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Flip Flappers
Flip Flappers
Apr 3, 5:25 PM
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)
Apr 3, 11:08 AM
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Mawaru Penguindrum
Mar 31, 5:15 PM
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Sabishisugite Lesbian Fuuzoku ni Ikimashita Report
Sabishisugite Lesbian Fuuzoku ni Ikimashita Report
Mar 12, 5:15 PM
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Mar 1, 6:45 PM
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Kono Oto Tomare!
Kono Oto Tomare!
Mar 1, 6:45 PM
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Spindleglass Apr 9, 2:18 AM
Yeah! Weekly viewings suck, it either doesn't interest you enough so you just forget about it when the next viewing comes along or leaves you frustrated because it left you with a cliffhanger.

hahahaha, well, at least you're honest with the amount of "unsavory materials" you've read. God, that rabbit girl is becoming sadder by the minute: no owner who knows her, drawn by a random artist :((

But even if you give them your 100% unconditional love. you wouldn't be able to talk to any other girl (and I mean Talk,nothing more) for EVER, like it's just perfect waifu bait on the condition you never have any other interactions with human beings. That's so claustrophobic. Hahahaha, scary==strong, but also may end up killing you and it's not a healthy relationship :((

HMmm, I would have thought most people that get into anime were first bookworms but I'm guessing I'm wrong. So I'm ~~special~~ yayyyy. Like you need to go up the nerdiness scale and first step is liking books, don't get how people teletransport to the tenth step tsk tsk tsk
PikaZero Apr 7, 5:02 PM
I know right?! That happened to me the first time I started to read webtoon... a monster just suddenly crawled out of nowhere lol and not to mention the sound it came with... :s
Ah, I have read "Chiller" and another series called "Shriek" and they're both are really good ^^

Haha, well, I guess there's no other way except to do that XD I hope doing that won't give me nightmares though... TT^TT
That would be scary though XD
Ah I see :O You didn't see anything during your sleep paralysis experience, right? A person I know saw red eyes staring at him, but there's nothing he could do about it ^^;; I wouldn't know what I'd do in that situation...
Welp, I kept imagining stuff on top of my wardrobe too because there is a bit of space on top of it (big enough to fit a person) even though the wardrobe almost reaches the ceiling haha. This is why I sleep facing away from it... XD

Haha alright ^^
PikaZero Apr 7, 7:24 AM
Ohh yeah, I have heard of that one XD I even read it using the Webtoon app ^^ That one is scary and I really love the fact that it is interactive haha :) Definitely, I often surf the internet just to find such articles XD

Well, I need to conquer my fear, somehow... XD Yeah, it is one of the top scariest movies of all time for a good reason :')
I don't think we are cursed haha XD Maybe they like us just tad bit too much :D

Usually, people would have a cold for 3 days after such an encounter, but that didn't happen to me, fortunately XD You experienced sleep paralysis? Mind sharing what you think about it? :O
I wouldn't want to experience it though... :s

Ah cool! :O Definitely, it is easier to communicate there ^^
Sure, my Discord is CountessZero#1583, just find me on there XD
PikaZero Apr 7, 6:02 AM
Yup, I agree with that ^^

Ooh so true. Their story can be rather creepy XD Where, creepypasta? ^^

Thank goodness! I actually creeped out when I was trying to link the picture lmao XD Ugh, The Grudge still frighten me to this day haha :') I don't think I can watch the movie, even now. I remember that I used to hide behind the couch when my family watched that movie lol...
True, it's the Asian version of the mummy, I guess. XD In real life though, their face is all black unlike portrayed by the picture. My sister saw one a couple of years ago in this very apartment that I'm still living in ;-;
Thank goodness you're immune to them now XD
Um, I'm still afraid of ghosts, but not the ones from creepypasta :')

True, it could have been just my imagination because it was dark and so early and I could still be real sleepy at that time XD Nope, I don't have nightmares about it but welp, I'm still scared of them XD
Yup, it's hard to know what's real because the mind can be real weird sometimes XD It might be caused by heightened paranoia too haha~

Ooh, MAL have discord? Didn't know that haha XD Well, yeah, I do have Discord XD
PikaZero Apr 6, 8:38 PM
Yeah, it was mainly for spice and coffee trade if I'm not mistaken XD Yeah, that's why lots of East Asian countries have people from different countries living together. :)
That's why I think these kind of things should be preserved somehow :3

Definitely :) I think it is more to the fact that I can't really relate to the stories told in Creepypasta because their version of ghosts/monsters are different from the ones that we have here in Malaysia and other East Asian countries. ^^

Here are some ghosts/spirits that we have (they might be scary for you, by the way, so only look at them when you're brave enough):

