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Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka?
Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka?
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Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou
Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou
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Cop Craft
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Ore to Kanojo ga Geboku de Dorei de Shuujuu Keiyaku
Ore to Kanojo ga Geboku de Dorei de Shuujuu Keiyaku
Jun 6, 8:23 AM
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LunyRem Jul 4, 11:49 PM

And here we go! =D Presenting my first ever course for Super Mario Maker 2! xd

Hopefully, everyone would enjoy playing and clearing this course. It's so easy. =3 Oh, and I'm still practicing on the 3D World game style. I'm still a complete noob at it, hence I haven't been playing any 3D World course in Course World just yet. ^^' Wow, nice! DarkJake has First Clear on your first course! =D That must have been a long wait in the stream. xd Pretty fun 3D World course right there! I'll try my best to collect all key coins too. =3

No worries! Have fun at Anime Expo 2019. ^^
LunyRem Jul 3, 1:35 AM

Took me a long time cuz I forgot again but I used my mobile phone's trusty camera to take a picture of it from my gamepad and here is a screenshot of my unfinished level since September 2017. It looks ugly as even its skeleton is far from complete, but this could have looked really awesome if the entire warship is in full view on the map, complete with every single detail. It was too difficult to design that I kinda neglected it completely. =( That mouth lol

I'm sure you already have Super Mario Maker 2 with ya! Well, guess what guess what! xd
LunyRem Jun 10, 2:08 AM

The pixel art for that level should have the appearance of a multi-headed beast dragon that is designed to be a warship. (Not just an airship, but a "warship") The structure of the multi-headed beast is visible in the map preview whereas Mario has to go through tons of very dangerous hazards within the beast's interior up to the checkpoint and that 1st checkpoint is inside the middle head's mouth. It should lead to the subworld which is a dangerous autoscroll. I've done everything I could to make the level difficult but doable with my own skills. However, it was the level that was too difficult to design and finish that made me give up on it. ._. Haven't touched it in nearly 2 years. I should have taken a picture of it from Coursebot, but I've totally forgotten.. xd Maybe next time I could show you a preview!

Hehe, I knew some of those hazards were from Mallo ♪Jam♪ at Bowser's Dungeon because I could never forget those gimmicks. xd Controlling the mole by having it go back to the key door was tougher. That's where I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to do: where to stand and how to jump. Well I had fun playing your final level for the Wii U. =D And I'm glad to grab the First Clear on it. I think there are still a lot of dedicated Mario Maker players out there who could clear your final level with a no-death run for a better WR. They could do that while waiting for SMM2.

No more amiibo support, no more mystery costumes, more Jumpu in SMM2, huh. =( I'm gonna miss all those mystery mushrooms, even if they were a cosmetic novelty available for SMB style levels.
LunyRem Jun 4, 11:24 PM

AYAYAYAYAYAYAYA-- And my last level from Mario Maker finally reached 100 unique players so it went straight up in the Global Rankings for Normal difficulty which I'm sure is the reason why it suddenly had an influx of plays, clears, and stars! xd Well I'm satisfied with this.

I have an unused level that I never got the chance to finish in Course Editor. Was supposed to be a Super Expert level, but it has never seen the light of day. All I could say is that it had a really "terrifying" pixel art in the full map preview and even though the main area was incomplete, the face in the map preview already looks creepy as it is. >_<; I never finished that level and it was supposed to be a difficult long level. What I completed instead in its place was.....Lunatic Piece of Inferno. =x Yep, that level is almost 2 years old and still incomplete. It was the first time I tried a different kind of pixel art, but designing that thing was too tough hence I kinda abandoned it. =(

