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Oct 3, 2012
Mixed Feelings
Well, I finally did it, though I was never actually opposed to it, but I've had more of an interest in hentai lately and one of the tags listed at the website I watched this anime was crossdressing. That always catches my eye, so I thought I'd give it a try.

The story isn't very deep, just as the synopsis said, its about two young teens in a family who take pleasure in sex tormenting or exploring others at their huge mansion and estate, which is infrequently visited by their father. Sometimes they seem naughty innocents: just wanting to have a good time or learn new ...
Jan 27, 2012
Sex Pistols (Anime) add
It was hard to rate this one because I liked the concept but not the result. And there's a list of reasons why, and I'm going to be blunt.

The story had little depth. The emotions portraryed were often uneven or strange and made gay or bi guys seem to be dumb whether they were complete "bags", silly or gutless or that it is necessary to apologize for loving someone of your own gender or its a mistake. The backgrounds of the characters were too brief. Conversely, when they do give some background, such as in the case of Madarame, the reptile guy, what they did ...
Jan 20, 2012
A beautifully androgynous young master, in search of the holy scriptures of Buddha and to deliver a gift to the emperor, has various adventures through the dangers of the countyside on his journey. Along the way, he is provided a disciple as a bodyguard, Son Goku, a mischevious monkey with a love for pennies and always ready with insolent wit or a power staff of protection. He also finds various steamy situations from a few beings entranced by his beauty or who wish to use his body.

I am a yaoi fan, love bishounen, and also like lighter shounen-ai anime and manga as well. As ...
Jan 29, 2009
CUT (Manga) add
I flat out love this manga! One of the fewer yaoi manga which addresses some serious issues like sexual molestation and abuse, but which gladly have the young person involved more realistic in that, you do what you have to do to get by sometimes, but you don't tell lies to yourself about "loving" this abuser even if the abuser says the disgustedly sickening crap about loving you. This is more of a realistic story of when a youth is sexually abused, yet also a love story, where there is a satisfying ending also. A bittersweet story of two young men who come together, men ...
Jan 27, 2009
(Manga) add
This is a cute one-shot slice of life type yaoi manga. The main character is a young guy whose thoughts you read, which quickly take you into the plot of the story: a natural protector Fujita, tries to help Midori whom he thought was being taken advantage by a stalkerish person on a bus ride. His mistake causes Midori to miss his stop, yet Fujita quickly falls into worshipful love, apologizing in a variety of ways and becomes Midori's willing slave.

Per se, I do get tired of the yaoi manga characters which seem to have to state at some time during the story, "I ...
Jan 27, 2009
(Manga) add
I know there are fans of this particular theme within a genre, featuring incest as the sole plot, and I would say I have enjoyed some related types stories like "Brother", but this one in particular I greatly disliked. I know this is fiction, and the writer is completely free to write about what they wish, but too many impressionable people read these, even if they are labeled 18+, a lot younger ones read them.

I don't believe any story which glamorises incest, and a forcible situation especially. It's simply criminal, and in this particular story where the writer has the uke warped into believing he ...
Jan 12, 2009
Wild Rose (Manga) add
Like Wild Fangs, the artwork is outstanding if you like the type. It rather reminded me of Wild Rock. The long, lean bodies and sleek hair, the unbelievably beautiful face of Kiri, the man-beast. And the storyline is strong, combined with what one read in the brother manga, Wild Fangs, Kiri's story is both interesting and heart-warming. Just the right amount of angst, no more, this was perfect. A very enjoyable read one won't be sorry for, if you like yaoi, GOOD yaoi, strong stories, good plot and pace, and moderate sex ( no graphic sex, just a romanticised but very definite view of Kiri's ...
Jan 8, 2009
The artwork is really eye-catching at times, great detail, very beautiful and distinct. A dramatic story that really grabs you from the very first pages. I come across this manga by accident, and was so glad I did.

It's a detailed story although the page count isn't high, a lot of info is discussed for a manga and things go on. It is a continuing series, so I will look forward to reading more from this writer.
Jan 8, 2009
Hmm, hmm, I must admit this one was hot but maybe because it was so explicit. The stories were short of course, and no need for beginning or end. They were cute, and since they were age same characters, this didn't bother me so much although I wondered do all kids have that much sex? I didn't LOL Hmm, well, the last one I didn't like because of the age difference, college student to 6th grader.
Jan 5, 2009
(Manga) add
A flash fic by Yamane, two dads, two sons, double the amount of desire. Great artwork and detail as usual, the story isn't deep, but its ok. It's like watching a 30 min. sexy sitcom, no need for advanced beginning or detailed ending. We know what's going to happen. Lots of funny moments, and hot action at the climax peak. You can't go wrong with this one shot if you love yaoi.

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