lol) said SP's author said her characters aren't gay. She only added kissing for fanservice only (which seems . . . kinda shitty if you ask me). So they can add whatever they want since it's not gay - those characters are straight with a kissing magic system. Unlike, say, Mo Dao Zu Shi, where the two guys are actually in love.

>Censoring is imp otherwise it's legally porn that they would be distributing.
Oh, that makes sense from a marketing perspective. But, um, minors REALLY shouldn't be reading most of that yet.

Can't fully blame corporate for the toxic idol culture. The fanbase is just as bad. It's so disturbing to me how male and female and treat idols. And it's just sick that corporate actively encourages that type of behavior. The Kpop fandom is why it took me forever to even listen to it - because I didn't want to get associated with that kind of fandom at all. Even now I'll only casually listen because I know I'll just get creeped out if I get into it.

I'm surprised Perfect Blue has no dubs. It's not exactly an underground movie lol.

>Aye, there's no way a new company could give lesser fucks than DeNa did about MAL.
True, true, and it can't be worse (that seems like tempting fate though). As long as they leave my list alone and let me customize my profile ICD what they do.

Man that image you shared hurts. The beauty industry is toxic. But at least Gilette made an effort. I saw a post on Twitter that said something like "it doesn't matter if men refuse to buy Gilette, women do all of the buying" lol.

This is just depressing.
I know you don't play the game, but it's basically someone saying a guy (who obviously knows nothing about the game) treated someone with more of a clue like an idiot by trying to explain the basics of the game. Everyone knew right away the poster was a woman and the explainer was a guy, and the poster confirmed it in the comments later, she even said she left out the gender and word "mansplaining" because she didn't want to get downvoted. Thought it was timely given we were just talking about this kind of crap.
Anna_Hiwatari Jan 18, 10:19 AM
Oh wow! That's super awesome!!!
lol cogratsssss~~
williamelia Jan 18, 8:54 AM
OwO thank you ^^ your too profile is so cool
Kuroko-chan Jan 18, 8:21 AM
Yes, I do. I see now you are the owner of a new-ish BL scan group.

OMG, THE OWNER????????? WTF???? HOW??????
Kuroko-chan Jan 18, 8:19 AM
I saw it a while ago and I don't remember which one was or what the name was, and I also think it was in romanian and it didn't have any english subtitles.