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Gilriin 6 hours ago
Aww i'm so sorry to hear that. Your body is probably telling you it's tired which is why you have so much problems. I'm sure if you could get some rest and less stress things would get better !!
Marks are the same everywhere i guess ... Well you have a goal so i'm sure that can help you focus and going strong. Still it's crazy haha but i mean you're doing it for a good reason. I sure hope it pays out ^^

I've finally caught up yes haha . Still slacking a little but i'm getting there ^^. Well ep 2 was a lot of fan service as usual but still cute haha did you like it ?

Yeh, i mean you only had three eps to finish it lmao. I was actually told that it was supposed to be a 24 ep season but they finally decided to cut it which is why it's coming back so fast. I hope they manage to make it better cause ugh ... lmao.
Why do you think it's a feminist anime lmao ? i'm only on ep 10 so don't spoil me please lmaooo

I don't sleep a lot either :( 4 to 5 hours each night. it's also taking a toll on my health.All my friends keep telling me that i should sleep haha but it's hard when you're used to this rhythm even if its bad for you T_T

hahah i am haha. Well sadly i don't really have a lot of time to play lately, also since i've been really into OW. I listed a few of my games on my profile. i'm actually planning on playing the future WOW extension that is coming out soon but other than that i'm not really playing lately. I tried a bit of league with a friend but yeah hahah. What about you ?

wakamessama Apr 17, 1:25 PM
Don't worry!! It's fine, (I'm actually dying of stress cause uni, so I haven't been on MAL a lot lately) Happy Easter to you too! ^.^ I'm glad you were on a trip. don't feel sorry for being there, it was your time to finally relax a bit and spend some time with your loved ones. You deserve it after so much dedication to your studies. Ah that sucks, I hope you're feeling better!! Idk if there's anything that can beat the period's cramps but it must have been really painful xD

Omg, you should definitely see a doctor. Those symptoms are definitely not normal :0 I know it's difficult to find time when studying for something is really important for you. But remember that your health goes first, it's a priority, everything else can wait. Besides if you aren't feeling well your performance in everything you do will not be the best. I hope that you get well soon .

Yeah, your stress and headaches probably come from that, they will probably vanish when you finish them. When does all your exams end?? Maybe you can also try to adjust your Schedule in a different way. If what you're doing now it's noyt helping you maybe you can change the order you do things. Like sleeping more (my grades improve when I'm completely rested). Also make sure you're eating well, and whenever you feel like you can't continue studying, rest even if it's for 15 minutes, your body is giving you a sign, try to not ignore it.

Lol I hate when they present the citizens that haven't appeared in years during like three consecutive episodes xD Like yeah, we all know that the people from Edo fight for their country X'D I need more Gintoki serious fights, and serious Shinsengumi fights. Omg also with S3 of Free!! xD Idk how I'll find time to watch all of that during the same week.

That arc was a masterpiece xD Hijikata and Gintoki are so different but have so much in common at the same time. They've a great chemistry imo. I felt kinda sorry for Kondo in that scene but it was hilarious :,D

Sadly, Magi had so much potential to become a grea franchise. Interesting characters with real development, real social issues (like slavery, starvation, etc.) and magic! plus, I wanted to know more about their world and dungeons *cries* Sinbad is a great character, no doubt. His childhood almost makes me cry :'( Akatsuki no Yona is one of the few anime I consider a masterpiece xD It has a slow pace for some but for me it was great to know the characters more deeply. Yona's character develops nicely and the animation is beautiful, I was surprised when I found that Pierrot was the one in charge since I usually relate it with battle shounens xD I'm sure also guys will like it. It kind of reminds me of Magi cause the main group constantly find different social problems happening through the country (including human trafficking). Agreed! Op 2 is awesome :'D

Loool, Idk why xD Gintoki was my favorite during the first like 50 eps of Gintama, and I used to dislike Hijikata until ep 8 which makes no fucking sense xD Then I got obsessed with Zura cause he was so hilarious like I died every time he was on my screen x'D Zura ja nai, Katsura da! Now my order is like this: Zura, Hijikata, Gintoki, Okita and Madao xD Kamui would be my #6. Girls: Kyuubei, Tsukuyo, Kagura, Sacchan and Nobume. (women in Gintama are the most badas xD)

Oh Gintama ships xD I hope Hideaki pleases us with some lol. My fave ships are: Okita x Kagura, Gintoki x Tsukuyo, Zura x Ikumatsu, and Kondo x Otae.

