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Jul 3, 2016
Have you seen S1? Yes? Good then let’s stop fucking around. Let me say that I’ve always sucked at reviewing successive season to shows, because in my mind, if you didn’t like the first season, why are you watching the sequel? Ask yourself that question whenever you’re in that position.

The Short Version:
(+)If you were a fan of S1, you’ll like this season as well.
(-)IF you don’t like small changes being made from the visual novel, you’re going to have a problem.

The Story (7/10): Picking up right where the previous season left us, this season doesn’t exactly waste much time with kicking itself back into read more
Jun 24, 2016
The concept of an adaptation is too adept (no shit) be that a book, visual novel, comic, etc. into a moving picture. One thing an adaptation should do is try and stay faithful to the source material while doing things differently from said source material so that it may stand on its own feet. But can a 2 cour adaptation of a single route from a 50+ hour visual novel achieve that?

For the sake of those that have experience with this franchise such as myself I’ll be doing a two part review. One from the people who don’t even know what Fate/Stay Night is (UNX), read more
Jun 5, 2016
Habane Remei is one of those rare show that doesn’t have massive info dumps and still manages to answer most of the questions you’ll have about the show throughout its runtime.

The Short Version:
(+)The subtle suspense soon turns palpable.
(+)Every episode gives to some new answer and question about eh world and characters.
(+)It’s kinda beautiful on an emotional level.
(-)Definitely a slow starter.
(-)The art will throw some of you off.

The Story (7/10): The show begins with a young girl falling head first toward the ground, with a crow (or raven, whatever you prefer) trying to stop her fall, but the young girl isn’t afraid of her seemingly impending read more
Jun 3, 2016
Have you ever wondered what lies inside the deepest parts of your heart? An unwavering will to commit evil for the greater good? The ability to sacrifice everything you have to protect the ones you care for? Or something much more insidious?

Story (9/10): Imagine for a moment that a couple thousand people in the world suddenly have the power of psychokinesis, then imagine WW3 where people like you and me, lost to those with PK. Throw in some more fantasy elements and you have the world that this show is set in. One thing I did like about the story is that the characters within read more
May 10, 2016
Don’t worry guys, I’m not dead.

The Short Version:
(+)Your eyes go for a massage in God’s day spa. (The art is good)
(+)The music is much more than exceptional.
(+)Credit to the character designer.
(+)Gets a really good message across.
(-)Bit slow for my liking.

The Story (8/10): You, the person reading this, has probably been a part of a club or team at some point. One of the things that probably ran through your mind at some point when you were part of said club or team was, “What do I want from this?” Do you want to merely have fun with the team, or do you want to go read more
Mar 14, 2016
As a guy who’s never played volleyball in his life I always thought it was a much slower and less interesting sport than others. I was really, really wrong.

The Short Version:
(+)A critical point for any sports anime, the matches are really intense and they draw you in.
(+)The anime doesn’t focus solely on the main character, instead focusing on the entire team.
(+)Kinda helps the entire anime that the animation is really good (Apart from some parts in the matches).
(-)Can’t remember any of the soundtrack.

The Story (7/10): The story is pretty basic, because there’s really only two options when it comes to sports anime, either the protagonist read more
Dec 20, 2015
One Punch Man, I feel, is going to become one of those anime. You know, the ones like Evangelion, Code Geass, Cowboy Bebop, Baccano. The shows that if you haven’t seen (and liked) you apparently aren’t a fan of anime….somehow. I’m going to say this at the start so people don’t lose their fucking minds when they actually read the review (Even though they still will). I don’t hate One Punch Man. There. That’s it.

The Short Version:
(+)The show is so over-the-top it’s actually entertaining.
(+)The fight scenes are the best reason to watch this show.
(+)The soundtrack gets you hype.
(-)The art in some of the fight scenes read more
Dec 11, 2015
Intense as fuck boxing, and dick jokes.

That’s the shortest review I’ve ever done.

The Short Version:
(+)The show doesn’t feel like its 75 episodes long.
(+)The fight are AWESOME!
(+)(Almost)Everything happens for a reason.
(-)The soundtrack gets repeated a lot.
(-)The art is a little bit dated.

The Story (8/10): The story starts out as a classic coming-of-age journey of a young man who is bullied at school, and upon being saved by a boxer decides that he too wants to become a boxer. This is where the story threw me off a bit, because instead of taking revenge out on the people who bullied him, the read more
Dec 9, 2015
Mawaru Penguindrum really is one of those anime that you sit on one side of a fence for, if you don’t like it you just don’t really like it, and if you like it you REALLY love it.

The Short Version:
(+)Took a single episode to reel me in.
(+)I like the art style.
(-)Characters take a bit to kick into gear.
(-)The story gets a bit confusing after a while.

Story (6/10): The story is a bit complicated. I swear that’s the first time I’ve said that one of my reviews. It starts with easily one of the fastest first episodes ever, I shit you not the episode read more
Dec 9, 2015
It isn’t very often I can watch a rom-com and genuinely believe the romance between the two main characters, then for the comedy to also not be on the ecchi side and still make me laugh. That’s a pretty good rom-com.

The Short Version:
(+)They get that kissing shit out in the first episode.
(+)The comedy is pretty alright.
(+)The main character actually thinks like a teenager. (You’ll get what I mean when you watch the show)
(-)Standard rom-com bullshit (Does she like me? Doesn’t he like me?)
(-)The soundtrack is very forgettable.

The Story (6/10): The story behind this show is an age-old classic. Girls like guy, guy likes read more