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May 6, 2020
So, how did I get into this show? Oddly enough, YouTube clips continued to pop up, and strangely and secretly I really enjoyed them. The passion, the backstories, the characters, all of them stood out. I was skeptical due to the characters being animals, and scared of liking something that could be classified as a genre of "furries."

Then it happened, Netflix had Beastars. I finished the entire series in one night. It was THAT great.

This anime is astounding in almost every aspect. The story and the characters really stood out in this dramatic romance. (I am a sucker for romance animes, so I read more
Apr 12, 2018
After hearing so many good things and seeing so much beautiful fanart, I was pumped for this series. The dazzling sparkles, the petite structures; I needed to watch these amazing diamond/crystal featured characters ASAP.

While I started to watch it I noticed it was a "slower" pace anime. What I mean is that everything happened in the story very, very slowly it seemed.

From there all things broke through. The story plot was very weak. The characters were "cookie cutter" characters, same bodies but with different hair and eyes. No true backgrounds of any of the characters were really explored. No answers about what is read more
Apr 9, 2018
This anime is hard to explain. Do you like gruesome & sexuality with a bit of friendship mixed in? And a simple animation style that's music makes you want to dance everytime it comes on? Then you got Devilman Crybaby!

Story: The story is kind of confusing until you watch the last few episodes where it becomes pieced together. It's a really thought out story where you will get a lot of feels: sexual, sad, angry, etc.

Art/Sound: I enjoy the simplicity in the art & the sound is amazing. If you like dance/rave music, you will continue to bump out of your seat most of read more
Apr 9, 2018
Danganronpa is a strange and gruesome anime, but it's fairly interesting and worth a watch.
FYI: *I have never played the game, so I can't compare it to the anime*

Art/Sound: Art is experimental seeming, but super interesting. It seems they mixed the animation with a bit of the gameplay. I really enjoy it, it gives the anime a creepy and distorted sense to it. The sound was good as well. I especially love Monokuma, the bear, dancing to the song.

Characters: Each character seems to be visually different, with a bit of various personalities, but not much for backgrounds. I'm sure the game gets more read more
Apr 9, 2018
Bleach (Anime) add (All reviews)
Bleach is actually worth a try, regardless of the loads of episodes it provides.
*Just skip all the useless fillers*

Story: The concept is fairly unique. Ichigo gains powers of the soulreapers & has to defend humanity from evil spirits. Sounds easy to follow, but they make it interesting as the story continues on.
The fillers are useless and a waste of time. Though they provide some future characters for the "actual" episodes that don't actually exist in the manga. I skipped all the fillers and could still follow the story.

Art/Sound: Art is Average / Sound is Pretty Good. Some openings/endings are catchy.

Character: Ichigo read more
Apr 7, 2018
I typically find my animes by finding cute characters online and searching vigurously where they're from. This anime caught my eye immediately. I continued to see the main character, Erio Touwa, on the web and googled intensively to see which anime she was in. After I finally found her I was so excited and started the anime up as soon as I could. The first few episodes were soo amazing and I couldn't stop myself from watching them one right after another. But, something happened. The episodes continued to get away from the plot and seemed to turn into fillers. I continued to watch regardless, read more
Apr 7, 2018
Chobits (Anime) add (All reviews)
Chobits is a fairly cliche and generic sort of story concept; A human falls in love with a special humanoid robot that eventually begans to love him back. You know, what we all dream of secretly if we ever had a robo partner. I should say that this anime should receive a low grade for being extremely cliche.. But I can't. I loved it. It was my first real anime I watched an entire series through and I loved the innocent romance between the two. (Okie, it wasn't entirely "innocent.")

Story: Super Cliche, but enjoyable to the mecha and romance lovers.

Art/Sound: Average. Seems old-school now. read more
Apr 7, 2018
If you like magical girls fighting evil and wearing mini skirts, you will love this.
Sailor Moon is a classic anime that everyone should have watched growing up.
Compared to anime now-a-days, it's very old-school.

Story: Magical girls with super powers defending in the name of the moon against evil doers.

Art/Sound: Classic and Original. Kind of old and sketchy, but nicely done for back in the day.

Character: Sarena (Sailor Moon) is a very expressive and silly character. She is usually lazy and clumsy, but that's what makes her so wonderful.

Enjoyment: While I was younger, this anime was one of my favorites. I enjoyed the read more
Apr 7, 2018
This anime was absolutely hilarious. If you like extremely blunt and sexually referenced content, this is for you. You go on Yamada’s adventures of her trying to get laid or do anything sexual with her cherry boy. The whole story is filled with lots of puns and reference images that will leave you gasping and laughing.

Story: The dream of sleeping with 100+ men, which teenage girl doesn't fantasize this when they first start high school!? An interesting concept and look into the self-conscious teenager trying to pursue their sexual desires, but becoming immobilized by embarrassment.

Art/Sound: Good & Average. The animation is nothing fancy and read more