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New Game!: Watashi, Shain Ryokou tte Hajimete nano de...
New Game!: Watashi, Shain Ryokou tte Hajimete nano de...
Today, 8:03 AM
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Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut
Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut
Jul 15, 3:36 AM
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Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet
Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet
Jul 18, 9:51 AM
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Angel Beats!: Heaven's Door
Angel Beats!: Heaven's Door
Jul 18, 9:51 AM
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HaXXspetten Jul 18, 10:03 AM
True enough. Well at least it probably helped make the series stand out ever so slightly more than it would have otherwise
HaXXspetten Jul 18, 6:03 AM
I mean visual novels are often released as 18+ originally and then later adapted to all-ages versions for console ports. I imagine this wouldn't be too different (though I haven't heard about that series in particular, no)
LittleRobin Jun 28, 10:31 AM
Don't worry, I don't mind big walls of text.I'm sure you'll find errors in my reply too btw.

Same,no big changes here neither.Can't complain about how things are going now so I guess I can say the classic sentence "I'm fine".

Well,I was referring in particular to TV series since I started watching them "more constantly" few months ago and wanted few recommendations.Before, I was not particularly interested in them and I just watched what they broadcast on TV without following a particular order, watching random episodes of different series.
I watched two tv series recently which I liked a lot,"Lie to me" and "Perception". The good thing is that both series are episodic so you won't end up with a cliffhanger at every episode you watch.The first talks about body language on a more scientific level without getting boring ,with a great actor as MC and a nice opening song imo. The second one instead is about a neuroscience professor with paranoid schizophrenia who helps the FBI to solve complex cases.If it wasn't for the poor acting skills of the co-protagonist who plays the FBI agent and few supporting characters the series would have lasted more than 3 Seasons,they were lucky because the protagonist did a hell of interpretation and kept things together making the show at least decent for people to watch.

Good! Let me know if you shed some tears after watching it...because I did...on the third movie *cough*

I've read Mousou Telepathy right yesterday night,all in one go,hmmm...not bad,not bad. Seeing things from a different perspective it's always interesting (and funny in this case),I love how the fact that she can read people's mind affected her way of acting and thinking.
As for Saiki-kun,I've watched the anime and since it was announced a second season I didn't pick up the manga,I don't want to ruin the fun reading the stories they will adapt beforehand.
I still don't feel ready to enter in the world of light novels ,but I'm sure "Baccano!" would be one of my first choices if I ever decide to start reading them.

I didn't watch anything else besides few ongoing anime of this season,which didn't give me anything for the most part,they were quite bland.The only shows that are giving me some feels and I'm having fun watching are YowaPeda 3,SNK 2 and Boku no hero academia 2 and a tiny little bit Tsuki ga Kirei (how cute it is when the boy punchs the end of the lamp rope when he's pumped up).
I'd like to watch Boruto too,though I miss all the Naruto Shippuden part(?) so I've put it on-hold for now..

I didn't know there was such a thing like live stream music on yt,the more you know..I'll take a look one of these days.

I hope I didn't forget anything on the way while replying.

Too much text,let's add something colorful:

^ quite relatable

If you're wondering,yeah.. the deleted comment was mine..I wish the "edit" button lasted longer
LittleRobin Jun 26, 9:46 AM
How are you doing? watchin any good series lately?
It's been a long time, so I decided to drop by.
LittleRobin Jun 22, 6:18 AM
HaXXspetten May 8, 3:23 AM
D-Don't think that makes me happy or anything, b-baka

T-Thank you
LittleRobin Apr 3, 10:19 AM
Do you mean a spin-off manga?
This time I watched it in English (with subtitles in english to be sure to understand everything) and I have to say that the characters's voice and songs dubbed in my language weren't that different from the original,so I dind't even noticed the difference.They did a good work.

It's true, the second movie can't even be compared to the first and the third but ,there are a lot of beautiful scenes,for example when the old man repairs Woody,or funny ones like the other Buzz Lightyear in Al's toy store.
Honestly I hope it will remain as a trilogy,making a sequel would ruin what the creators built. I was able to catch lots of sarcastic jokes,irony and references I couldn't understand as a child,I had fun rewatching it.
HaXXspetten Apr 3, 9:58 AM
Well I was hoping for a journey into space, Rito marrying Lala and inheriting the Devilukean throne and from there on making the harem a reality

There are quite a few steps to take along that way still so it should be more than enough content for a potential continuation at least
HaXXspetten Apr 3, 7:41 AM
Well first of all we still don't know if it really was the "ending" or not, I.E: will it get another sequel in the future or not. It wasn't confirmed and it didn't really feel like an ending

It was basically Rito and Haruna first coming clean with each other and finally confessing to each other, and Rito said that he'd like to start a relationship with her but he's still bearing the guilt of having to take responsibility for all the other girls he's assaulted throughout the series so he's very hesitant about it, which Haruna also understands. At the same time Momo confesses to Rito that the main reason she came up with the harem plan was just so that she herself could have a chance at fulfilling her own love. It doesn't really end with Rito being coupled up with anyone per se, just that the characters have more or less come clean with each other and that Rito is still conflicted about what the right thing to do is. So the harem ending is still just as possible from here on out, or he could decide that he wants to be with Haruna after all. We don't know. That's the real reason people are annoyed, there wasn't much in the way of closure either way. It desperately needs a continuation and that's that
LittleRobin Mar 30, 12:51 PM
That moment when you decide to re-watch toy story trilogy <3
LittleRobin Mar 19, 10:35 AM

I wonder what that poor dude goes through everyday because of that name.
"Average Ace Attorney witness",I almos see that,haha.
LittleRobin Feb 28, 1:02 PM
He's the guy who apparently confessed to Yuki( girl with short hair,always wearing cardigan with long sleeves),has been rejected and now he entered in the circle of friends of Miyamura & Co.
It wasn't a dare,I guess he was subtly referring to Hori with that sentence ("I won't take what's yours") since in chapter 75 he called the short haired guy ,who's also a friend of Miyamura, by his first name and then Miyamura said "I think he might be in my blacklist",the reason of that statment is probably because in Japan calling each other by first name means be closer to X person and at that moment Miyamura probably saw him as a "threat" between him and his relationship with his friends and possibly Hori,then got all flustered/embarassed and ran away. that was the cutest part
^ Me looking too deep into things.

Who never know what happens behind the scenes. Maybe the mangaka feels it's not the right moment and already rejected few offers about "Horimiya" getting an anime adaption or maybe they're already planning something. ("Love at 14" huh,cute and fluffly story,it would be nice to see it animated.)
LittleRobin Feb 27, 12:48 PM
Haha,this guy is really perceptive
HaXXspetten Feb 16, 3:12 PM
Hmm she could've done with one less layer of clothes still but yeah not bad
LittleRobin Jan 4, 1:28 PM
MonkeyxSheep is obviously OTP.
I think Shun will behave like always even if he realized something,what caught my eyes was his incredible kindness towards Mary in the last part of the chapter.Also,wasn't her pouting face rather cute?
Btw,I just found out that the mangaka went on hiatus after volume 15 back in 2014 due to illness.Now the question is,did he/she come back or not???!!! Unfortunately I wasn't able to find further information :/

That gif makes me laugh everytime.

Had to google that,I didn't know which series the gif I posted was from until now.