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Dec 12, 2013
Sekirei (Anime) add (All reviews)
After seeing how so many people gave this a really high rating, I had to review.
First off, this show is one of the worst anime series I have ever seen (the other being Upotte!).

Story: The story is extremely lame, seeing as it is about a student who cannot get into college who cannot do anything at all (how original). One day, as he is walking through the city, a random girl just happens to land on him in midst of a battle. Thus, the start of a weird "adventure." One by one, he meets more of these weird girls that become known as Sekirei. read more
Dec 9, 2013
Similar to many other OVAs nowadays, this OVA has little plot and some fanservice. However, that does NOT mean you should not watch it. It is still as funny as the ones in the TV Series.

Like I said, there is no story. The OVA focuses on dates with Tobiichii and Tohka. Shidou no longer wants Tobiichii to be in love with him, so he and Kotori devises a plan to get her to hate him. However, the more he tries, the more she loves him (ish). Then, he goes on a date with Tohka because apparently her mental state is unstable.
The art read more
Dec 4, 2013
The OVA of Blood Lad continues directly from where the TV series left off.

Story: As everyone well knows, the series left off with Staz rescuing Fuyumi and a cliffhanger of his brother, Braz, saying "Welcome Back, Father."
The OVA picks up where Staz and Fuyumi leave for the demon world. They start to head to Demon Acropolis, where Braz is, but encounter a group of Vampire Hunters.
The battle was pretty epic, where Staz was almost driven to death. That's as far as I will go into the battles as it is better to not be talked about.

Art: The art is the same as read more
Nov 12, 2013
Mirai Nikki, one of the best thrillers I've ever seen.

A deathmatch between 12 people who can predict the future with their future diary. The catch? Your diary is your life.
Every episode built suspense for the next episode, and once you finish the series, everything makes sense.
The very beginning was dark but as you get towards the end of the anime, you realize the importance of that eerie scene.
The character designs were awesome, the voices bringing out the characters. Yuuki is portrayed as quite feeble, and depends on Yuno to protect him all the time. Yuno's voice actress really brought her out. read more
Nov 12, 2013
Many people claim that Guilty Crown is a "rip-off" of Code Geass, but I think it is its own anime. This review may contain some minor spoilers, so be warned.

Ouma Shu, a normal student who happens to meet his idol crush Inori Yuzuriha. He later receives "the power of the King," which allows him to take out the hearts of others to use them as weapons. But, the conflict is nothing like in Code Geass, Lelouch used his powers to fight Britannia, while Shu uses his power to save his friends. Although I remember enjoying the beginning and end, somewhere towards the middle makes read more
Nov 12, 2013
First anime review, might as well start off with my most favorite.

Code Geass was and still is my most favorite anime of all time. The story is amazing, the art and animation is great, sound is surprisingly awesome.

I found the story to be unique: a typical high school student who stumbles upon a mysterious girl and receives the power of the king to fight the tyrannical government.

There were lots of cliff-hangers and each episode made you want to see the next one.

Characters were developed nicely, and each has their own interesting background.

The animations were awesome, all of the robot fight read more