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Jul 13, 2018
This animation is part of a larger project from Cygames which also includes comics, upcoming mobile game and of course merchandise. Knowing that, one could think of this anime as a longer advertisement for the game and not expect much. That's what I thought at first, but it turned out to be a really enjoyable show.

In japanese animation, there are lots of combinations of female characters with animal traits. Wolf girls, monster girls and probably most popular cat girls. Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a show about horse girls. But not just random girls with horse ears and tails. They are named after real-life famous read more
Jun 26, 2016
The title "Flying witch" suggests there will be flying and magics. I think both happen maybe once in each episode and that's it. But it's not a bad thing, it's just regular 'slice of life' anime.

Story follows young witch Makoto living with her relatives in some nice countryside. The vibe really reminds me of "Non non biyori" - almost no people in the background, just main characters doing everyday things. Well, sometimes 'everyday things for a witch', but it's not flashy fireworks show. I really liked that, the magic rituals shown are simple - no lights, no wind, mainly drawing magic circles, using small items read more
Aug 17, 2015
Yes, it’s ecchi. Yes, go watch it. No, it’s not for perverts… sometimes…

The Synopsis gives a pretty good synopsis. Year 1944. Instead of WW2, we have the war against alieny Neuroi. And who we should send to fight them? Mahou Shoujo of course. Equipped with machine guns and “brooms”, magical lolis sacrifice their lives to save humanity.

12 episodes = 5 episodes of fanservice, 4 episodes of feels and 3 episodes of plot. Well… as close to feels as you can get in this kind of anime. Plot isn’t elaborate, but it fits the setting… which is loli magical girls with machine guns again, so… yeah. read more
Apr 5, 2015
Considering the anime I watched so far, there are 2 types of 'Slice of Life' anime: regular, and Watamote. Watching characters living their lives is one thing. But another thing is watching only one character TRYING to live her life.

And what a life it is. Kuroki Tomoko, antisocial otaku striving to become popular in her new school. We watch her as she struggles to interact with people in situations like… saying “Hello!” and “Goodbye!”. But there are also things she shines at - playing video games and watching anime...

That’s the part of her, I kinda liked. I must confess, I’m a shut-in myself. Of read more