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Apr 26, 2021
Honestly I really was going to drop this manga altogether cause I really thought the FL was seriously mega dumb when it comes to being easily swayed by fellas without considering a double check if they are actual legitimate or not. However as I got into to reading more of the manga, you start to getting use to Shibata as a character. You just have to admire her that she always pokes fun at Shun with her chin sticking out. Just funny banters basically both her and Shun have throughout XD

Also for those who would prefer the chemistry to suddenly happen, you might have to read more
Apr 20, 2021
I'd like to point out that, despite the fact that our female protagonist, Haruhi, is a clown for drunkenly pushing a man to marry her simply because she doesn't want to return to run her father's company, she chose a very fascinating sliver fox. Basically mr sliver fox himself, Sunohara is a calligrapher and is 10 years older than her (she’s 22 basically). She on the other hand, is a machine operator working in the construction sector. I liked the fact both the characters occupations are uniquely different cause I hardly ever see those jobs roles being mentioned in manga!

I also liked how simplistic read more
Apr 18, 2021
Well this certainly was quite an oddball mystery story and a pretty good one. The story goes that a young woman jumps off a building and it seems she is connected to the dashing author guy himself, Mizorogi. So he meets her twin sister and a lot happens from there in which I can’t tell you much about because this is only 14 chapters and if I say anymore lads, y’all will be spoiled. That’s the main reason I’m being vague with this review so just go read this damn weird mystery book lads!

Also readers of Doukyusei would really enjoy the whole story read more
Apr 18, 2021
I admit, it is a cute story about two school girls who are pretty the same in terms of feeling lonely at times due to them going on to adulthood . They both share the same love for exotic fish and join a aquarium club together. I was rather disappointed that I didn’t get the Yuri vibes as it needed to have because the story would have been far more interesting involving the girls feeling passionate for each other (yes I am a picky hooligan who reads too much romance shenanigans). I also didn’t like the fact that the art dipped towards the end like read more
Apr 10, 2021
Right so I found out about this hentai manga through watching the Queen of Degeneracy herself, Sydsnap on her recent video about this. Now I have to tell people that I was not able to find the whole manga in English but I managed to find it through a site that had the Japanese version. It doesn’t matter though because the art man was out of this world! It’s basically full of short stories with full on detailed sex scenes but it has a sprinkle of wholesomeness to it also. I’m surprise that the author Jotori hasn’t been asked by an anime studio to create read more
Apr 9, 2021
I may be too early for this but “Boys Run the Riot” has the potential to be one of the best reads of 2021 for me. I relate to the Ryo character so much in terms of wearing a skirt in school because man, while being in a “all girls” school myself, I effin hated wearing it through primary to secondary omfg! I really liked how this isn’t your typical manga because it shows Ryo wanting to just be himself like any of us and create his own fashion business with the boys he hangs with! It’s so rare to find manga that is trans-based read more
Apr 8, 2021

Well guys it has certainly been a good few years of indulging on Attack On Titan (although this series has been around 2013 which was way before I properly watched anime and read manga in 2018). I remember hearing about the series at first because there was so much hype around it. I will say overall season 1 and season 3 part 2 (loved the ending where Eren looked at the ocean) were one of the absolute best of AOT’s anime format. Anyways let’s talk about the ending, I pretty much was rather read more
Apr 4, 2021
Right so since I haven’t come across some decent mangas lately, why not just read a trashy one like this one for a change? Yes I said it...culture style by reading a “hentai with plot”...
Anyways we basically see a dimwit of a salaryman who won the lotto and put his company at 80 million in debt because he signed a contract without reading it of course (careless dummy seriously ). So the company suggested him on one condition that he was gonna hook up with a girl and the two kicked off. There is roughly about 80% of sex scenes but the ending was realistic read more
Apr 3, 2021
I found out about this manga via the Book Riot website and I have to be honest when reading the whole thing, I really felt it should’ve focused more on the first story than creating other ones that don’t really relate. Anyways it’s basically about a 30 year old salary woman Yukiko who still lives at home but her mother remarried a young man who’s 3 years younger than Yukiko. Yukiko doesn’t trust the guy since he was a host beforehand and the relationship with her mum is not going according to plan. That’s why Yukiko decides to move out. We then see the other read more
Apr 2, 2021
This guys literally this old skool manga big time hits home, especially if you use to own a dog. Its such a tearjerker manga like its relatable to what the character Hitomi went through in school in regards with finding her own circle of friends and having a dog who really gave her the confidence for her to gain new friends. Well actually in this case, she’s training the dog “Eye” to be a guard dog. She then meets a guy named Hiro who is blind and was the dogs “ actual employer” after Hitomi.

If you are a serious animal lover, I would totally read more