So I played and cleared your final level for Mario Maker. It's far from being Expert difficulty. Far from it. xd Due to the length of the entire ordeal in between the first and second checkpoints along with all these dangerous deadly gimmicks, I'd say this level will qualify as Super Expert. One of the most difficult things I encountered first was controlling the Monty Mole ride. I've been getting rusty in Mario Maker, hence it took me several deaths to actually figure out how to properly navigate and control Mr. Monty's movements. xd Took me a while to reach the next room with the next gimmick, only for me to die immediately thanks to Mr. Chomp. xd And it doesn't end there! The Boo Circle stomping session is a little tricky because it was easy for me to miss one of the moving Boos as a stepping stone! xd Failure equals death, so it's back to the checkpoint which was draining me of my energy! Same three words apply to the next room where I noticed there were moving Boos on tracks and if I get left behind by the Boos, something terrible might happen and I was right! Hidden Thwomps, I know they're there! Cleared this room in one go but I was already nervous. I arrived at the roller coaster and if I fell to my death here, it would be infuriating because it's going to be a long way back. xd Really had to pay close attention to the screen so I could hit the POW blocks to dispatch of the Munchers blocking the coaster's path. It was dangerous, and it was heart-pounding. I had a big sigh of relief when I reached the second checkpoint, which a lot of players would struggle to reach. I've never played Donkey Kong, but I think the first boss battle was a reference to the DK games due to the rolling shells that were like rolling boulders. Final boss battle was fun. And then at the end, there's an image of the Nintendo Switch right where the flag is, like it's emphasizing that Mario Maker 2 is finally on the Switch. Excellent finale! Even though it was a really difficult one.

I've been watching a few SMM2 gameplay videos showing a preview of the Course World and I just discovered something that made me frown. The stage selection no longer has a full map preview? Oh dear. Looks like I'll just have to settle with the small screen preview for stages. This means I can't show the big pixel art anymore in full map preview. Bummer. =x Maybe I can improvise! Oh well, at least I appreciate the new visual improvements. I can live with that.
LunyRem Jun 2, 1:42 AM

Oh wow! A birthday cake! =D Thanks a lot, Josh! xd Birthday cakes are the best. xd

Aayyee! You're still making Mario Maker levels! =D But it'll be your last one until SMM2 comes out, huh? Too bad I never had a "finale" level of sorts for SMM, and my Merry Mosaic Treasure Hunt level wasn't supposed to be my farewell level in SMM, lol. Oh well. =S

Sounds like a challenging level. I'll give it a shot later. Probably somebody's gonna get the First Clear in it before I could? Hopefully not!
LunyRem May 28, 11:14 PM

One thing I can imagine that can benefit from the multiplayer mode would be the Kaizo races. Just imagine how those super skilled players such as Z7 are gonna have a blast racing with other players to clear a very difficult precision based level (with or without shell jumps) on who gets to clear the level first. xd When it comes to competitive play, I'd feel nervous and would probably never finish first. ^^' But I like the idea of cooperating with other players to clear a level together. =) Now, I can't help but imagine if it would be possible to break some levels with multiplayer. D=

Me too! I've got some old levels that I'd really love to remake in SMM2. I'd like to improve them along the way, and get rid of any possible cheese or softlocks or any other flaws that I have missed after I had already uploaded those levels. Do you remember this one new feature where two players can build a single level together simultaneously? Even building levels can now be co-op! =D

It's just a month away before SMM2 comes out, but I'm seriously planning of getting a Nintendo Switch so I could play the game. If everything goes according to plan, I might actually get to acquire the console after my birthday or before the game gets released! Hopefully. =w= I've seen some other stage creations from certain videos and images about the Stage Builder in Smash Brawl Ultimate. I remember seeing some good designs while there were others which were hastily made. ^^'

I've figured out how to make my characters insanely strong and this took me a lot of work. When it comes to reaching the limit, I've barely even scratched the surface.

