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Oct 27, 2018
* Summary:
- Nanami and Koito are looking for a doki doki heartwarming love.
- Popular lovely senpai [senior] falls for younger kawaii Kōhai [junior].
- Senpai needs attention, and younger kind Kōhai is the one who comforts her.

- Bloom Into You approaches drama while keeping a distance from complexity and stupid annoying regular fails.

* Story:
- Both Koito and Nanami are looking for a love confession moment that'd make their hearts melt like they have never felt before!
That's basically the story.

- It's a highschool Shoujo Ai romance with usual situations that involve school love story: working together in the Student Council, preparing some events together, walking home together.. read more
Oct 27, 2018
Review focused on feelings and enjoyment.

* Summary:
- Story starts simple, but plot thickens by the time until it becomes as thicc as Takarada Rikka's thighs, the Heroine.
- Mystery element.
- Quality Waifu material.
- Tingly voice acting.
- Likable characters.

* Story:
- What's it about?
Basically, Mecha fighting each other with main villain and main protagonist-kun.
Is that really a villain? I'm not sure, but I don't really hate that villain!
Protagonist-kun has some simple Super Moves, and he's using some simple Super Mecha Weapons.

- Mystery:
Hibiki Yuta, the protagonist, lost his memories at the very beginning of the story.
GRIDMAN [protagonist-kun's Mecha horse] and KAIJU [enemy Mecha] appear out of nowhere, so what read more