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Aug 5, 2018 6:14 AM
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Uma Musume: Pretty Derby
Uma Musume: Pretty Derby
Jul 12, 2018 12:08 PM
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Fukigen na Mononokean
Fukigen na Mononokean
Jul 12, 2018 12:07 PM
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Sayuri-san no Imouto wa Tenshi
Sayuri-san no Imouto wa Tenshi
Jul 4, 2018 7:17 AM
Completed 21/21 · Scored 9
May 27, 2018 8:22 PM
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May 26, 2018 5:12 PM
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Robokiller87 Feb 8, 2015 6:37 PM

KMSL0ve Dec 26, 2014 7:36 AM
OOHHH Hi! Lol you're back!

lately I had been reading manhwa and webtoons heheh *Im eating the words I said about them before* the plot and drawings are really nice especially the colored ones (why did I discovered them now? TT.TT )
Goong and Orange Marmalade is one of the best example I read Lol
The Bride of the Water God and A Thousand Years Ninetails are also good but im still waiting for their next update =__=

belated Merry Christmas and Happy new Year !
HeartnetXNeko Dec 24, 2014 7:34 PM
That's ok XD at least you reply back plus that's understandable everyone is just busy with school, work, and other activities especially this time of year XD
But I'm doing fine thanks for asking. What about you? XD

That's true that would be amazing to look into XD
=w= I think you have, it's in anime all the time XD

Wow that does sound hard but also interesting in a way since it's almost like a puzzle XD

Wow really? O_O then it must be a holy food. A one of a kind plate like that should be place on great food. XD

Oh I never had a subway cookie before but if it melts in your mouth then it must be good XD

Yay you're welcome glad you like it XD

Oh don't worry take your time XD as long as you reply back then it's fine with me. Anyway I hope you have a great Christmas and a Happy new year XD

HeartnetXNeko Dec 14, 2014 6:27 PM
Happy Birthday! *throws confetti and gives you cake*

byebunny7 Nov 7, 2014 2:12 AM
P.P I'm dying. The school year is just stressful.
ugh, My friend's cat likes biting people for fun. It's not fun when anyone bleeds.

I live in a religious community and sometimes, I get angry about their opinions on gay marriage and the like. If they love each other, no problem. They need to read and watch some yaoi to understand the LGBT population better.
Ahh, have you heard of Clean? By Taylor Swift? I'm not a Swiftie but my bff is. Anyhow, one of my childhood favorites, Imogen Heap, collaborated with swift and made such a good song :) hehe

Coffee, huh? I recently noticed that my toaster is half-coffee maker. I'm planning to use it, but I have no experience. Plus, I like blonde coffee so that kind of apparatus is wasted on me :(
I think I wish I was born in the UK or something just so I could have a nice life drinking tea. Coffee is so bitter compared to milk teas. *sniffle* You wouldn't suffer from coffee problems then

Ah, Europe. The continent everyone wants to go. The tourist trap. I'm not that fond of Europe right now. Taking European history makes me want to give all kings a big slap for only taxing, waging wars, and trying to suppress rebellion. At this point, modern Europe should take down their glorious history of kings since they were all so bad. Ah, on a happier note, I memorized all the countries of Europe for fun. Did you visit the smaller countries like San Marino, Luxembourg, or Monaco?

Here? Where I live there are no rivers... that are natural. I live in a semi-arid desert so hydroelectricity is not an option. Anyway, the country is so backward in this way. That's way the companies are resorting to fracking or something instead of finding a long term solution with solar panels. I'm sure solar panels ruin the bird's sight too.

haha, actually the reason why I couldn't go on MAL was because Lora Dasani broke ;(
I have this Chromebook now named Duke Dasani. I hope he will be a good loyal subject to me. muhhahaha
Good Luck. On whatever test you have, lol.
Reply soon (that sounds too postal office like but who cares)
Cutiepiejoys Sep 17, 2014 8:25 PM
It's alright~ No need to apologize... My reply was late too @.@''''
I heard it was interesting and good >:D And I see >.>
Really? What club is it :o?

