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Jul 23, 2020
When I first heard of this manga, I honestly was not expecting all that much from it. I thought it would just be another take on a senpai x kouhai, but I was seriously wrong.

Cigarette and Cherry is one of the few mangas that makes me feel completely invested when I read it, and that's represented by the strong bond that is created to well developed characters. Each person in the story has their own quirks, and their flow with each other is seamless and graceful, making the overall experience that much better. Not only was it filled with a ton of light hearted jokes read more
Jul 21, 2020
Minor Spoilers! (very minimal, just suggestive :D)
Quick Disclaimer:

This is my first review, and while it isnt my forte, i felt compelled to write one for this series. All of the words stated below are just my opinion.

Story: 3/10
While interesting at times, Sankarea has a confusing and over complicated story with its progression moving at odd speeds. It starts by following Furuya Chiriro, an eccentric person and overall zombie nerd. Due to a recent development, he starts experimenting on how to create a "zombie-like" lifeform. Now, the pacing through the first two eps or so is relatively slow, but understandably so, as it is essential read more