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Sep 30, 2018
Hey folks, this will be a review for Isekai Maou. This show was a stinker to put plainly. It seems common to equate it to Overlord but that does Overlord such a disservice. I'm going to rail on this show pretty hard but overall if you want a fantasy story similar to Overlord to scratch that itch then its worth a watch. As a standalone show however it falls short in so many ways.

The story starts off with a gamer shut in transported to this new world. He keeps the items he had in the game, one item is a ring of spell reflection. This read more
Sep 28, 2018
Hey folks, this will be a review for Hinamatsuri. This show is a fun watch. The synopsis given and the reviews will lead you to believe it is funnier than it is, perhaps a little more crazy too. However as good as the show is, its rather tame on the comedy, and really boils down into the unlikely parent taking care of the unlikely child shows.

The story starts off like the synopsis says. Nitta is hit on the head by a strange girl in a casket who has strange powers. She then strong arms him into staying in his apartment and buying her food and read more
Apr 10, 2018
Hey folks, this will be a review for Tsurezure Children. TC takes the romantic comedy angle and puts a twist in it. Its interesting but not without flaws.

There isn't a standard story, rather there is a formula to the episodes. The first several episodes revolve around characters and their confessions to their person of interest. The later episodes revolve around couples still trying to make the confessions happen, and couples trying to figure out how to be couples.

Honestly the show starts off ok. Each character and scene has a touch of real to it, and it isn't often you get shows where a relationship is read more
Apr 10, 2018
Blend S (Anime) add (All reviews)
Hey folks, this will be a review for Blend S. This show can be simplified down to being a poor mans Working!!.

The story revolves around Maika who is a girl with some troubles. She is unable to find a job because of her cold eyes and smile. However one day a manager for a cafe gives her a job. This cafe is basically a maid cafe but each female member of the staff role plays a personality. Maika is assigned the sadistic character trait because she has that cold look in her eyes.

The characters were fun to watch. The gap between their real personality and read more
Apr 10, 2018
Hey folks, this will be a review for Net-juu no Susume. Honestly it wasn't bad, but wasn't great.

The story revolves around Moriko and Yuuta. Moriko was a business woman who decided to quit her job and become a NEET. While living the stay at home life she discovers a new mmo as the one she used to play is no longer available. Yuuta is a business man who works and finds time to play the same mmo as Moriko.

Most of the episodes revolve around them talking in the mmo world with their gender reversed characters. When they are not on the game talking read more
Apr 10, 2018
Hey folks, this will be a review for Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara. In short, this anime isn't very good.

The background info you need is a business woman named Chisato and a bartender named Sora are married. Each episode has a starting scene but it always ends up the same. Wife comes home from work, is handed a drink of some kind. She becomes drunk which makes her more bubbly and bright as a character.

As for enjoyment, its really lacking. I don't think this is some bad example for children like some others. However it is boring, repetitive, and trying too hard to be read more
Apr 6, 2018
Hey folks, this will be a review for Miira no Kaikata. Have you ever heard someone say something was so sweet that it gave them diabetes? Well this show might actually be sweet enough to do that.

The story revolves around a group of kids from high school who have this ability to see special creatures. Each character has their own creature that they take care of and they spend their days living their lives with them.

The art was fitting and the soundtrack and VA was great.

The characters are a great part of the show. Each one has their own personality but they have a read more
Apr 6, 2018
Hey folks, this will be a review for Dagashi Kashi 2. Much better than season 1 in many ways, including making you want more.

The story picks up from season one with the Dagashi shop. However they make it much easier to watch than the first season. Each episode is only 12 minutes long and the Dagashi lessons are much more concise. It was much nicer to have a fun show to watch with the occasional Dagashi fun fact moment than sit for 20 minutes in a Dagashi classroom.

The art was pretty as usual, though there was less of the town and more of the shop. read more
Jan 4, 2018
Hey folks, this will be a review for Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara. This season was a mix of bad and good. We return to wondering whats going to happen, and being drawn into the events more personally. However it comes at the cost of the story and art being sub par.

The story of Shokugeki no Souma was never a intricate part to enjoying the series imo. That being said this season makes it seem rather silly, and draws you out of the experience just with its ridiculousness. The first half of the show focuses on the moon festival, which wasn't bad. However read more
Sep 20, 2017
Hey folks, this will be a review for Aho Girl. This show was fun. Pure and simple its a fun show. It doesn't try to be anything, and yet encompasses many things which we find enjoyable from other shows.

The story revolves around Yoshiko who is the stupid girl. She is an idiot without equal. Her childhood friend and neighbor Akuru is an intelligent guy without any friends. Together they live their lives with Yoshiko doing stupid things and Akuru trying to reign her in.

The art was pretty good and the soundtrack was catchy.

The characters are pretty fun. As mentioned above Yoshiko is the idiot. read more