Awwwwwwwh~ I see >~< You should continue watching it *^*
RIGHT?! I download it too >:3
OMG SOOO MUCH *^*... Can't think of any >~<
I like Ichiban no Takaramono from Angel Beats and Ashita Kuru Hi sound pretty good~ I wanna watch Kobato now T^T
I also like "Promise" in Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii and "I will" by Chelsey in Ao Haru Ride.... I can't think of anymore xD
KMSL0ve Sep 14, 2014 7:49 AM
Hahah yes it is pretty fun XD
your future jobs looks more like for a serious type people LOL but it is nice and interesting too :D

Well for your manga taste, I am one of the people that respect you *puppy eyes* so I dont need to pay you 10 cents *peace*
thanks for the recommendation of Cosmic Color I will read it next c:

Yes sailor moon is really an interesting anime especially now that mamoru looks more handsome bishounen augghhh *drools*

HeartnetXNeko Sep 6, 2014 9:30 PM
Oh don't worry about that XD Just take your time.
That's even the worse feeling for thinking you slept for 30 mins >_<

So you mean I can't have more than 1 power =w= that's not fair. Hmm.. maybe? XD Or maybe those drowsy medicines or herbal drinks XD who knows. I'm liking the story so far but a bit nervous of the side effects =w=
Oh like those mind over matter concepts? XD yeah I'm going to hate it -__-
Haha! XD Yep they need to make that kind of anime now!!!!!

But it's still doing something even though you can't see it?
That does sound difficult yet fun XD seems almost like a puzzle!!

Aww TT^TT well at least you sort of got the concept of what's going on. Oh yeah first tries always annoying me since I never get them right. But afterwards you start get use to them and before you know it you will be the master of curry!! XD I wish dishes can clean themselves then it would be much easier for cooking.
I think your curry looks good!! I even like your plate XD It kind of looks like one of my mom's plates that she only uses for guest.
Well they always make it look better in the anime XD but you'll definitely make it someday XD

I didn't know Subway has cookies 0-0 actually I never been to subway before
But yes I agree with too much sweetness can be very filling XD

Haha! XD glad I wasn't alone! still when I do have time for manga I'm just not in the mood for it XD
byebunny7 Aug 8, 2014 9:39 PM
I dislike cats right now. Since my friend's cats scratched me. It was bleeding...
At least in curry the ginger is undetectable since the other spice cover it up and it is grounded up.

I never thought Brazil was conservative. Are most people religious or something?
Autotune is okay to me. It is the cheesy, overused, cliche lyrics that bother me. "Love" is a theme that gets tiring.
...Why is there a song called that? and the cover was... idk since I don't know the original song. The band sounded professional enoguh

I have to drink coffee blond. The bitterness... is not for me. Other than that, my mom and my sister have such a low caffiene tolerance. If they drank coffee at dinner, they would be up until 5 am. (true story)
...haha, there is a bubble tea vendor like every two blocks for me...
All the social events at school are like... where parents meet. So I forced my dad never to go, unless neccessary.

I really want to go on the Shinikasen or something in Japan. The trains here are "for scenic view." So cars and buses are... necessary in suburbs. I want to be rich... but anyway, my mom is a shopaholic. I wish she would save more money... so I can go to Europe for vacation...
I never went to a dam before. I heard that it destroys beaver homes. ahha, it looks pretty. The Graciosa Highway... looks very woody... I thought rainforests were more light green. Idk what is famous here... highway-wise...

