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M1ke_89 Mar 30, 2017 7:49 PM
So they working with the raws. That is really nice, because the manga deserves a quality work and from what I was able to read they are doing a very good job.

Talking about how long did it take for Waterlily to complete the manga, I'm not sure but it was like 1 year or a lil bit more.

Would be nice if they start to upload the manga to one of those sites where u can read mangas online.

Ok, so this is the link:

If I can help u with something else just send me a message.

See ya!!
M1ke_89 Mar 30, 2017 7:04 PM

Dont worry about the post, because know that someone is finally working in an english translation of Orpheus makes me really happy!

I was searching for a link but i was not able to find one, so what I'm gonna do is to upload the volume. As soon as is ready I gonna let u know. BTW are u guys working with the raws and using the spanish version only to get the dialogues? I ask this because the spanish version has good quality only in the first 5 volumes since I had to leave the team for reasons, and the new cleanner had no clue of what to do XD

Srry for my bad english.

tarzanodor Jan 31, 2015 8:32 AM
Thanks. I hope you had a great holiday too. I was kinda busy and I couldn't write, sorry.

It's nice to know we share some thoughts. I picked Nagisa for her loyalty and innocence and Aiko for her boldness. Plus, I kinda liked her appearance xD.

I see you like Megumi from "Sukitte Ii na Yo". I also thought that she was fabolous but I decided not to pick her favourite. Various reasons. The other characters you have picked, I know nothing about...mostly. Exceptions are present, though.
TripleSRank Jan 16, 2015 3:13 PM
Arsene_Lucifer Jan 14, 2015 10:47 AM
Seems like reply didn't send...whoops on my part. XD

I know how busy people can get (myself included), but it's all about time management. I had good time during the holidays. Now that everything calm down I should be able to get back into the normal routine of watching anime and reading well as dealing with a annoying boss at work regularly. Happy 2015 to you too.

I didn't hate the original Fate Stay Night either, though certain anime in general get allot more hate than they deserve. I loved the soundtrack in the original Fate Stay Night. Especially the first opening theme which was soothing for me to listen too. If you liked the battles in Fate/Zero you'll the ones in Fate Stay Night Unlimited Bladeworks. The story in it follows similar plot threads that were in the first adaptations, but do make enough minor changes to be an improvement in some area over the original.

Same here. Baccano in general made better use of it time. Durarara second half when back to earlier episodes to much and felt like there was a halt in progression. I'm looking forward to the second season, but with the Durarara series planned I wonder if it'll mess something up along the way.

Interesting thoughts on School Days in general. Harems for me is like math and women; the older I get the more complicated they become lol. It's a hard genre to please viewers with since if they do something new like School Days it'll get trashed or it's more of the same it'll still get trashed. While I don't like Makoto as a person I would still prefer him as a leading character over someone like Ichika from Infinite Startos who doesn't change at all in the series. At least in Makoto story there were consequences for his action. Extreme, but they were consequences unlike Ichika who in spite of his oblivious nature doesn't face any consequence. Almost as if the girls are than willing to tolerate him. A bad thing about this is it doesn't into account how this oblivious nature might hurt some of the characters if they don't end up being the center of his attention.

When it comes to pairing I never go against it since at the end of the day it's the character decision not mine. I haven't seen that many harems, but the only one where I think everyone got a fair portrayal was Ouran High School Host Club. It never felt like a specific character had a chance and best of all the central lead was a girl who didn't gosh over all the guys she meant in the club. She was good friends with them never and actually learned a bit about them. She even helped them out. Sadly the women portrayal in Harems I doubt will change anytime soon. Unfortunately there's such a thing as "target audience" which with Harems mostly go for males. It's sad because most of them go for showing it like a fantasy instead of reality. Some of the characters like Ichika from Infinite Stratos (I met one believe it or not) can exist, but there isn't much variation in showing it.

In general, I do think Harems can tell great stories, but mostly use as wish fulfillment. Hence, outrage at the final pairing when it doesn't meet viewer expectations. As much as I would like Saito to not end up with Louis in the Familar of Zero because of how much she abuses him. I can't change the fact that who he wants to be with. If there was more variation on Harems like School Days showing the consequences of such a scenario or Ouran High School Host Club where the romance is not the focus as so much growing the characters then there might be less outrage when something different is done.
tarzanodor Dec 21, 2014 5:57 AM
Hey dude. How are you? ^_^
No problem about the friend request. I'm open to new friends.
Arsene_Lucifer Nov 24, 2014 10:43 PM
Hey! Long time no speak. Good to see you back. Yeah I've been doing well for the most part. Now if any only my boss would give my break than I would be set for the holidays haha.

As for Shirou I think in the first adaptation he did allot of stupid thing. I could never forget "People die when they are killed" line. I think some of the hate he gets is well deserved, but at the time some of the other characters in that series weren't that better off either. Rin wasn't exactly all that smart helping out Shirou and despite helping Shirou like a dozen time she still felt like she owed him something. Then there was Gilagamesh who had an opportunity to kill Saber and Shirou, but decides not too. If anything, I would blame the writing since it was all over the place. What I hated most about the first adaptation was Shirou and Saber were in every major fight so it made it impossible for him to avoid danger. The writer didn't have any other way to progress the story and showed with what Shirou did. Although, I can't blame him for that one incident with Illya. If I were him, I would have thought she was just harmless too.

In Unlimited Bladeworks his character got improved a bit wanting to learn how to defend himself more quickly, but the at the same time does similar mistakes. He knows nothing about fighting and wants to fight a servant because he believes he'll save more people. While there were some minor changes in certain scenes his acknowledgement might make it worse in the long run. If he continues to do stupid things then the character will probably be more hated.

