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Mar 15, 2017
Konosuba Season 2 is good. Very good. For sure I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. But reading the novel made me realize the problem I had with both, this and the previous season, and hadn't noticed until now.
Konosuba tries a lot making you laught. It really tries very hard to be funny. And it delivers, heck, it was a long time since I laughted out loud watching anime. The problem is that it tries so hard that only makes the more serious, quasi-epic-ish moments feel slighly awkward, someway out of place. I find the anime funnier, but overall I think the novel read more
Jun 3, 2016
Expelled From Paradise is known for being the first serious attemp of a (almost) full CGI anime movie. And even if it could be far better, it delivers.

Let's start talking about the story. Do you know about that times when you made a very good job on school or at work, but your teacher/boss tells you that what you did it is not enough? That it needs further development? That explains perfectly, IMO what happens with the story of this anime. It has lot of wonderful themes, like its peculiar approach to "what makes us human?", but when it has to develop the interesting idea read more
Mar 25, 2016
Well, first of all this is not exactly a review. Here you are not going to find the good of the bad points of the show. Now I'll try to explain why I don't like this show and the trend it represent.

The point is: Has this show something in its story that wasn't in previous animes? The answer is no. Almost everything you are going to see here was copied from another anime, manga or novel. It haves a similar plot to Shirobako, but poorly written;the main character is indistinguishable of over a myriad of other generic MC; the side characters are also copies or read more
Feb 24, 2016
well, I have to confess that Non Non Biyori surprised me in a good way. I found it far more enterteining and enjoyable that I originally thought. I was expecting a relaxing slice of life anime in which nothing happens and I get... well I get exactly that, but I found myself smiling from the beggining to the end.
After this short introduction, let's start this review.

I will begin talking about the thing that in my opinion is the strongest point of the series: the characters.
All the show follows the "less is more" premise, and this also includes the cast of characters. It has 4 read more
Jan 23, 2016
Kotonoha no niwa was great, but after watching it, I can only thing Makoto Shinkai didn't create his best work yet. I like how he improved after Byousoku 5 centimeter, but I also think he can do it better.

First of all: The art is amazing. If you stop playing the film, every single photogram could be a perfect wallpaper. When the film makes a close-up sometimes is dificult if it´s a real video or animation. I have never seen puddles so beatifully drawn. The character designs are okay but I often don't distinguish very well if they are suposed to be on 2D or If read more