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Sep 19, 2018
At this time, the 22nd episode just released.

So. The story of Steins Gate 0 is basically Okabe never receives the D-mail telling himself to deceive the world and himself in the past to save Kurisu. He goes down the path where WW3 will start. He meets Amadeus Kurisu, an AI version of Kurisu, and her senpai, Hiyajo Maho. The story gets better and I'm not going to spoil it but its truly amazing. At some points, it gets really confusing but it often gets cleared up pretty quickly and although some of the episodes did want to make me cry, it might just be me read more
Mar 20, 2018
This anime is BEAUTIFUL. The story is amazing and each episode has something I can enjoy. Its funny and I can't stop laughing. Each character has unique personalities and their backgrounds are built throughout the story. The art is really good and its colors really match the feel of the anime. Each piece of music can really express whats going on in the story. The creators know when to make something happy, funny and sad. The OP and ED also gets stuck in my head.This anime really has everything I like. Adventure, comedy, and slice of life. I enjoy this anime A LOT and I read more
Jan 18, 2018
Mekakucity Actors is a good anime if you like Vocaloids. Its created by Jin, a vocaloid producer and has many vocaloid songs sung by real singers (in this anime).

I found the story to be really good but pretty confusing. I'd have to think about what was happening after I finished watching the episode. The story is slightly different from the manga and light novel.

The art was okay. I like the character design but I wish the art were a bit better. The face was something that "annoyed" me but I can't say why.....

The music for this series is one of my favorites and it read more
Jan 16, 2018
PriPara (Anime) add (All reviews)
This idol anime has a very good story and its story focuses on a goal, character development (character story) and some random activities. Unlike Aikatsu series, there isn't as much "random activities". I really enjoy the story. The whole goal is to become a Kami Idol or a Divine Idol (Kami means god)

The art is very neat and the colors are really good. Their 3D is also pretty impressive and if you guys watched the first season of Aikatsu, you will know that their 3D was not the best. The 3D in Pripara looks totally different from 1st season Aikatsu.

The music is one of my read more