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Apr 1, 2017
Now, think of any memorable anime of the magical girl genre. The first thing that would come to mind would be Sailor Moon. If you were me, you would say Cardcaptor Sakura (Can you blame me? Those asshats at the Indian network wouldn't let me see the former. Even then it was great, and you should totally check it out subbed). If you were a fan of Go Nagai, you would say Cutie Honey. These anime set the standard of the magical girl genre, with Cutie Honey setting the standards for magical girl transformation. However, by today standards, it didn't age well. Now, don't get read more
Feb 22, 2017
If there’s one word to describe Serial Experiments Lain, it’s MINDFUCK. This isn’t one of those anime that would be easy to understand. When it was released, it was considered Avant-garde at the time (That means it was new and unconventional, yet successful). Even today, many people sing praises of it today, while others tend to disagree and call it ‘boring’. So let’s surf the net and delete Navi (Yes, THAT Navi), this is Serial Experiments Lain.

Story – 8/10
If you are a fan of the usual shounen genre, I highly recommend against watching this show. The anime is Avant-garde, so if you like the conventional read more
Sep 29, 2016
Psycho-Pass, one of my favourite anime besides Pokemon, Gurren Lagaan, Steins;Gate and Cowboy Bebop. Nothing else ever drew me in closer and made me binge-watch the hell out of it. Heck! While I was watching Trigun, I put it On-hold for a day or two, and I started watching it, WITH NO BREAKS IN BETWEEN! But when I heard there was a movie, I had to look it up. And let me tell you, it was mid Trigun ALL OVER again (except this time, with Serial Experiments Lain [The show was good, but in a battle of engagement, it was pretty one-sided]). So let's clear read more
Sep 29, 2016
I LIIIVE!!!!!! After what may be the most traumatizing moment in my life, I guess I’m ready to write my 10th review. And what better way to kick it off, than to start with a marathon, or in this case compilation, of Sci-Fi reviews, and start with one of my favorite Sci-fi anime, besides Cowboy Bebop, Psycho-Pass.
After the critical success of Mahu Shoujo Madoka Magica, Katsuyuki Motohiro reached out to Gen Urobuchi as the series writer, and Naoyoshi Shiotani, as the director. He wanted to make an anime series inspired by live-action movies like L.A. Confidential, Minority Report (One of my personal favorite), Brazil, and read more
Sep 9, 2016
Finally, it's been SO long since I wrote a review. So let's start this comeback with the Crime/Action/Black Comedy bullet hell, Black Lagoon.

Story - 8/10
You can't tell because of the eight, but this is the weakest part of the anime. Let's say, you were to split an arc into three. The first is slow and sluggish, and throws some decent amount of exposition. The second part is half the first one, and the second part of it is where they build up the action. And the third part is where the action is, aka the best part. That is basically the entire series. I have read more
Aug 28, 2016
After a long time, I finally found the time to write a review. And what better way to start a topic then Hellsing? It is considered by many as one of THE action anime to watch, if you are an action anime fan. But does it stand the test of time? Let's check it out, and see for ourselves.

Story - 7/10
This is a bit of a stretch, since this one of the anime's weak point, in the early part of the series. Have you ever watched Hentai, and asked yourselves, "Gee! I wonder what it would look like if there was no hentai, in a read more
Aug 16, 2016
Well, it's about time I wrote a manga review. And which manga did I start with? Why, with 'The World God Only Knows' ofcourse. Why this? Because I recently finished this gargantuan manga. But first, a confession. I HATE the Harem genre. I could make a list if I wanted to, but I guess I'll save it for later. Let's dive in.

Story - 8/10
Now this has to be the one section that stands out. This what drew me to THIS Harem manga in particular. For those who watched MatPat's video about how Dating Sim game can actually help you find love, you'll find this manga read more
Aug 11, 2016
FLCL (Anime) add (All reviews)
I finally finished 'FLCL', the anime everybody is talking about.It's one of Gainax's OVA, and you cannot call yourself a true Gainax fan until you watched it. Was it good? Was it bad? was it TOO much for the human brain to compromise? Let's find out.

Story - 8/10
I have to be honest here, when I first started watching the show, I had mixed feelings about it. Mainly because I was stuck on whether I should watch it in dub, or sub (I chose the latter). When I watched the first two episodes, I was rather confused and turned off (Not THAT kind of "turned off"). read more
Aug 9, 2016
Previously on my Blue Exorcist Review -
GO WATCH SOUL EATER!!!! It's considered one of the best Shounen anime to hit the screen and has excellent art direction and OST, and the opening is helluva lot better, since the tone match so well with the show.

Well, you heard him. What's not to love about this series. It has, in my opinion, the best any Shounen anime could ever offer. Great premise, Great Characters, Best OST, and one of the best OPs in anime history (The latter two guaranteed to give you Ear-gasms). Let's dive into the pool of awesomeness that is Soul Eater.

Story - 8/10
Now, read more
Aug 3, 2016
Let me tell you the story of a young boy. He was an idiot, a spoiled brat and a growing jerk, but he always wanted to be a good guy. He is completely unaware of the dark future that lies in wait for him. One day, he found a toy drum, with a cute,yellow creature on it. Sadly, some asshole stole it, along with all his other toys (It was the house butler, or as we like to call them, the bat-man. I'm not kidding, I was facing an existential crisis when I heard that). A few months later, he saw a new TV show read more