Wow your country should efinitely try making their own anime!! In mine (Puerto Rico) people aren't that interested in the anime industry so they'll never even try xD That's impressive, you know three languages?? I only had the chance to watch DBZ, Duel monsters and Pokemon as a kid xD the anime industry is dead here lol I went to Hot Topic to find anime merchandize but nope, they didn't have any xD I've hesrd so many positive comments about Avatar, but I've never seen it. I know it's related with the elements and such but nothing else xD Is it good?

Lol Idk she's now meh to me again xD. Like she's again complaining all the time and just observing how the other characters improve. Rock Lee is one of the most inspirational characters I've ever seen <3 Gaara is life, Kakashi is fave, and I'm not ready to see Jiraiya's death :'( I don't like Sasuke, he considers himself the best in the world or something like that xD I prefer Itachi all the way lol and recently I started liking Deidara a lot. Well, I like Akatsuki in general. (me and villains again lol) I'm skipping all the fillers, I'll say no to fillers in anime from now on xD I've seen so many pics form the fight between Naruti and pain and it's painful to watch indeed lol

I don't really mind about long running shows, Iused to be afraid of them but not anymore after Bleach and Gintama xD

Lol Idk if I'd survive a single day, I'm a weak human as well xD Good luck in your first exam, it's painful that it has to be on the first day, like why???!!! xD Oh you study in the UK, that's nice. A shame that the customs from the differnet students aren't considered at all.

Wow, it has so many benefits, didn't know about that. Idk if I'd survive tho my body feels weak 24/7 and I get skinny asf easily lol and the headaches start if I don't eat x( but he colorful drinks seem worth everything XD

During Easter, I studied, eat, sleep, repeat watch anime, repeat. Basically that xD oh and I watched wrestling with my dad.

Lol GoT is my life, so I won't definitely have any problem with those scenes xD I always watch anime with headphones so it's oki

It's kinda uncommon to see two brothers that think so differnet, but at least he likes anime xD I also have a great realtionship with my sister, but she's too young yet so there are things I can't talk to her about xD You're lucky to have that bond with your sister, enjoy it :D lol I wish I had an olde brother or sister, I wonder how it's be since being the oldest brings a lot of responsibility wit it xD

I see, it's great that you maintain the contact with them. Most of my friends totally forgot about me, I got tired of being the one looking for them so I stopped caring tbh. How the education in the IGCSE school differs from the rest?

I first listened to "Hero" while playing a WWE game lol, but it became one of my favorite songs soon after that. Yes, "whispers in the Dark" is another of my faves as well!! Chester's death is going to be difficult to overcome for his fans, his songs were inspiring but thank goodness his legacy will stay on Earth for a good amount of time. SID sings "Ranbu no Melody" from Bleach and the first op from Magi :D They've many good songs. Now I'm obsessed with a band named Mucc xD and specially a song they've named "Libra"

Yaaaaaaaaaay!! Did you like it?? Omg tell me how was your experience while watching it ^.^

Lol I haven't seen the raper horse yet xD now I'm scared. I think that scene takes place in the newest versión of Berserk. I haven't seen it in the old version yet (I'm on ep 17), and I hope it never happens x'D Lol I understand your sister, Usui is husbando material x'D I love that series tbh. It always puts a smile on my face lol plus Usui ofc. The problem I see with Rukia is that Kubo made her irrelevant after the Arrancar arc *cries lol* and tried to replace her wth Orihime xD Morgianna would be my waifu if I was a man lol same with Mikasa and her abs x'D

I didn't like the series of Shirayuki at all, but at least she was a better heroine than Cheese or whatever her name is xD Samurai Champloo is on my ptw list :3

Yes they did xD but I liked it because it made eerything more believable and that defeat made the whole team realice that there was a lot to improve. Really inspirational :'D

Btw have you seen Rurouni Kenhin? I watched some eps, but I decided to watch the 4 ovas of Kenshin's past and they're great!!! I think you'd like them since it has great fights, animation, a good story, romance and drama.