Not sure if you remember Flonne's skill called "Flonnezilla" in Disgaea 2, but the animation of the skill itself looks much better (and funnier!) in Disgaea 5! And it's hilarious! xd You'll also get to witness her new unique skill that she can only use during her Awakened Angel form. =3
LunyRem May 16, 1:28 AM

Hey Josh! =D Yeah, I've seen the new Nintendo Direct. A couple of YouTube channels I'm subscribed to have discussed their reactions about the new Nintendo Direct featuring SMM2 although I haven't watched their entire reaction video, and because of new footage that made me curious, I decided to search for it in YouTube and watched it earlier. xd That was one jam-packed video of new content. Unbelievably awesome. I'm still astonished at how much they improved Mario Maker in its sequel. xd

Of course, I'm satisfied with all the new features I've seen. The addition of the night theme with its unique features per game style was just incredible. I really love the inclusion of the Athletic stage theme now I miss the athletic music from SMB3. I still can't think of new unique level ideas atm for Super Mario Maker 2 but hopefully I'll get some inspiration sometime in the future. xd Also if I'd already own a Nintendo Switch.

I didn't know there was a stage builder in Smash Ultimate! =D So how do you play in the Jumpuu stage? xd Maybe some players easily recognized the character in the pixel art is Yu Ayasaki??

I've already made it far in Disgaea 5. =D My Fallen Angel is making some incredible progress. I still need better equipment..
Gaeki May 1, 6:17 AM
Same. I didn't fight the cameo battle in Abyss on my first playthrough, and even then, I knew not who were they xD I always love to look back at the story's beginning and see how much has everything developed when I'm close to the endgame; it can be counter-productive if it doesn't feel developed, though xD
Destiny was also released outside of Japan, but not its remake, and Eternia too (best verion is the European PSP, since it doesn't have that peculiar dub), so that leaves out Destiny 2, Rebirth and Hearts DS, and I really liked the DS version of Hearts.

I would actually be surprised if one of the three initials' evolutions will be of a single type, even though there have been a few here and there xD Gyarados however is Water/Flying type, so that means he's super weak to Electric, I can't remember what I used to defeat him, because I didn't have any Electric moves. Against Probopass I used Charizard's Inferno, which left him at 1HP and then the Burned did the rest, so that still counts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ As long as the champion's team doesn't allow me to go easy, I will often try to use every Pokemon in my team to fight there, fixed that xP
Curiously, the second weakness triangle isn't complete in Gen 7, because Water/Fairy → Fire/Dark → Plant/Ghost, but Ghost is neutral against Fairy xD

The joke was that the release day was the same day the release date was announced xD I've heard Joker's quite powered, is he? I haven't been using the Switch recently, and all of the other everything has me quite occupied for the moment; I've even been barely on MAL ^^"
LunyRem Apr 22, 1:44 AM

Mmmm! This new level is making me crave for some burgers. =9 That was pretty good! A fairly traditional and straightforward level that's relatively easy but with a few dangerous hazards. I think speedrunners are going to enjoy dashing through your level.

Until I went straight into the boss room and WHOA! Really neat! That's one clever way of using burners on tracks, concealing them behind blasters for a different kind of challenge. It's like Mario just walked into a trap straight into the grill and Bowser looks very delighted to make hamburger out of our heroic plumber. xd How appropriate for a boss fight! The variation of red and black blaster is a clever way of indicating where each set of burners ignite in intervals. Some players might get annoyed with that gimmick, but it doesn't look too hard at all to clear this insane boss room. Excellent work on the new level! Thanks for the new level and I definitely enjoyed it! =D Looks like Bowser's shady business is gonna get shut down for real. xd Too bad about getting the First Clear but that can't be helped. Not sure for how long I can keep my World Record as I do remember I screwed up when I was doing my own speedrun attempt, especially at the boss room. xd

I've been playing nothing but Disgaea 5 lately. xd Flonne has had an incredible level growth but I believe it's still not enough.
Gaeki Apr 14, 5:34 AM
Given that you usually have to go out of your way until you reach the cameo events, I wouldn't be surprised that they are overlooked by most players, and hence, the low priority.
I would be pleased if every party member got their own spotlight and development; it usually feels like tiers 1 to 3 in regards of importantness. Or at least, that the "it's nothing" sentence weren't so overused xD
Thinking about it, not many 2D Tales have been released outside of Japan, while almost all of the 3D did.

