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Aug 15, 2017
It's starts off after the end of Koyomimonogatari Koyomi meet's Hachikuji in hell and it tells the story on finding out who is Ougi Oshino, is she a normal typical villain? an oddity? a darkness? or something new? you better be ready cause you're going to one hell of a ride in this 2nd season of Owarimonogatari

first of all the story is amazing from start to finish they executed it perfectly from those 3 arcs the story doesn't dragged you on at all they know the perfect scene so that we watchers wouldn't get easily bored with the philosophical story for example the humor, read more
Feb 5, 2017
the story is quite decent, but more and more i felt that they don't know shit about real human behavior, and then there's quite a lot of Cliche's in this anime. the character development not the best, when there's someone really important dies, i was just like oh no he/she died okay, I don't really care at all because i don't know that much about them or care about them. The romance in this anime it felt quite forced i guess, yeah the girl's are cute but i just felt it was forced. Oh yeah at then end in my opinion it doesn't make any read more
Jan 29, 2017
I love how each episode they show us the youkai's, natori, Touko and Shigeru's backstory very very heart warming. Some episode manage to make me touched with every single character they have and made me care for them like what happend to them after that? how are they doing now? is Natsume going to be straight or gay? Taki or someone?

There is though some episode that is meh at certain part but they fixed quite quickly, the art is beautiful they always upgraded their art every single single season. The ending in this anime is one of my favorites

Overall i'm going to rate this 9/10