Man with a Mission is awesome, I listened to a new song of them yesterday but i forgot the name xD fml. What do you think of Golden Kamuy?

I'm watching BNHA (the story isn't advancing much but the two eps were funny), Tokyo Ghoul:Re (I like it...more tan I believed xD I think it's because of Touka's appearance in ep 2 lol) and Steins;Gate ep 1. Also, a slice of lfe named Kakuriyo (I forgot the rest of the title xD) that's about youkais and stuff like that. I watched Chihayafuru (loved it, it's similar to Haikyuu but it's about a poetry card game named karuta and it's by Madhouse) and D. Gray man.

Oki, I continued downloading it, so soon I'll continue watching it :D
Gilriin Apr 16, 4:01 AM
Oooh thanks for explaining all of that to me haha, it does make sense now ^^
It's crazy that you can pick up so many classes wow. i'm sure you will manage to get what you want even if it's hard :D

Oh i see hahha that sounds complicated though. not sure i'm ready for so much work :p

i have to watch ep2 i'm late on all my anime, i've been slacking lately >.<

Overlord S1 was nice, S2 bore me out of my mind lmao, but apparently s3 is coming soon so we'll see how it goes.
I'm not far in claymore only ep 7:( i have to finish it. I like it so far ^^

WOOOW you watch so much stuff, with all your work how do you do it :O

Kazanarii Apr 14, 11:58 AM
Well, your profile is really nice. We have the exact same fav anime genres, as soon as i saw Magi in your list i jumped. The thing that made me sad was the fact that you don`t like reading manga yet you watched TG, you`ll never know how amazing that story is unless you read the manga QwQ oh well, i see you`re a Ginatama fan, i never watched it but i want to, the reviews sucks so i wanna hear it from an expert, how good is it?
Zaedist Apr 12, 9:39 AM
Hahaha, he's like my fav character so far xD

I'm watching Boku no Hero Academia S2, it's been awhile since I started something new, got alot of catching up to do.

What about you?
Gilriin Apr 11, 1:06 AM
Oh Germany is nice but it's pretty tough i guess. So you will still try to apply right ?

Oh wow i didn't know you could do that :o

Yeh you should not be so hard on you :( i understand how important studies are but still your health is important !

I can't wait for the rest :D

I will definitely watch it i promise :D should i avoid Root A then ?

Yeah i mean i kin of expected recap as a first ep so yeah i'm waiting for ep 2 and 3 for the shit to really start going down lmao.

Oh i don't know about it. i was sick so i only watched Overlod S1 and 2 and started Claymore. i have to catch up :o you ?
Trignity Apr 9, 11:51 AM
Your welcome XD
.lol...tbh...same... in updated my bio...when...I wanted a break from studies... yeah I really liked it :))

Ah... well I finished watching violet evergarden...too beautiful...but too sad...and too good too... worth watching..(T_T)

And as if now....I will wait for Tokyo ghoul:re...and started re reading my fav mangas.... simultaneously . What about you!?
Visperia Apr 9, 8:10 AM
its as good as the game *-*
Gilriin Apr 9, 3:03 AM
Oh in which country do you want to go ? Did you already pick your uni ?
oh God no problem but i'm sorry you didn't take the time to relax :(

Well it's just basically scenes of him being abused and beat up and like eating his own puke so yehhhh .....
Yeah there definitely is but i will keep my mouth shut i promise :D
Can't wait to see Escanor as well :-D

This arc does look like it's gonna drag on to be honest !!!

Yeh you watch Saiki and i watch Gintama lmao x)

God i relaie have to watch it and hope i won't be disappointed :/

I watched the first ep of BNHA but like i supposed it was mostly a recap so i'm waiting for ep 2 :D What about you ?