I forgot to take a Dasani brand water bottle outside. So it was next to be old computer everyday(until I threw it away). My old computer was Dasani. This laptop just succeed the name. Stupid, right?
...I got my schedule and books. Lets say... I will be so stressed... :'(
I will get homework on the first day of school. I usually do. Great. Lovely.
See you~
Cutiepiejoys Jul 31, 2014 12:09 AM
Lolz, true~ And never watched Ef yet soooo I dunno >///< Someone recommended me to watch it though XD
Really? I didn't know it lost score....
Haha, I think they are equally cute >:3

Ahhh, when they had that water gun fight ><
AND OMG ME TOO~ It inspired me to continue watching it XD

Haha, sokka... Last season had really good animes XD This season is not that bad too ><
You should REALLLLLY watch the anime.... I didn't really like the manga but watching it in action is WAAAAAAAY better >w< You should watch it *^*
Haha, you should and IKR! Hope they don't censor my favorite websites @.@
I like the Opening and the song "Tender Rain"

Sore ja ^^
HeartnetXNeko Jul 30, 2014 10:31 PM
I hate sleeping on my stomach >-< it makes me feel sick afterwards. Yep XD Haha I think everyone is like that XD

O___O I GET SUPERPOWERS!!!!! MUST DRINK COFFEE TO FIND THESE ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES XD (note: side effects include not going to sleep for the whole day 0-0) JK XD What the hell!? I think I would of die in that classroom, you must have some strong willpower XD Haha! that sounds like a 5 min type of anime. But I think it sounds funny though as long it's not real. Then at the end of the episode it will state, base on a true story

yep the power of anime is beyond words XD but depending of what kind of anime you watch.

Oh so that's why you didn't do much experiments. Well at least you can mix with chemicals and become a mad scientist XD
I know right! T^T But I keep thinking that I over fed him. But I guess no body will ever know.

WHAT YOU DID?! O_O I hope it turns out great, tell me the results once your done. Oh for some reason I always have the motivation to do dishes but when I'm not I just look at them hoping that they will do themselves but they won't TwT
Mainly any cookies recipe or a recipe that has coco in it. It actually taste very good XD since it has sugar in it already so it's kind of sweet but not that sweet. Where as real coco is mainly 50% chocolate or more which can be very bitter than sweet. Now there are some other cocos that are sweet but that sweet is not very good for you. But trust me it taste good XD it's not too sweet yet it's not very bland either. It's just hard to describe since it has a unique taste when eating it. And most people that I give it too says that it taste very good. So if you're thinking of doing it go ahead XD but not sure if you would like it though.

Haha! XD I know how that feels and well I do have a manga list but it's in my computer not on MAL. But yes i do like manga it's just recently I haven't been reading much since I'm more into anime than manga but other times I do read manga but mainly during school XD
KMSL0ve Jul 29, 2014 6:31 AM
don't worry its fine! heheh
well in our course we study about aviation industry, hospitality industry, transportation, airline & airport codes, attractions, etc, more about memorization =___=
some opportunities are flight attendant, ground attendant(in airport), travel agent, tour guide, etc
we can also work in a hotel XD

LOL "straight male" that made me laugh XD
i just finished Yamanaka Aiji's "Stand Up" and now im waiting for its update(auggghhh I hate this type of thing)
actually now im watching all the seasons of sailor moon then after I finished it gonna move to sailor moon crystal :D it bring backs childhood memories ~

no need to apologize I understand your situation :)
good luck & FIGHTING on your studies!!!
HeartnetXNeko Jul 28, 2014 9:56 PM
Oh don't worry take all the time you need. Plus it's understandable since you are busy and all. Yay! You finally got some time to watch anime at east!

That sounds even more painful >_< I just got it on my shoulders and I couldn't even move much when i sleep T^T and I got another sun burn again last week. But it didn't last as long as the first one I mention. Haha! yep too lazy to put on sun screen

Oh I take green and nice temp. any day! than dry and hot T^T

What the hell!! That's just crazy, I hope I don't crazy on coffee. But that sounds like a crazy adventure. But at least you stayed awake, I think I would definitely jump off the roof if I had that much coffee then crash

Oh yeah! I watched that anime too!!! I forget who recommended me but I thought it was very cute. Oh yeah that was very cute of how she got so drunk and start saying weird things.

Your school should do something fun as that but since they didn't then I guess you should start doing amazing experiments like that! I remember having to do science fair projects >_< and I hated doing that since I had to work on it for 3 months or more T^T
Yeah poor fishy may he/she rest in peace. Aww T^T same with me except I remember I name my fish goldy since I was only 5 at the time -___- but it was so sad to come home seeing my fish die just like that for no reason T^T

Yep! Japanese curry is more sweeter but you can probably make it spicy if you want! At least you are motivated to make one, I'm too lazy for that.
it is tasty!!! I even use it in my baking sometimes!! Instead of using coco powder. Milo is the best!!! What really?! 0-0 but does it still taste good?

