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Sep 27, 2009
This series has been seriously criticized for no real reason, this is not some action based anime like bleach or Naruto so to compare it to them are quite irational.
If all you are looking for is characters screaming at eachother while they try to chop eachother up this is not your cup of tea.

Randomly on the earth where the story takes places massives amounts of elements dissapear(only one element at a time and only in a limited area), apparently they are being transported to this alternative dimension which only kids (with a specialy developed lobe area) can detect.
What this means is that kids that can read more
Feb 17, 2009
I seriously dont know what lots of people have against this anime, its great and very underestimated. I guess maybe the CGI animation they do on the dragons really doesn't suit their taste and it ruins the whole series for them.

This series is shounen and romance geared, if its the mecha or the action you are mostly interested in this is not for you.
Basicly this series mixes some half-baked action(I'm not saying the action is bad its just not the focus and is pretty rare in occurance) and some deep character designs, development and an overall shallow plot.
The thing with this series is that read more
Oct 6, 2008
Tide-Line Blue is basicly a military drama, action is included but its mostly just watching torpedoes being fired at back and forth. Therefore what really makes up this series is the characters, plot and drama.

The story is nothing great, its rather quite simple but its ingenious in its simplicity.
Simple but touching, not complex but still intriguing because of this it flows very naturaly and at a high pace which just draws you in.

I dont have much so say about this, its average, I think the characters movement and motions seem more fluent and detailed then usual otherwise its good but not great.

Just amazing, I read more