Zaedist Apr 8, 11:50 AM
Ollaa. I know pretty late reply, I haven't been active on MAL for awhile D:

Your answer to Escanor :P Don't mess with the Lion's Sin of Pride
elomere8 Apr 8, 7:32 AM
Visperia Apr 6, 6:55 AM
sorry for late replies i been SUPER busy ;-; i hope we can still talk more ♥
Gilriin Apr 5, 1:31 AM
Well that's in a long time ;O Hhaha Yess i feel you >.< But you'll still have a lot of work in Uni as well hahah. It's really hard to motivate yourself i know :/But yeh you should sleep more haha

Haha I don't think they will because it was part of stuff that we already passed. Yeh Elizabeth is pretty cliche BUUUUUTTTTTT ........... No I won't be spoiling you :D. Can't remember what his score was right now but Damn he is reaaaaallly strong hahaah.

Yeh its pretty long because they want to cover each of the Sin's past + additional characters + plot twist + Ten commandments so YEAH hahaha

I haven't watched Gintama yet but i did find it hilarious.Seriously if you want to relax and just watch something chill watch this hahaha I swear i cried from laughter at some eps haha

No it's on my PTW. Did you enjoy it ?
Trignity Apr 5, 12:10 AM
thanks ^^
yeah i wish the same :)

read your bio...dude you did an amazing i can imagine the amount of hardwork...coding everything and other stuff!!!
good job!!
wakamessama Apr 3, 11:11 AM
Thanks for understanding :D and that sucks. I developed migraine like two years ago when I was taking Calculus, so I understand how awful is to have headaches almost every day due to stress x( Have you seen a doctor btw?? Is it there something specific that is stressing you? Or is a combination of different factors? Sorry if I'm making too many questions, I just think that since I passed through a similar situation we can tak about it.

The first 23 episodes of Pandora Hearts are really good, mysteries everywhere, death, friendship, the importance of finding your place in the world, etc. But they ruined the last 2 episodes with fillers!! :'( like always another of my faves gets ruined by fillers outta nowhere xD it doesn't affect me anymore at this point lol since I wanted to know how the story continued I made a sacrifice and started the manga, which is great. But if you don't want to read it, I highly recommend the first 23 eps of the series, and the filler end isn't thaaaat bad either xD.

I agree, at least they're taking a break for next season. A good decision imo, I hope they don't disappoint us again with the animation. True!!! Ep 12 was great, I loved when the Ending was presented at the beginning, and Takasugi appeared at the end of it. I wanted to cry x'D When I finished the ep, I was going to click the next video and I realized that it was over fml XD Next season will start strongly with those three <3

Lol it seems funny and intersting, specially if you know how the characters act during most of the time. Your description reminds me of the Soul Switch arc in Gintama, when Hijikata and Gintoki exhanged bodies xD

Saaame!!!! But I'm afraid cause I read that something not good is supposed to happen to Rem at the end of the lasta arc of S1, so I'm afraid of her :0 Omg season 2 of Magi and Noragami are a must in our lives xD I was so hyped when I finished S2 of Magi, so many conflicts taking place and bam! No more Magi *cries forever* Recently I started watching Sinbad no Bouken it isn't the same but it helps xD at least there's Sinbad and Jafar from the original series :'D I need more Alibaba and Morgianna in my life tho. Same with Noragami,a nd in my case I've been waiting for S2 of Akatsuki no Yona since 2016 :'D

I also liked Stain xD a shame that they didn't show more of him on S2 Lol second characters usually become my faves as well. I think the exceptions are Death Note, Noragami, FMA: Brotherhood, and Gintoki (well Gintoki is my third favorite from Gintama but he's on my favorites list so that counts xD)
Ging is cool xD he should be the main instead of Gon lol

That movie was genious, wtf happened to Elizabeth? xD he was tak=lking in Kondo's voice to kondo, and it was weird X'D I also shipped Kagura with Gintoki in that movie, she looked perfect for Gintoki a shame that characters in the original series never age xD so the best and most legal option as you said is Okita <3 Actually I'm expecting to have some real ships in the series soon lol I need to see some love between the characters :'D

