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Dec 8, 2018
Sword Art Online is a series of novels written by "Reki Kawahara". This series tells the situation of the world after the release of a tool called amusphere.Amusphere is a tool to do Fulldrive in a game, where we are 100% playing in a game.

This series tells of a young man named Kirito.He was a survival of a SAO game (you can see in full in the previous series). Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito) After two years of events SAO was then recruited to assist in testing the experimental FullDive engine, Soul Translator (STL), which has a much more realistic and complex interface than the previous machine read more
Dec 3, 2018
Starting from a meeting between Shuu and Hime. Shuu is a man who at that time was walking home, while on the way he met a girl who was buying flowers at the same time Shuu immediately fell in love at first sight, the girl named Hime. finally they decided to date.

For the depiction of this series, it has been very good in the year although it seems rather old school in the selection of colors that are less attractive. Shuu is a student who loves girls named Hime. Hime is a very beautiful girl and likes flowers, but she has a strange nature he read more
Nov 23, 2018
The monogatari series is no stranger to our ears right?
Monogatari series was first published in 2006 written by Nisio Isin. The story itself centered on Araragi Koyomi she was a third year high school student.

Zoku Owarimonogatari / Koyomi Reverse is the thirteenth series of the monogatari series. This series is taken from a 2014 light novel that is about Araragi Koyomi who found herself waking up but not as a student or student after graduation. He became nobody. At first he thought this was only part of a dream. Until finally he decided to wash his face and see a big change happening to his read more
Nov 5, 2018
A modern staple of fantasy legends, the Slime Monster is an amorphous, shapeless, gooey creature best represented by the original Dragon Quest Slime. They are typically weak, but certain slimes, such as massive ones, ones made of special materials, or ones that are immune to damage, can be quite dangerous and deadly. Its usual attack is to engulf its prey.

The Slime is an iconic creature from Dragon Quest, but the existence of slime monsters dates back at least as far as Dungeons and Dragons, to the Gelatinous Cube. Which is suggested to be an invention of Gary Gygax.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken is an adapted read more
Nov 1, 2018
Incest is a relationship between blood relatives who love each other but love in other words falling in love or rather loving each other (men and women) that is a taboo in this world.

Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai series adapted from a visual novel written by "Ebisu Senji" tells of a brother who likes each other even though they have a blood relationship but the rules do not hinder their love and instead become increasingly.This visual novel written in the year two thousand and sixteen years was adapted by the NAZ studio in collaboration with Magia Doraglier and received ten read more
Oct 26, 2018
Romeo and Juliet the name is no stranger to us, right? yes they are a pair of young brides who love each other but his love does not go smoothly and is opposed by his family. Romeo Juliet himself has a variety of storylines ranging from sadness and end to happiness.

Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet tells of two young couples namely Persia Juliet and Inuzuka Romio who have secretly established love relationships. Series adapted from "Manga" written by Kaneda Yousuke is very interesting because it takes the legendary romantic story of Romeo and Juliet not surprised many spectators were deeply moved, and wrapped in comedy elements read more
Oct 24, 2018
Have you ever gone to school? for some people, they must have gone to school. The term sister and sister have often been heard in our ears.

Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai tells Azusagawa Sakuta about a second year high school student whose life changed when he met his older brother Sakurajima Mai in the library

the series adapted from Light Novel written by Kamoshida Hajime is a Romantic theme which is flavored by the supernatural.

CloverWorks studios have their own characteristics in the field of drawing techniques, selection of colors that are appropriate and good character designs add to this romantic read more
Oct 13, 2018
Do you have a friend during your childhood? but have you ever thought or had the desire to be her lover?

but have you ever thought of choosing a friend's parents as a child than your friend?

Daisuki na Mama is a hentai anime series that tells of a boy who prefers the parents of his childhood friends rather than the theme itself.

the series that was adapted from Manga Digital attracted a lot of attention in men after airing this year was all from good depiction techniques and good voice casts plus a storyline that was rarely found making this series more popular.

of the three characters that read more
Oct 12, 2018
Incest is a relationship of mutual love that is sexual in nature by a couple who has close family ties, usually between father and daughter, mother and son, or between fellow siblings or half-siblings.

Imouto Paradise has three series, this hentai genre anime is produced by Antenna Linkai. This series tells of an older sister who dreamed that her five siblings were crazy about her but in the end the dream came true where all her sisters had sexual intercourse. shows their true nature and in the second episode they have intimate relationships together. In this world surely an older brother wants a situation like this, read more
Sep 28, 2018
Video games are games that use interaction with the user interface through images produced by video devices. Video games generally provide a reward system such as a score calculated based on the level of success achieved in completing tasks in the game.

The word "video" in "video games" initially refers to a raster display device. But with the use of the term "video game", now the word video game can be used to refer to games on any display device. The electronic systems used to run video games are called platforms, for example personal computers and game consoles.

taking the theme in the year one thousand nine read more