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Apr 28, 2009
"Pretty Face" follows a tradition of absurd manga storylines, such as 'Tuxedo Gin and A.I. Love You," that have never been adapted as an anime. Regardless, these absurd romantic comedies, "Pretty Face" included contribute greatly to the genre of comics known as anime. Thanks to Yasuhiro Kano, the author, do we now fear bus accidents for more reason than just death, could we really become a member of the opposite gender because of such an event? Kano-sensei says, "YES!"

Drawing quality in this series is good but not extrodinary. Many character designs seem generic, in fact i could argue that they all have the same face read more
Apr 21, 2009
Right of the bat "Heroic Age" seeems like any other space opera. However, it has arich story that derives many of its elements from Greek mythology, ecspecially Hercules. The plot itself has enough twists, turns, and tragedy to keep the audience wanting more, after the initial start-up period of about ten episodes. Yes, that's right, it has a slow start. A VERY slow start. Regardless, once it gets going it is hard to stop watching, unless you're Jupiter (inside joke). I can honestly say it is one of the msot clever loose adaptions I have ever seen.

"Heroic Age" incorporates so much CGI into their animation read more
Apr 3, 2009
"Chi's Sweet Home" is so sweet that cute and sweet that i wouldn't recommend it to diabetics.
Story -
Being a children's anime plot isn't a key factor of the series but regardless of that it has a very nice little story. It's really great how one three minute episode can leave you rolling on the floor with laughter and the next will have tearing at your hair at anticipation. Some episodes will even having you balling like a baby.Also, the series actually has many realistic themes and will really hit home for anyone who has ever raised a kitten (litter box training, shedding, opening read more
Mar 24, 2009
The first thing I'm going to say is that I am a fan of Akamatsu-sensei's work and may be a bit biased. Now, the next thing I am going to say is that Xebec did not do "Negima" the justice it deserves. Why? There are several reasons.
For starters, the character designs throw you off right at the get go. Any Akamatsu character, more specifically females, have a sensual feel to them. Xebec's designs lacked that. The cheacters looks stiff and unnatural.
This leads me to my second point, there was no fan service. An story from Ken Akamatsu without fan read more
Jan 3, 2009
I''s (Anime) add (All reviews)
For starters, I wouldn't suggest anyone watch 'I"s' without first having read the manga or watched "I"s Pure." I"s is a great OVA because it takes our normal characters (Ichitaka, Iori, Itsuki, ect.) and places them in a rather bizarre, epic, and totally tense situation. It'd say a little more but it'd totally ruin the shock vaule of the OVA. However, I will tell the audience to be ready for anything, and I mean anything.
Art wise, everything is done pretty well. It's very fluent rather than being flashy like other shoujo anime. The colors are very pale and natural looking and it reallt sets you read more
Jan 1, 2009
I cannot believe it has really been eleven years. It seems like just yesterday I saw "Wrath of the Dragon" and "A Hero's Legacy." Though it's true, Goku and company are back in the latest installment of Dragon Ball: Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!
First off, I'm going to solely recommend this to existing Dragon Ball fans. 9/10's of the enjoyment of this special is the nostalgia it emits. For starters, almost the entire main cast is featured, from Goku and Vegeta to Old Kai and Bubbles the monkey (who, as we all remember, passed on many a year ago thanks to read more
Dec 29, 2008
Mod note: Review was originally written for Reizou(ko) Ningen Dai 1-gou but the entry has since been merged with Pasiphae no Utage.

If you're the kind of person who likes short sadistic stories about jealousy and lust involving kitchen appliances, than I highly recommend "The Female Fridge No.1." It only takes a few minutes to read, so if you have a few minutes and feel like saying, " WTF" then definitely give it a read.
The art is only so so, but the concept will keep you entertained for the five minutes it takes to read it. Also, the ending will chill you to read more
Nov 20, 2008
Gurren Lagann is one of those series that only comes along every once in awhile. It's a show that really grabs your soul and sets it ablaze. If you’re ever entering a battle or sporting event, I highly recommend watching an episode or two of Gurren Lagann before hand to pump your self up, it's totally inspiring.
Story wise, when you begin watching the series you initially think that it's not supposed to be taken seriously. However, after a few episodes the sheer "epicness" of the plot and characters pulls you in and it becomes the ultimate story which must be handled as a serious matter. read more
Nov 12, 2008
If you're like me then you know it's hard to find good hentai that doesn't involve rape. Well Imari Rape is actually an exception. Okay, everything starts out like Imari is going to be raped. That's what the audience thinks, the rapist thinks, even Imari probably believes she is going to be raped, but she isn't.
She actually gets aroused by this "assault" and ends up on top of the "rapist" and starts working him over. It's pretty amusing...and a tad arousing...
Now, I'm not defending rape or rapists in anyway. It's a terrible crime of the worst caliber, but this is a must see read more
Oct 16, 2008
Overall 0083 is a pretty descent. It acts as a bridge for Zeta and the original series. In 0083 a team of ragtag Zeon fleets that honestly act more like terrorists than soldiers to try and topple the Federation. They do use many Gundam cliches though, i.e. a colony drop. However, it is still terrifying and the way Operation Stardust unfolds is brilliant.
The art is everything you've come to expect from Sunrise, in the last two decades anyway. The mechanical designs will blow you away and their fluent movement is positively gorgeous. Takashi Imanishi really knew what he was doing.
The characters really aren't read more