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Jul 3, 2013
I really liked this manga series, until I reached the end. I won't write an extremely long-winded review, but I would like to preface this by saying that I only just finished reading Sexless Friend about an hour ago, so my review may not be entirely impartial. There will also be a paragraph with spoilers in it where appropriate, so you have been warned.

---Story--- 7/10

I liked the story, it had a good premise and it worked well. My main complaints with the story is that; a) it was too short, and b) I didn't like the ending. I will go more into detail on the read more
Apr 7, 2013
Before I even start, I'd like to say that this is strictly my opinion. Feel free to disagree. I will try to avoid spoiling the story, but if you are afraid of spoilers you might want to be careful when looking through the reviews.


Story: 7/10

The story in Zetsuen no Tempest had a really great start, lots of twists and turns along the way. From the start you can tell that they are just ordinary teenagers, who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances. After watching the first two episodes, I was hooked. There was good character progression as the show went on, but somewhere along the way read more
Feb 22, 2013
I'm the kind of person who would never, ever give anything a perfect score. Games, Movies, Anime, pretty much everything I can find flaws and problems with it. But I found it really difficult to find anything at all negative to say about Steins;Gate.

I absolutely loved the characters. The story was really engaging, and when a character felt panicked or sad, you felt it too. I found myself tearing up many, many times throughout the anime.

The only thing that I could nit pick at is that nothing feels permanent. There are some characters who will go unnamed that I think should not have been read more