I must admit that since I first focused on Incineroar in Smash, I thought he was a Fire/Fighting type, given his Wrestling fighting style xD Or maybe Scorbunny's final evolution will be just a simple Fire type, although I don't think that will be the case xD Siebold's Gyarados was the only Pokémon in the entire League that lasted more than one hit. I've been doing that of using my entire team against the Champion since Platinum xD
Hmm, when I think of an RPG Knight, the Steel type comes to mind instead xD

Usually there's another Direct for around these dates, isn't there?
Gaeki Apr 3, 9:02 AM
Not necessarily needs the main theme to be referenced. I mean, just their irony of fateslame reference is enough to toy around with; although those are quite the spoilers. I really can't think of why are there less cameos recently.
In battle, Presea was always a good choice to keep other enemies at range or plummeling the same one together with Lloyd. But I really liked how the Affinity System matters and how it allows you to pick your own companion instead of focusing on Colette, even though the game's plot scream constantly Colette xD As for Rebirth, I'm liking it so far, with it's unique battle system, and so another game I wonder why it was never localised... Although it probably would've missed my favourite feature: Tytree Crowe's VA is Kappei Yamaguchi. Nuff said xD

If it fits in the settings then it's all right if it resolves around a school campus, but many times it looks more like it's been forced. It feels like it's some kind of necessity rather than being popular. But it's a solid speculation, especially since you're made to pick one of the three sides, and I don't think that's just for the choice's sake xD

Being Scorbunny a hare it would make sense if it's final evolution would be Fire/Fighting for the kicks xD But maybe they'll try and give it another type to avoid the meme, like Incineroar. The Kalos' league was even easier than Kanto's in Let's Go: Eevee, even though Eevee is pretty broken in that game. Still, I totally agree the journey was enjoyable and I had fun playing it; although it took my time to realise that the three starters had a double weakness triangle here xD (Water/Dark → Fire/Psychic → Grass/Fighting) I think Sun would probably last three weeks, if I give it the same attention I gave Y xD

Gamble tier is for players that need to git gud xD I feel like they lost their best teasing chance last Monday.
Gaeki Mar 24, 4:36 AM
Not only that, but with Velvet's Break Souls is fairly easy to keep all enemies under control, even on Chaos, so it's better to go on the safest bet xD Velvet and Sorey in a same cameo battle could also be used for potential references. But now that I think of it, the most recent games have had actually less cameos, even though there are more characters to use.
I don't know if I'd go that far, but at least I keep on "the most precise definition", for better and worse xD Well, didn't you say Presea was one of your favourite characters in the game? xD

Whether RF4S will come physical or not in Europe, as long as the price is fair I don't mind. I want to know that (the price) and it's exact release date, the rest will come eventually. Like if the school stuff wasn't overused already in the jap world xD Maybe the school is just a bigger part of the game and then it continues with another version of the system, but that's just pure speculation.

Having three Fire/Fighting starters in a row really farmed the meme xD Memes or not, I had already decided I'll pick the female when watching the trailer. Maybe not: I've beaten Y already. It only lasted two weeks. Easiest Pokémon game ever. Nuff said.

There are many people that just go for the "9" Judge attack when using Mr Game & Watch, so yeah, I'd put it on the gamble tier xD I think I actually expect more the surprise itself than the characters per se xD
LunyRem Mar 16, 5:50 AM

And looking at all the new contents in the sequel is making me thrilled to imagine what kind of devious creative new levels will be created by veteran level makers, especially those hardcore Japanese players. I will still be using the Wii U if I plan to remake some of my favorite levels from Mario Maker into the sequel. (If I do get a Nintendo Switch) Might have to screenshot every parts of the map from the editor so I could recreate them once again with accuracy.

