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Apr 11, 2011
Wow, I can't believe no one wrote anything for this yet. Allow me to then :)

I've just completed the series, and I must say; this is simply stunning! A must-see if you haven't yet!

Shouldn't be much to explain here. The story follows the life of Ojii-san from when he was a kid to present-day. It shows how the new generation is always looking forward to new technologies and the "up-and-coming" inventions, but as they get older, they grow stubborn and wishes to stay with what they grew up with.

ART: 9
A simple, yet elegant art-style is used here, which fits in well with the characters. read more
Apr 10, 2011
If you're thinking of taking a shot at this anime, I strongly advise you to click that little red X on the top of your screen and don't look back. I'm sure you can find other ways to use 60 minutes of your life.

If you've already watched it, however, there's not much I can do. Go somewhere quiet and lie down. Take a nap. You'll probably develop a headache from trying to make sense of what you saw. When you've rested, get yourself a lawyer. You'll want to get your time back from the creators of the show.

*Here Be Spoilers. But then again, there's not read more