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Feb 15, 8:56 AM
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Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou
Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou
Feb 15, 7:39 AM
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Fukigen na Mononokean
Fukigen na Mononokean
Feb 15, 7:30 AM
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Aisanai Otoko
Aisanai Otoko
6 hours ago
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7 hours ago
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Le Théâtre de A
Le Théâtre de A
8 hours ago
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NickRyuzaki 5 hours ago
Yeah pretty much
AnimeGeass 7 hours ago
I wish u a happy birthday hopefully u had/have a good day.

I mean even 100€ are to much for an anime. Ok when it has more episodes like One Piece, Naruto and that than for sure it must be more expansive than that. But when u have to pay 100€ for an anime with 12 episodes what only give u something like 4h material.
For Game of Thrones each episode a 1h and they have something like 10-13 episodes per season u pay for each like 20€ normally for 12h material. And for sure Game of Thrones was much more expansive than an 12 episode Anime to create. I dont know there are so many selfnamed Otakus in germany who mean to buy all the animes and that shit just to be a "cool person" here. Germany is a country full of people who want to be cooler than the other. Not just in animes also in pc-creating, gaming, and and and..
williamelia 7 hours ago
Happy Birthday ^^ 💓🖤💙💚💗🧡💜💛

Gorre 8 hours ago
I've done another theme for somebody else, what do you think?
Also did you have fun today? :'D
OtakuKing35 11 hours ago
oh rip... you still watch/read it tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yato1111 Today, 2:13 AM
Yeah i am not one to do that. I don't even call my best friends on their birthdays sometimes. Be happy that i even wished you, u measly mortal..
Lunafleurette Today, 2:02 AM
Lunafleurette Today, 1:58 AM
I started reading Not Equal, and it's shaping up to be very interesting. Konomi's younger self is pretty adorable lol
Kokoro_San Yesterday, 10:50 PM
Relax , Your 30s are just like your 20s

except your look a little bit older and everything is a little less fun

Happy Birthday ~ From yours and only , Zen.
Yato1111 Yesterday, 10:14 PM
Happy Birthday
NaomiAnimeLover Yesterday, 9:48 PM
ChoocoboYao Yesterday, 9:43 PM
I found my answer.

-Lofn- Yesterday, 9:10 PM
Tomorrow will be a new day
But today is the commemoration of the day of your creation
Live a lengthy life, for their are more test to befall upon you
Endure them and shall you be rewarded with earnest
A bountiful journey through the charade of life.

Happy Birthday!
D-Niyu Yesterday, 5:12 PM
Happy Birthday Onee-chan♥
PaladinAlchemist Yesterday, 2:49 PM
> What are you even doing online at this time?
I had the time, so I logged in during lunch break, updated stuff, replied to comments and logged out :)

I honestly don't watch too many anime with loli/shouta, I don't actively avoid them, they just don't show up in the stuff I like I guess. Though, isn't being tsundere and bratty the same? IDK, most of those characters seem like pure fanservice in one way or another, but you've see more of them than me.

> esp when you see a realistic setting and real characters in a manga
That's true. The more realistic a story is trying to be, the more I expect realism, even in yaoi lol. Though, most don't give off a super realistic feeling.

> I basically really enjoy reading about two dudes falling in love
Makes sense then. Though, I'm less concerned with yaoi being realistic. I want the progression of their feelings to be believable, but everything else I'm not as concerned about.

> What do these people say to support their theories?
That is wasn't a kiss. I think that's about it. Though, this brings up an interesting point - what makes people accept something as "cannon?" Does a single kiss mean more to people than an entire story backed by strong emotional bonds? Not just YOI here, but all stories, esp BL or GL.

> I really wouldn't trust Tumblr for genuine info
Haha, yeah, I always take it with a grain of salt.

As far as censorship goes, honestly, I'm not clear on what Japan accepts as okay or not. I think they're way more okay with sexualized female images than male. Two things make me think that: 1. of all the anime I've watched, Victor in YOI is the only time I've seen a naked guy as fanservice, the number of females is substantially higher. 2. I'm currently watching Citrus, a shoujo-ai, and it's 10x raunchier/more graphic than any BL I've watched and I'm really jealous.

My biggest issue with Ten Count is that I think it had bi-polar disorder. It tried to be sexy/daring and super sweet at the same time and it just didn't work. I hated how pathetic Shirotani was (he's one of my least favorite ukes ever), and Kurose never made much sense to me. But glad you like Pluto. I love it so far. The guy who wrote it, Naoki Urasawa, is a mad genius.

> Wouldn't shoujo or reverse harems be more appropriate for such fujos????
You would have to ask them. What I've read, though, is that by involving two males and not m/f is that it's easier to get past sexist gender dynamics. If you look it up, you might find people discussing it somewhere.

Interesting recommendations. I'm trying to finish off preexisting lists, but those will be good to fill out the next one.