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May 20, 2019
Story: 5 Art: 8 Sound: 7 Character: 6 Enjoyment: 5 Overall: 6
FAIR AND HONEST REVIEW(finish reading my review pls)

The only reason that you might be able to enjoy or you might find curious to the point that you will be able to finish this one (at least for me) is
1. "how Yumiko will outwit her opponent", "In what way Yumiko humiliate her opponent.
2. "how Yumiko's opponent try to defeat her" lol
3. "You enjoy the sexiness(thicc) of Yumeko" (This is me haha)
4. "How the President is also beautiful" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
5. I read more
May 20, 2019
Please read my honest review until the end :).
This anime is heart warming and mild comedic anime. Its an anime with a fair plot.The anime is like a slice of life wherein the Male MC have just lost his parents and is now alone. He then meet the cat which he names as Haru and then they start their everyday life. Haru helps a lot as the MC tackles and remembers his parents and the things that he could have done for them.
I recommend this anime if you're a pet or cat lover. This anime has fresh and read more
May 13, 2019
This anime is complete masterpiece without a flaw and really deliver the story with a perfect buildup and a satisfactory ending.

The story have never any plot hole and is consistent to the storyline. Every character MCs, side characters and even the villains have progression and good development that in some cases you will root for the villain. The buildup is smooth not messing really messing up and you really feel immersed to the anime as it progresses. Every episodes deliver excitement, suspense, horror, emotional and attached to the charters and make you really look forward to the next episode.

The music and art is good read more
May 13, 2019
With a very high expectation from the community and all with all the hype going, this anime fails to deliver and dreadful.
The story is 1/10 wherein its rushed and so many details not included thats it leaves plot holes and inconsistent storyline. Like yeah they have a gender swap and they help each other BUT the most annoying is how they fell in love. Like a moment ago theyre just helping each other and then suddenly they fell in love with even metting each other? Their love story seems forced and the anime fails to deliver a story where viewers can feel that the love read more
May 13, 2019
First and foremost, don't believe that the rating is what really the REAL rating of this anime. I can only describe this one like a hidden gem in tons of anime out there wherein a starting episode and art style may give a low quality anime but its not.

If you like world building, historical, political and military centered anime then i highly recommend this one. This anime involves a lot of characters with different ideology and philosophy with different factions. You will also enjoys as the characters try to outwit their opponents.

The character development is good like a shounen animea wherein everyone is almost read more
May 13, 2019
This anime is really bad wherein the trailer and cover will give you a shonen, action or worth story but its not. Theres no plotline and each episode seems a story of its own. The first episode will give a misleading overall story. The character development is really dreadful and theres really no progression. By that i mean you can't really relate to the characters.
There are scene where the a lot of thing left unexplained or maybe it just me. The anime seems trying to establish a plot by having some flashbacks of the MCs life but it doesn't really contribute or help to read more