Regarding my horror story, it happened when I was young :') When I was in elementary school, I always come to school very early in the morning (It was always before 6AM, by the way) because my parents' workplace was very far. Anyway, I thought it was going to be like any other day. When I come to school, I usually walk straight my classroom and put my bag there before meeting up with the rest of my siblings. It was so dark, cold and silent as I walked towards the building where my classroom was located and when I turned into a corner, I saw something on top of the school's auditorium roof. It was a white figure. I stopped where I was at because I was shook by what I saw. The figure wore a long and a rather dirty white dress. It was like there was some sort of soil stain or something on its cloth (it could have been blood, who knows). It had long and messy black hair that was covering its face too. It was only standing there, not moving. (It must have been staring at me, no?) Anyway, I was feeling scared about it so I turned around and went straight away to where I always meet up with my siblings. The ghost that I saw was the Kuntilanak/Pontianak by the way ^^ Apparently, the site where my elementary school was built on used to be a cemetery.

MAL community? I don't think so haha~
PikaZero Apr 6, 5:25 PM
Well, in the past, the location of Malaysia was considered to be strategic for global trade and exposure of foreign culture. Merchants from other countries used to stop by Malaysia a lot to do business and some of them probably decided to stay and live in Malaysia. I think that's how the Malaysia today has different cultures that coexists together ^^ What do you think about my country's traditional clothes? XD

No, I don't think creepypasta are that scary haha. Back then, it was probably because I already read through all of the stories availabe XD Well, the only true horror story that I know is the one that happened to me haha ^^;;

I know right? Who knows what goes on their minds... Yeah, that's why people are unique. Not everyone shares the same train of thoughts.

Oh really? Well, I guess things do change XD Thanks, I hope that day will come ^^
PikaZero Apr 6, 7:27 AM
Ah, traditional clothes... XD Well, we have various culture here because there are three major Asian races that lives here which are the Malays, Chinese and Indians ^^

I know right? Human nature, they say ^^;;
Yeah, I love to do some research first before making any judgment, actually XD
Yesh, I do those, except reading creepypasta ^^;; I used to read them before but that was few years ago hahah
Same, I used to like reading books but that interest has fade. Now, I just read and watch interesting stuff on the internet haha XD

Well, through people's discussion and theories I guess. XD It is not exactly confirmed to be true, though but it is a possibility :')
Maybe it's like those "For the Greater Good" things that they don't mind sacrificing themselves or something, who knows...
True, true. Some went too far ;-;

I know right? I'd love to travel someday XD

Ah true. West tend to be more about freedom and independence but East is about close-knit and sticking together-ish kind of culture haha XD People from the West tend to be surprised when they heard about the fact that youngsters in Eastern countries don't really move out from their parents' house when they became an adult haha :)
Definitely, I'm really interested in their history and the architecture *^*
PikaZero Apr 5, 9:43 PM
Yeah, I think they are fake sites haha XD

Oh, just for transit? Well, I think we look just like normal asians... XD Nope, I've never been abroad actually.

Well, yeah. People are so hard to satisfy, they just want everything ^^;; If it is not about religion, then it is about greed, power, money and so on lol. People just want to fight each other lmao. I guess so haha XD
I'm just curious of what the fuss is about so instead of just jumping straight on the 'Islam and Muslims are terrorist!' train, I decided to learn about it and that's how I know some stuff about the religion and its followers :D

You mean religion in general? :O Yep, not everyone follows what their religions asks them to do. Some are just Muslims on paper too lol XD
I know right...? Apparently those terrorists are not even Muslims ._. I heard one of their goals is to make Islam look bad or something.
In general, I think religions are okay as long as they don't push it down people's throats XD

Haha I guess, I really appreciate it that people preserve their culture and stuff because I find them unique and it always makes me feel curious of how their civilizations were formed XD
What kind of culture do the west have? XD
PikaZero Apr 5, 6:45 PM
Maybe as a backup or something? XD I've seen lots of various sites that are actually the same but the only difference is their domain name haha XD

Yeah, we do have different Islamic culture. For example, Muslim women in Saudi Arabia covered most of their body except their eyes and hand and they wear clothes that do not attract attention but here, the Muslim women are really colorful and they wear various styled hijabs and they don't really cover themselves as much as the Muslim women in Saudi Arabia haha (some do follow the ways of the Muslim women in Saudi Arabia but it's very rare)

All I know is that strictness of Islam varies. Islam have the two factions which are Sunni (Follower of the Prophet Muhammad) and Syiah (who was the cousin of Prophet Muhammad). There was only one faction (Sunni) but it became two because of a feud that happened years after the prophet passed away, which was caused by the greed about who should be the righteous ruler and stuff. Even under those factions, there are various sect that have its own teachings and principles (hence why some Muslims are bad and some Muslims are good) Some sects are lenient while others are strict. Due to this, I think that it is not right to generalize and think that all Muslims are bad because it's not like they follow the same kind of teachings even though they have one religion which is Islam. ^^ I based my thoughts while referring to my small knowledge of Muslims and Islam haha so I might not even be correct ;-; Do you have any thoughts regarding Islam?

