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Sep 3, 2020
I stumbled on this gem because of an amv and watched the entire genesis series and this in just a weekend. I fell in live with the story and the characters and still can't stop thinking about it. With the way the story develops, you can expect to always be interested in what happens next. I had to force myself to stop and go to sleep. You will fall in love with the characters from genesis all over again and fall in love with the bubbly Nina and the charismatic King Charioce in this season. What is more, they are all drawn so artistically, the read more
Aug 29, 2020
This is definitely a soft core book so don't be surprised once you start reading it. Currently there are only 5 volumes released in English (volume 6 releases on September 1st). It is actually surprisingly sweet and it took a couple volumes but it seems there is going to be more story development rather than it being purely erotic. The main female character also slowly starts to get some character development as she learns to be more confident in herself. There are parts where some characters are childish, but it isn't overwhelming. The art style is also very pretty, Yumi Hisawa-sensei did a wonderful job read more
Aug 25, 2020
What I enjoy about adaptations from otome games is how you can change things slightly and it still turn out true to the story and flows well. There is already an anime version that follows mostly Hijikata's route with story snippets of other characters. The movie is similar and follows the Kyoto Winds game where there is little romance, and purely story development. What makes the movie and anime different is the action scenes they included (I loved the sword fighting scenes especially). I won't deny that at first I was hesitant to watch the movie since I've already seen the anime, but I am read more
Aug 25, 2020
This show is very true to the manga it is based on. It is a genuine slice of life anime that showcases the romantic relationship of two couples (maybe three if it gets another season). It doesn't have any petty jealousy that most romance shows have and focuses on the developing relationship of two childhood friends instead (with a ton of otaku references). I agree with Kabakura that Ranka is the best! (Macross F reference). Because it was fairly mature and not childish, I really enjoyed it. The studio also did a great job on their game graphics whenever they were shown! It made it read more