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Nov 5, 2018
This is the second worst anime I have seen to this day.

What do I say about this? None of the characters have any personality and all of the writing relies on slapstick humor. The animation is under-par, so none of the comedic slapstick gets across the way that it should. Our main character is supposed to be a zombie, however does not resemble one, with the exception has limps are detachable and re-attachable.

I have to admit that I watch the dub of this anime, mostly because I was looking for something I could watch sideways in bed without having to read subtitles. The english read more
Oct 13, 2018
This review is being written by someone who is only six episodes into the series with plans to complete it. If you are looking for an anime built on degeneracy for degenerates with an incomplete sense of family dynamics and little social skills, you have found it.

While the foremost quality of this anime is cuteness, as expressed in the title, Oreimo explores other topics as well, such as the stigma on otaku culture, making friends through common interests and incest.

Overall I give it a 7 out of 10. I find it enjoyable because this is the quintessential example of the kind of entertainment that shouldn't read more