Sure no problem!! Glad to be any help!
Ohh now you can make your profile pic more kawaii! if you want

Last season? I don't even remember what this season. I just put it in my plan to watch list and hope I can remember to watch it. But I think I watch somethings last season? I hope? I just finish watching so many anime that now I'm mainly watching anime that i didn't finish.

You do the same! ~bye!!!

Cutiepiejoys Jul 28, 2014 12:53 AM
It's alright and long time no talk XD
It's okay ^^ No need to apologize >///<

Really? That's good *^* And yay~ You're gonna watch Isshuukan Friends x3 And wait, you already finished it :o Nice ^^
And of course.... The English name for it is "One Week Friends" and the title already sounds sad enough XD
AND UGH YEAH =.= I want them to be together too~ And Shougo and Saki too >///<
Haha, maybe... I'm thinking of reading the manga when it's done *^* I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

Haha, I love that anime >///< I ship Kawai-senapi and Usa-kun x3
I love the 2nd episode when this happened:

And haha, soooo true XD

I loved a lot of animes last season~ No Game No Life, Black Bullet, Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou, Haikyuu, Isshuukan Friends, Kamigami no Asobi, Mekaku City Actors, Selector Infected WIXOSS, Fairy Tail (2014) <--- I didn't watch it last season but I watched it this summer...., Gokukoku no Bryynhildr, Hitsugi no Chaika, Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara, and Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii....

And the songs are pretty good O.o
And ahhh, I see ><

Lolz, you too ^^
byebunny7 Jul 25, 2014 11:43 PM
espetinho? lol, it kind of sounds spanish-y. I wonder what it is in spanish...
skewers are all over the place in where i went in China, lol. I guess there are a lot of restuarants where i live that also sell skewers too... its a new thing thou
I HATE GINGER. It is absolutely disgusting. But, it you mixed anything well enough with fruits or soup or something, that "anything" can be eaten, yes?

Kpop is all over the TV for me! Jpop is less popular thou so it's nowhere... :(
I love IA as well... Hatsune Miku sounds too fake, Kagamine Rin and Len sound oddly flat and Megurine Luka is my all time favorite.
Techno Kitten Adventures? Never heard of it. It sounds ok?? =.= and the lyrics, just made me think of the worse modern day love songs...

bleh. Brazilian Funk is a disgrace to the music industry. I would rather listen to classical music (like the overused ones) a million times :9 yep, Brazilian funk is that bad. It's not like clack scraping against a chalkboard bad though...

I hate it when it gets cloudy and I oversleep. Then I am late to school and all sorts of bad things happen to me because I'm half-asleep.

Mate looks fun to try. Everyone here just drinks coffee... and more coffee. Ah, since I'm asian, I drink milk tea alot. Or bubble tea, what ever you call it. Taro milk tea is the best!
Ahh, friends. Hmm... signing up for some weird program or volunteering somewhere is the best way to get friends. I'm sure... just talk to ppl that seem friendly.
I used to live in a condo, and suburbs are disgusting. It's far away from anything, boring, and basically you HAVE to go to events to socialize. Basically, suburbs are an introvert's nightmare.

How confusing. The states in Brazil seem so small so it must be easy to move around. Ah, did you see Iguazu Falls? It's a tourist trap, because its gorgeous.
Uh, well, does Hawaii count? jk, jk. I've been to China and Canada. I want to go to Mexico, but with the drug war going on -.-
I think I've been living the Asian life in the US. It's pretty chill, stressful, and stupid. I tired of being told to be a doctor.
Technology, ruining everything, but anyway, it makes life more fun. I love my laptop so much. His name is Lord Dasani.

Are your finals finished? I was forced to do lots of homework packets this week... so I'm reply late. (obviously.)