I can't wait for Durauraura 2. I like the first season allot more than I expected. The only thing that has me worried is going by the character stills it doesn't seem like they'll try doing anything different. Still, I'll and see. Yeah I like School Days. I agree the writing of the whole series is rather force, but it did it job appropriately. Sure I hated what Makoto did, but at the same time he wasn't oblivious to the affection of the girls around him. He was a more realistic harem character even if he's despicable.

If it were just another harem that Makoto would be no different than Ichika from Infinite Startos who's oblivious to how the other girls feel about him. It was one instance where the oblivious character was infuriating since at some that kind of act gets old. School Days at least portrayed the harem setup in a more realistic way. Plus, the series has some rather great music, especially in the finale. Though, that animation can be rough to look at haha.
Arsene_Lucifer Oct 25, 2014 10:01 PM
Hi there again! Right now I'm sick with a cold that refuses to go away, but at least it gives me time to catch on my reading.

I love Kiritsugu Emiya from F/Z. One of my favorite characters in anime. He's so complex, restraint in emotion, but very broken at the same time having to accept all the negative outcomes to reach his goal. Compare to Light and Lelouch he is up there with them. I honestly would have a hard time picking whose the best between those three. When I saw Kiritsugu back story it completely change outlook on him. Seeing him change through the course of the show was a highlight.

I like some average characters too, including Shinji. In Shinji case there's no hiding why allot of people would hate him. It's pretty obvious since he constantly complaint yet keeps on doing what people tell him to do, but he's well written to the point that when there wasn't any Angels in a episode he kept me coming back to the show.

Another average character I like is Simon from Gurren Lagann. He's not not very smart nor that strong to take on someone in a fistfight, but he has heart and fighting spirit to get him through anything. Even when he's not able to fight to his fullest and depress he attempts to help out no matter how small it might be. Granted the formula for every fight gets repetitive which lessens his bad ass factor, except of course in the finale which kick ass and is the most over the top climax I've seen in a mecha.

Also Durarara had a lot of average character that were interesting. Though they were overshadow by the stranger ones in the cast like celty. One character I liked the most was Masaomi. Once he got developed in the show and his whole back story got revealed he became more than comedy relief. He became more like a real person than a class clown.

Is there any average characters you like?
Arsene_Lucifer Oct 4, 2014 11:25 PM
No problem. :) Glad to hear from you.

Personally I prefer Light over Lelouch since I could relate to Light more, but Lelouch cover more grounds compare to Light. Lelouch characters has to tackle political issues all the while throwing off any suspicious of him being connected to a terrorist. Also another thing that Lelouch an edge was seeing him in every day school life whereas Light was fully committed through the end. Still, both are great characters. Wonder if there'll be another anti-hero that'll rival them.
Arsene_Lucifer Oct 1, 2014 9:44 PM
Nice to meet you too realfireis!

Notice Lelouch Lamperouge is also one of your favorite character. I really like the direction his character was taken in. At first it was easy to get behind his goals, but then the means to achieve changed him painting him in shades of gray instead of being a overly good character. It made watching Code Geass all the more interesting seeing him change.
Nagareboshiii Sep 17, 2014 11:47 AM
hey there!
aa yes i like them quite a lot tbh ;; probably because i can relate to them the most & i think theyre the most realistic characters. but well, i never met someone with the same character taste when i comes to more than 2 characters, so its really nice to meet you ///
SunnFlower- Sep 17, 2014 7:45 AM
Totally agree with you! My poor Aiko has lots of haters but, like you said i think she is a fighter, as Hiromi and Noe had so much more chances with Shin, she was in the friendzone and she fought for what she wanted!

Sayaka is more... human than Homura, i mean, Homura is more like a badass and misteryous character, and that's why i think people like her more than Sayaka.

Also, her character development was fantastic; a common teenage girl who is in love and who sacrified herself for a small thing. Even so she's a warrior and a god friend. At the end f the serie she fell in despair because of her error but, like she said, she didn't regret anything.
In the thrid madoka magica movie i found her quite more mature and badass and i liked her even more!

Miu was the best thing of the whole movie. I first watched the anime, in which it showed the part of Miu and Konoha relationship... so many feels about it.

Mine is quite short, sorry too! That's because I'm not good at english so i can't explain myself as much as i want :( I would like to write lorger...
SunnFlower- Sep 15, 2014 12:03 PM
Hi there! Thanks for the friend request.

I love Aiko because of her typical personality; how she fought for Shinichiro, the errors that she cometed and how she rectified when she betrayed her boyfriend. I loved the other two girls specially Noe, but for me, they were too perfect,

YESSS, Sayaka is my second fav anime character! you don't even know how much i cried with her story... also i love Kyoko (but i think i'm the only one who doesn't ship her with Sayaka)

I saw you've got Miu from Bungaku Shoujo in your favs! nice one!
xbobx Jul 20, 2014 5:19 PM
Coincidence works in a mischievous way... This just happened to be the sacred day of the month I sit down and reply to everyone. LOL
While I was just finishing your reply came by, and I couldn't let it just laying there untouched!
Sorry if it's too fast --due to my usual pace in replying. Hahahah I don't know, it's weird.
Actually, since I agree with most of the things you said, I don't have much to add. This will probably be a shorter reply :P

xbobx Jun 18, 2014 11:52 AM
Same here, so we're cool! ...just bear with the delay that comes together with my replies :x
Eventually you'll receive them. LOL