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Feb 17, 2020
A masterclass in comedy and drama.

Moon Yoo does everything it sets out to do, and then some more.

A story about the supposed last man alive, after the destruction of the Earth due to a meteor, may not particularly be the most original idea, but regardless, the author somehow managed to mold it into a fantastic piece of entertainment.

One of Moon Yoo's strongest points is the pacing, between comedy and the serious segments. Never is it truly over indulgent in its science affair, perhaps sometimes the webtoon might come off a little pretentious, but overall, its excellent.

Jo Seok proves that he's a man with exceptional writing. read more
Feb 8, 2020
Babylon (Anime) add (All reviews)
▪︎A must watch for psychological thriller fans▪︎
▪︎Glaring flaws. Noted further in the review▪︎
▪︎Extremely entertaining and gripping. Worth your time▪︎
▪︎Fantastic animation▪︎
▪︎Thought provoking and logically sound▪︎
▪︎Ending was unsatisfactory. This solely ruins the experience, but I recommend you give it a shot anyways. You wont be disappointed▪︎

The anime for the most part is masterclass in storytelling. Yet it is also deeply deeply flawed. One cannot oppose the fact that Babylon is logically grounded. A show with philosophical pandering that is well written and makes sense.

Babylon adheres to an subjective outlook on the matter whether the decision or rather the choice of suicide should be legalised. It's read more
Jan 19, 2019
Kaumori (Anime) add (All reviews)
Kaumori. Very intriguing and worthwhile.
The animation is fantastic. One would only ponder over how such smooth animation with very less frame hiccups was possible for it's time. I can only presume that it must've taken quite the number of pages to execute such an art style.
Writing is very well done. Perhaps intended for the younger audience, it still makes me giggle.
"I am Agent Wing-Speed"
"Right Earthbound!"
The narrator didn't lack on any front. Delivered with enthusiasm at every second. Here accent for the pig is absolutely adorable.
"Itchy There!" Says the pig as he's being stabbed by a sword.
The question arises as the conflict proceeds. The read more