Well, some people say culture is part of your identity but I guess that's just because they want people to preserve and appreciate it more XD
FurryLilProblem Apr 5, 8:13 AM
Yeah, they did! I watched it with my dad quite frequently. Unfortunately, I didn't really get the same joy watching it now that I did as a child. Oh, I had watched a little of Yu-Gi-Oh as a child but it wasn't my forte sadly. Exactly! I get 100 episodes in, and then woops, I have 400+ left. I just couldn't do it, haha.

Exactly! I meet anime friends all the time in real life, and they usually jump straight to detailed Naruto conversations. I mean, it's great, you do you, hun - but I'm COMPLETELY lost, haha.

Definitely! Harry Potter is. Hahha, oops. Sorry, I currently take anxiety and anti-depressant meds, and after I take them, I tend to say a LOT of weird stuff and make frequent typos. I meant to say "my friends are big harry potter fans, too" but I don't know what happened, haha. Sorry about that! No, it wasn't shown much, you're right there. However, the fandom has grown based on what was released on them post-series ^

I appreciate that, and oh no, it's alright! I've just came to accept that at this point I'm going to be seen as a furry by those who fail to actually converse with me. That's fine, as long as people that I talk with are kind - just like you ^

I fully agree with that ^ I'm a sucker for longer replies.

So are you watching any anime or reading any manga at the time? If so, what do you think of them ??
PikaZero Apr 5, 5:33 AM
Yeah, I'll get to them soon haha XD

Nice, I guess I'll check them both then ^^

Ah, I thought they belong to the same owner or something lol

Yes, Islam is the main religion here, but other religions thrive too ^^

Cool! Southeast Asian buddies then lmao
PikaZero Apr 4, 8:13 PM
Cool! :3

Never read anything that has multiple couples in it, so that would be very interesting! XD
Let me check those out then~

How about the anime for Grand Blue, is it good as its manga or nah?

Ooh I see :3 Are they really the same ?

Yeah, I think it was rather vague haha ^^;; Ah, I'm from Malaysia, how about you?
PikaZero Apr 4, 6:35 PM
Right now I'm in the mood for some romance and comedy haha :3

I read manga using MangaRock, which has been really nice so far ^^ How about you?

Oh, I see what you mean XD Competitive...society? ^^;;
PikaZero Apr 4, 7:50 AM
I totally agree with you about that XD

Ah, that is very understandable indeed ^^

Oh, do you have any recommendations for me? So far, I only have 2 in my manga list lol :3

What culture do you mean?
FurryLilProblem Apr 4, 7:47 AM
Same! I had given Naruto a chance for a rewatch because I had grown up watching it on cartoon network. However, I reached the 100-something mark and I just couldn't do it anymore. I didn't have the time in the day, nor the motivation to watch battles spread out for multiple episodes. It's really unfortunate because as you mentioned, they're really famous and a lot of people love them. As much I wish I could get into them so I could join discussions and the fandom, I just don't see it happening in the foreseeable future.

I do have trouble talking about anime with my friends because of this as well. Most of the people I know in real life love high-episode count shows such as Hetalia or Naruto. Even though I've seen over 100 episodes of Naruto, I'm mostly lost in conversations because they seem to be intense fans and they ask which arc I'm in / what battles I've seen and I just can't remember it. It's just a sad thing, so I fully understand the burden of being held captive by the dislike of huge shows.

And haha, yep! I'm really into Harry Potter, I'd say it's my main "thing", and anime is a secondary thing to. A majority of my fans are into Harry Potter, and it's something that we really bond over. However, I'm not really a fan of Harry and his generation, I'm more into Remus Lupin and the Marauder's Era (which is kind of sucky because it's rare to find people who are also into the older gen, haha).

And yeah, it's a shame because I really like my username but I'm really tired of the amount of furry jokes/comments about it. I have nothing against people who like furries, but it's just not my thing and it's exhausting constantly being accused of being one.

That's a really cool concept and idea for a username though! It's pretty well thought-out and aesthetic, it's just a shame that Singularity alone was already taken!

Sorry about the long response, I'm rather talkative and when I'm into a discussion, I tend to leave a lengthier response. If you ever want me to cut my posts into something briefer, just let me know and I'll try to keep my replies more manageable, haha.