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Jan 26, 2016
And so we come to the 5th episode as well as the second highest rated on on MAL .The End Of The Golden Witch is truly an excellent part of the Umineko series ...

Story - 9

In complete ,utter and absolute subjectivity I'll like to declare that this episode is one of the most outstanding examples of plot progression in this series .

Well ,I say subjectivity but I like to think that most people who read this agree .The MAL score is the second highest in the series after all.

In 28 chapters I was exposed to a combination of epic moments ,insane plot twists ,exposition on ...
Jan 25, 2016

Okay to be honest I only put that quote because the review on top of mine has one and I didn't want to feel left out .

I've finished this and I'm feeling slightly disappointed .It's not like I had any serious problems with it .In fact it did its job pretty well as an expo for Ange but as a whole it felt pretty powered-down compared to ...
Jan 20, 2016
Banquet Of The Golden Witch .

The 3rd installment of the Umineko series and an episode which is more enjoyable than the previous ones in many ways .

Story - 8

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ??????????????????????????

That's probably what a completely new reader to this would ask on more than one occasion .Which is pretty understandable .Weird "furniture" being summoned with absolutely no explanations .No answers to the matter of what exactly "witches" are and no proper bearing of the situation as a whole being given by the author .
Jan 4, 2016
Mixed Feelings

No really wow .So this is actually given a 7.9 rating on this site .Pretty amazing if you ask me but I guess that's just other people's taste being different from mine .I don't think this was terrible but I think that it was a serious waste of potential .Mostly because it was so short .

Plot - 6
Not a very common story but not very interesting despite that .I think to many this will come off as a manga that just tries to be (yes I'm using the dreaded buzzword) "edgy" .Nothing is really good about it apart from its uniqueness .I feel like ...
Jan 4, 2016
Hokuto no Ken (Manga) add
Do you like manly men ?
Do you like manly quotes ?
Do you like manly tears ?
Do you like manly deaths ?

Well you're in luck because this manga is the manliest one around (yes I've read Berserk) .It's the epitome of manliness .The 'man' in 'manga' has never been so fitting .

Plot - 8
Well I obviously wasn't reading this for fan service so I can say that the story was pretty good .There's a difference between this and Berserk though .This story as a whole isn't as good because the story telling isn't as smooth .There are some cases of the notorious Deus Ex Machina ...
Dec 31, 2015
I ,quite frankly ,love the Umineko series .I haven't read the VN or watched the anime but I can say that this manga is a great piece of work when looking at how the story pans out .This is a review done after my second read of Episode 2 .I'm going to try and criticize it as much as I can.

Story - 8
Strictly speaking ,rating the story of Umineko's episodes individually might be a bit tricky considering that they are all part of one major sequence of events .So by seeing this as a sequel and an episode prior to episodes 3 through 8 I ...
Nov 5, 2015
Preliminary (Unknown/? chp)
Sangatsu No Lion is a good manga that is less talked about than many others that it is superior to .

Perhaps it's because of its synopsis which fails at being eye-catching .In any case this is not bad or boring provided you don't dislike slice of life .

On to the review then .

Story - 7
Being slice of life in its purest form ,Sangatsu No Lion doesn't exactly have what you can call a major plot line .This is just the story of a high school shogi pro with family issues .Like a biography ,you cannot exactly pick a point that represents the story even if ...
Nov 2, 2015
Dr. Frost (Manga) add
Preliminary (Unknown/? chp)
Dr Frost is ....... a pretty interesting webtoon .

Unlike many other psychological manga/anime which deal with the MC and his pals trying to outwit their adversaries with genius tactics and batman gambits Dr Frost is different in the sense that it 'actually' deals with psychology .This is a story about a psychologist and his cases .

Story - 9
This webtoon(I'll shorten this to WB) is told in the format of arcs i.e each case usually takes around 4 - 8(some times 10 ) chapters .Minor additions to the overall plot occur at the end of each arc so worrying about stasis is unnecessary .Actual psychological ...
Oct 31, 2015
Skip this review .

If you still want to read go on but you're just wasting time .Just open it on a manga website and read .

Sakuranbo Syndrome is one of the overlooked gems as far as manga is concerned .Why such a good story isn't more popular is a mystery to me .Perhaps because of the synopsis which gives off the impression of another generic harem manga this diamond is avoided .On to the review then .

Story - 8
This manga's story is it's selling point .
You might feel that the synopsis is weak and nothing new but the execution of this manga's story is amazing ...
Oct 14, 2015
Id (Manga) add
Preliminary (Unknown/178 chp)
Epic .

That's ID in a word .This manwha is painfully overlooked .So painfully that it makes me want to cry .MAL gives this a rating of around 8.31 (as of the time this review is being made ) and I have to say it's not worth a single point less .Heck ,it might even be underrated .Well ,lets get on to the actual review .

Story - 8
You've got to give ID credit for this .The plot is one I think everyone should find interesting and at the very least ,not boring as long as they aren't being forced into reading it .With very few filler ...