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Jujutsu Kaisen
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im_shade Dec 2, 2021 4:24 AM
Yeah thats why you downvoted gintama without watching it
I dont care about other top 20 im just talking about your toxic behaviour
im_shade Dec 2, 2021 1:17 AM
Lmao never seen an episode of gintama but still gave gintama the last a 1, generic fmab fan
Natsude_tanaka Nov 27, 2021 11:25 PM
either way rainbow is average mate
Kyline Nov 27, 2021 1:22 AM
anyways look at this guy being such a salty FMAB “fan” rating Gintama the Final a 1/10
Tony_Tortellini Apr 5, 2021 3:53 AM
Well, it seems I can't change your opinion so that's it. It is ok to not like Berserk and your arguments were acceptable but I do recommend you to pick it up again because I assume you like side character development and Farnese is maybe more "developed" than many protagonists throughout their stories.
Tony_Tortellini Apr 5, 2021 3:29 AM
Since you clearly won't continue Berserk I am going to talk freely with spoilers after Conviction.

Those are some good points you got there. From what I can see, you do not understand the type of story that Berserk is. It is a Dark Fantasy in which you can meet 15 meters 1000-year-old monsters like nothing. It is stated that Guts has gone beyond human and now he has feats that no simple man can dream of. Now what you are mentioning there about "Just fly above him and drop boulders on the guy". That is plot armor that is not noticeable. That is just how Guts' character has been built. But if you want to make that argument then Guts has a canon and a crossbow. Those little apostles can't stand a canon right through the stomach.
And then you have it. How would he aim at those 2 flyings and shot them precisely? It is just the lore of the story. Because Guts is killing apostles Guts is being in a worse and worse condition trying to find his way to Griffith. Now later in the manga, you can see the connections between Guts, Serpico, Serpico, Sckirle, Casca Isidro, and Puck. Guts now has a reason to live other than killing Griffith. Where we are at in the manga if Griffith was in front of Guts ready for battle and Zod was capturing his crew, trust me Guts would go for Zod. Now the worldbuilding in Berserk is kinda tricky because we are not mentioned a year but being a Dark Fantasy, I think Miura didn't mind where was the story located taking in consideration that later in the series they go to Elfheim which I think both of us can agree it wasn't a real thing.
Now, the Berserk armor. This armor is a cursed object that belonged to Skul Knight and has a tie with what happened in Skull Knight's eclipse. It is something you put on and it drives you insane. It kills you on the inside. For example, if your hand breaks it pushes spikes through you hand to make it stay still and fight. The Berserk Armor has its own personality that wants to take control of the user. Only Guts who was stopped by Sckirle with magic and Skull Knight who was supposedly stoped by Flora could use it the second time. It doesn't heal your wounds, it makes them worse.
And last but not least I haven't seen Evangelion so I can't talk about it and neither do I wanna talk about Naruto.
Tony_Tortellini Apr 4, 2021 11:00 AM
Well, for point one I can't comment on anything because it is a subjective take. If you liked only Griffith it is good for you then. But for the second point, I have to say this. Yes, Casca is a potato but that is just why Guts develops in the first place. If she was in her right mind after being violated by the man she admired the most in front of her loved one and see all her camarades dying, that would've been a plothole don't you think. Now you can make the same argument for Guts. Why wasn't he traumatized, huh? Well, it may be the fact that he was born from her hanging mother and I won't list all the things he went through because you get the point.
After the Eclipse he goes on a 2-year journey to kill Griffith comes back and realizes Casca is nowhere to be found. In those 2 years, he realizes that killing random apostles isn't worth it. Now, you talk a lot about plot armor, a thing that I am impressed you wrote about. When it comes out to Guts just screaming his way out of battles that is wrong. That man is just that strong. It is shown in early GA arc, when at 18 yo he slays 100 men and a Special Soldier sorry dion't remember his name. If a character is powerful in his own verse, that doesn't mean he necessarily has plot armor. He trained as a mercenary science he was born. At 7 he killed his adoptive father. He has a crossbow and a cannon in his left arm and carries a 400 pond 6 ft sword. Of course he is strong. Now later in chapter 226, he gets an inhuman power-up which if you go by your way of thinking it is more plot armor.
And now, the biggest mistake you made is judging Berserk Only reading up until Conviction. I am not saying that you should be crucified nor do I want to be toxic, but the most character development Guts had is between the falcon of millennium arc and the Fantasia arc. You should keep on reading but if you just can't like it that's just the way it is.
Tony_Tortellini Apr 4, 2021 5:47 AM
What is your point on Berserk losing its quality after Golden Age Arc?