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Sweet Aug 7, 1:46 PM
ASlicedBread Aug 6, 7:37 PM
Okie, I'm ready, what about you ? :o
Shinah Aug 4, 6:00 PM
Yes vote Trump, fellow American.
Brooke Aug 1, 10:45 AM
no i don't, i make jokes about it myself so it's fine
Taylor_Mk Aug 1, 4:02 AM
Fruitlass Jul 31, 12:49 PM
Fizzirisu Jul 31, 5:29 AM

Thank you
Feiticeira Jul 30, 9:27 PM
The pleasure is mine sir.
Brooke Jul 27, 10:08 AM
LMAO its fine i'm used to people joking about it now and it's been months since it happened i'm over it
yerue Jul 24, 7:07 PM
Izumaa Jul 24, 6:01 PM
eek my bad.
I assume things too often.
Lore Jul 24, 10:36 AM

ah, it actually took you longer than other people i know which makes sense in my mind 😂 i'd think that because you seem to enjoy travelling so much, so maybe enjoying the new places would be enough to forget how much you like being home ig :P
oh how do you usually use that one? on soups? o.O
i saw her around the forums last night actually! i think i'll start being annoying talking to her today :3 comfort food!? what dish omg my only comfort food is chicken soup i'm so old-fashioned. my favorite are japanese and indian from the ones i've tasted, italian is also nice tho
maybe!? that i can't relate to, i feel nothing close to pride when it comes to my country xd well you should name more specific places to visit there cuz i'm actually interested in going now thanks to your damn description smh.
lol that's so mean! you should hide it next time :'D i see, sounds like a nice challenge for you! that's awesome, looks like a great choice and yes that would be appreciated c:
omg! it must certainly be because you are never rude or mean to others, despite trying so hard to be so!!!!
Lore Jul 23, 9:35 AM

were you gone there for too long? i didn't take you for the kind to miss home idk why! man i wish i was as curious as you @_@
hahaha that sounds great, do you have a favorite one tho? valentina is a hot sauce that is quite popular here i think! c:
omg yes pls, talking to someone in spanish is always nice :^) but i get super annoying in spanish and i wouldn't want to bother her aaaaaaaa omg italian makes sense too, good taste there mate xd
o:!!!!! wow, that sounds so special, i wonder if there are actually any more reasons that make you feel that way other than its beauty
rare for everyone probs lol. when i get the chance to eat quail i'll complain about your descriptions then!
welp, guess that was asking for too much, but sharing is caring lel :x bear meat? not sure how tasty it can be, is it even legal? oh i actually wanna taste kangaroo meat, wait for me australia!!!
pls i'm not dramatic at all!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think it's super easy to be nice to you maybe that's why you get that impression
Lore Jul 22, 2:19 PM

why u eat asian food in the us tho oh wait nvm. and i... am not a fan anymore, i used to drown my chips in valentina when i was young and clueless :') but now i avoid the spicy life! do you like that kind of food?
that's so nice ;A; i hope i get the chance to talk to her one day :p what's the top 2 cuisine? japanese and chinese? :o
palawan? huh, looking at the island alone makes me forget about the tamilok :^] lol sorry i asked you to describe it xd and then there's me who hasn't even eaten quail 🤣
lol at least you probably never fought for food with him! he did waaa- well, if it weren't for brave souls like yours there would be no emergency recipes ready for the rest of us :v
2l8 i already feel guilty smh but hey that's a great thing, lol i did nothing literally but np :'D
Lore Jul 22, 11:01 AM

lucky you sdfghgfdfg the stuff here is super expensive and they add spicy stuff to* everything lol
omg really? >< sounds like she doesn't live here anymore, she should enjoy those yummy foreign dishes instead xd
waaaat, where did you have crocodile meat!? does it taste like chicken too lol?
your brother must like coffee and beer too >.> pls Raichu, you might have eaten one in your sleep :p
Hahah yeah I was being so r00d before, my apologies aaaaaaaaaa but wow so it's not a private matter anymore? i'm glad about that :D