That's great, I regret not having watched Nauto before. Most of the fans watched it as kids, and I only had Pokemon and DBZ on my tv xD I'm skipping all the fillers to avoid any suffering. I'm really loving Shippude, I finally got to see Sakura being brave and badass, and some of the new characters are really interesting. Did you get to watch the arc of the Invasión of Pain?? I Heard it's the best of all Naruto and I'm going to reach it soon :D I love Op 1 and 6 so far, Op 6 is so emotional :'( and I haven't reached that part yet

"this anime is perfect to rise up the IQ of a human being" I'm more interested now xD I like to think when I'm watching something, so this seems attractive t me. I see, I hope you get to watch it together during the last two weeks at least <3

It seems somehow difficult xD I'm sure it requires a lot of willpower (food is always tempting) but at the same time it sounds like it can bring some peace with yourself, and that it helps to appreciate more what you have.

Yes 40 xD I haven't updated that list yet. I'm sure I already completed some.

I finished it last night, and it;s good If you're interested in the past of the world in NGNL (how the world of games was created, etc)I really liked it, even if I'm not a fan either. Sora and Shiro don't appear until the end, but the main characters are really similar to them. The only character that apears from the original story is Jibril xD but the animation, carácter designs and story were really good. I give it a 8.

Lol!! I used to do that as well xD sometimes I skip the episode when I'm going to watch an episode during day in case mom enters or something :'D Speaking of Devilman:Crybaby, is it good? I'm planning to watch it soon but Idk if it's worth it. That's great, I only knew a few people that have a really close bond with their older siblings. It's something beautiful tbh. :')

The only two friends I've on real life, (well currently one because she forgot about my existence) say it's only full of violence. They're christians and I can't talk to them about anything I like to watch, listen, etc. I really like Skillet, my favorite song of them are "Monter" and "Hero" :D I listen to some Linkig park songs, specially "In the End", not a big fan tho. A shame that their vocalist died, he was really talented. I forgot to mention Disturbed, I love that band as well. I'm also currently starting to listen more Japanese bands as well xD like SID, and The Gazette.

You convinced me to continue with it xD I put it in On-hold for now because I want it to finish before I continue. I like to make marathons of episodes x'D

Lol and Rin wasting all that water in the middle of the desert xD that song is great tho, same with the Ed of 2nd season

I Agree xD, I like around three types of characters. In males I like as you said badass characters, with tragic past and cold only when necessary. (Btw have you seen Berserk? The animation is old but the main character's story is tragic asf, and he's badass. I'm on the half of the season but the story is really good so far). Then there's the unpredictable type, there I include Hisoka, Xerxes Break, Undertaker from Kuroshitsuji, etc. xD Of course, there's also the seductive, good at everything like Sebastian and Usui Takumi from Maid Sama <3 and finally the ones who see cold and badass but you know that eventually will show their true feelings, like Itachi, Byakuya, Sesshoumaru, etc. In girls I like when they're capable of defending themselves, like to protect others, nice, and with self confidence. Like Rukia, Morgianna, Miksa (if she only would't over protect Eren xD), nana Osaki, etc. I also like when they've great sense of humor and a unique personality (like Minori kushieda).

That band is good then, 'll have to listen at more of their songs :D the series is great, no doubt of that.

I don't like episodic series tbh, so it's probably not for me. I expect something deeper from a universe like that xD wtf that's how they met? It makes no sense x'D and I didn't like the Ovas, the first two were god, but then everything was so "plot convenient" that it killed my hype for the series. Lol the animation saved it from a lower score. The heroine was unexisting to me. She reminds me of a zombie versión of Shirayuki xD

That's nice, I can't even swim XD *shame* Haikyuu is great, there's character development, drama when necessary and good comedy. The first episodes weren't that good, but after around 4 episodes I was excited to watch the next episode.

I'm planning to watch Golden Kamuy :D I disn't know, that increases my desire to watch it xD Man with a mission is a good drug for my ears xD Besides Golden Kamuy I want to try Devils Line, Juushinki Pandora, Mahou Shoujo SIte (I don't have high expectations but who know), Piano Mori and Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (the original ovas are too many xD)

Kazuma was a great MC xD I absolutely loved him, he was really charismatic and hilarious

I'll rewatch ep 7 to continue with the rest soon cause I forgot most of what has happened so far xD