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YaoiMaster Jan 20, 6:44 AM
Oh, I see. Arabic looks like a nice language. It sounds pretty beautiful. They teach you English in Egypt, or did you learn it yourself? I guess English is a universal language, to some degree, but it's interesting if they teach you it there. I wish I could learn a language. I only know English, and some French. But I'm not very good at it. I will go to Germany sometime in the future, when I have more money. It's really that quiet? I don't mind a quiet country, though. I don't like noise. I wonder if many murders happen in Germany. I'd have to read about them. Maybe it's just the area you were in that was quiet? When you go to tourist spots, there are many people. I wonder if they're friendly with strangers. I think Americans are more reserved, and not polite to people they don't know. I don't like it when someone is nosy, however. Yes, I understand what you mean. People respond differently to foreigners depending on which country they are in. I see. Perhaps German people are not very religious, which is why there were no spots to pray. I, myself, am an atheist. I think religion is a big thing in America. I'd like to see your pictures. Is Frankfurt a popular place? I recognize the name. Oh, there are states in Egypt? I assume the pyramids are close to the Nile. Oh, I see now. Would you prefer to live in a place with pyramids and information about pharaohs? Do you eat Greek food? I wonder what Egyptian food is like. Yes, it's kind of amazing how they were able to build the temples and pyramids so long ago. And how they were intelligent enough to figure out how to mummify bodies. I like how people these days cannot come up with invention ideas, but back then everyone was creating and building. I wonder how they constructed the hole if the light only falls on it during 2 days! Yes, it is phenomenal. People back then were so creative. It would be nice if some of them still lived, but after 3000 years, it's inevitable they would be dead. Yes, I hope to do research on it when I get the chance. Hm, I was told the Library of Alexandria was built by Assyrians. You should definitely visit it when you have the time. Here the amusement park is 40 minutes away, and we went there nearly every day over the summer. Yes, the Nile is good for farming. Especially when it floods and the silt is left behind. So the people gave up on farming because they don't have good equipment and don't get paid much? I see. Egyptian fruit tastes bad? Maybe because it wasn't grown well. The fruit here is fine. Haha, you think there's too much technology in the west? I suppose they are advanced. Yes, but they also put a lot of chemicals in crops here, to make them taste better or something. Maybe you need new people in the government. Yes, I'm sure it's worse than America. Here there is less unemployment lately, but it's still hard to get a job unless you are talented in the field. Do you have any talents? Really? That sounds crazy. Do they not have education, as well? I think if the president breaks his promises here, he gets impeached. But I'm not entirely sure, I don't know much about how the government system works. I see, so you have a whole town that is full of poor people? Eh, why do you think they are lying if people like that are prevalent? Yes, you are probably right. But food and such is more important than drugs or sex. Poor people are more likely to do drugs, unfortunately. I've never heard about people using orphan slaves. Why do the orphans stay with them if they are abused? Can they not leave? Eh, I am not sure how to feel bad about poor people and such because I have never had much money, myself, but I don't feel bad for myself. At least, not at the moment. But I think I should be the only one to feel bad for myself. Huh, so they're like that. But I think there must be some nice people among the poor, even if most would rape you. They sound desperate. I wonder why the government isn't fixing it. The people working for it must be bad, huh. Does the government give them supplies, though? Of course they have the right to live, but does the government give them housing and such? What are you studying in school? I think school only costs money here if it's a private one. Or a university. I've always gone to the best schools in the area. I see, your dad must have high hopes for you.
YaoiMaster Jan 18, 6:33 PM
Oh, what languages do you know? I'd like to go to Germany some day with someone very special to me. What kind of things did you not like about the country? Yes, and it is quite beautiful. I have a sister who has traveled to many places, including Germany, Italy, Thailand, Australia.... What are you going to major in? Yes, I wouldn't like to visit countries for study purposes. Though I initially had planned on studying abroad. I want to visit Japan the most, because I plan on living in Nara some day. I also want to go to Italy, France, Russia, and England. And perhaps Korea or China. Do you have any pictures of Germany, by the way? You don't live near any pyramids? That's a shame, hopefully you can see them soon. I liked to learn about ancient India the most. Greek mythology is a bit confusing because there are so many people to memorize! Since grade 4, I see. I like to learn about the mummification process. The Mediterranean Sea also has an interesting history! Ah, Alexander the Great. I like that the Greek culture lives on in other places. Yes, wasn't it built by the Assyrians? Have you been to that library?
That tends to be how the government is. They only care about their power. Is there a lot of farming in Egypt? I'd assume not, but I'm not sure. I don't get any natural disasters where I live, either. Apparently tsunamis are more likely to hit the west coast than the east coast. I live on the east coast, so. I've only experienced one earthquake here, and I couldn't feel it. A paradise! Yes, that sounds like America, as well. We have the "shady part of town" and the wealthier part. The shady part is where there are poor people and many crimes. I want to go to abandoned places. I will do research on abandoned places in Egypt. Do you mean alleys and such? I think the homeless people here live in alleys. Thing is, here you never know who is lying about being homeless or not. They will go on the street with signs saying "Homeless, need money," but they never look like they're homeless. And they could very well be lying. So most people don't give them money, figuring they're just lying. Haha, the people are not scary. It is just that when you do not have much, you resort to desperate measures to get the things you need. Even stealing from people, just to get food or clothes. Most people who mug just want money because they don't have enough to get the things they need. But yes, poor people are more likely to be drug addicts and criminals. I don't see places like that because I don't live in the poor part of town. My neighbors are all rich snobs. But we don't have much money, so we aren't like them. I'd say my neighborhood is pretty normal, but there are no crimes here because the people have enough money. I am always envious of people with very nice looking houses!
YaoiMaster Jan 18, 4:52 PM
Yes, and welcome to FG.

Hm. I'm not really into politics. Do you want to travel outside? If so, where would you like to go? I see, I assumed as much. Do you like to visit pyramids? I liked to learn about ancient Egypt, it was interesting. Do you live near the Nile, by chance? The place where I live doesn't have many attractions to visit, or interesting landscapes. There aren't mountains around here, though it must be nice to live near them. Maybe if the government has enough money to restore things. Though I think there's something refreshing about rotting things. What do you think about abandoned places? Are there any where you live?
YaoiMaster Jan 18, 4:36 PM
Ah, no, I am from America.
What is Egypt like?
YaoiMaster Jan 18, 4:29 PM
From Egypt? How interesting.