The underwater subworld of your level reminds me so much of Candy Cove. xd The boss fight was great and good thing it wasn't too hard. Hmm, while I had something in mind for a last Super Expert difficulty level in Mario Maker, I think it'll end up getting scrapped... If I do get a Nintendo Switch and Super Mario Maker 2, I might recreate that idea in there instead.

Level grinding in Disgaea games is absolutely fun, and Disgaea 5 has far superior gameplay mechanics than any of the previous Disgaea games I've played. I'm about to finish the game's main story very soon as I'm close to the final chapter, and once I complete that, I'll proceed with the post-game grinding quests which I'm very excited about! xd Flonne has alright stats in my party even though her level is still very low.

You're enjoying Gotoubon no Hanayome too, huh? xd Miku has become the most popular and favorite among the quintuplets. I've been reading the manga ever since I found out my favorite seiyuu Inori Minase would earn a main role in this anime and I'm glad this series has been character-driven which heavily focuses on the romance instead of the fanservice. Currently my favorite harem series so far. =3
Gaeki Mar 13, 3:37 AM
Since it was possible and pretty simple to switch characters mid-battle, I had all of them as active more or less the same time; with the exception of Velvet, who was hardly ever inactive xD Thanks, now I have the catchphrase stuck in my head xD Still, now only we can wish to see the siblings together in a game either as the cameo battle or a crossover spinoff; I'm fine with both :3
On another note, I finally have beaten Symphonia and now I'm focusing on Rebirth. Symphonia's story may be the most precise definiton of a Tales' story, and my favourite feature was that everyone in the party had a role as well as picking your companion (I chose Presea).

I expect it will be for 40€. Kinda higher that I would like, but still affordable; although I fear that it may actually be higher. That doesn't necessarily mean that Europe will have a physical version like the rest of the world. Maybe, but as far as I know the two concepts are very different, so it may just be coincidence. That's the part I want to know the most, because of the "chosen one" stuff.

I'm leaning towards Scorbunny as well, but once we know their evolutions, it may change. But I'm more certain that I'll pick the female trainer: I didn't like the male's design at all this time. I'm having my own share of Pokémon at the moment, since I'm currently playing Y and I want to beat both this one and Sun before the S/S release, so that refrains my looking forward quite a bit xD

I really can't get used to Chrom because I suck with his Aether; it's like having one limb less. Mr Game & Watch is one of the fighters I have around the middle board, not bad but not good either. And I don't like to win by spamming Judge, it feels so cheap xD
Another WTF character because of it's design like the Plant may just be a reality, but I'm more uneasy about the other reasons, since now we know it can be anyone and still be a complete surprise xD
Gaeki Mar 5, 7:14 AM
I think quite the opposite, that Zestiria's story could've had worse reception the way it is after Berseria's. Well, it's all a matter of from which perspective you want to know the characters' stories. Eizen really comes in handy when a foe is knocked back. Not only that, but Edna is never mentioned directly in Berseria as well.

Still, what would the release price for an enhanced version of a 3DS game? I'm uneasy that it could be higher than my highest expectations... I think this time it will be physical too, but I wouldn't be surprised if it weren't. Yep, Valkyria Chronicles 2 had militar academy as it's main point; although it didn't go as deep as it seems it goes in Three Houses. Not overly excited about it, but still curious.
Yeah. Don't know what I'll do yet since there's still plenty of time until their release.

Content I don't know, but I've started to wonder when the next character will be announced.

The help hardly is intentional I tell ya xD I just can't seem to get used to Chrom, and I especially suck with his Aether, being similar to Ike's only in performance. Another character I use surprisingly well (though I don't like to use) is Lucas.
Now that I've thought about it, might there be another WTF character to surpass Piranha Plant in the remaining dlc? I fear the idea xD